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Monday, 1 May 2017

The Kickstarter for Inner Ghosts is now live!

Good grief! Was it really two years ago when I first wrote of my great pleasure in announcing that 5D was to be collaborating in helping to publicise the production of an Independent horror film from Portugal, INNER GHOSTS ? Well it seems that it was.

If I remember correctly,  part one of the grand 5D plan was that over the next days, weeks and months I would be bringing you information about the filming of INNER GHOSTS itself (which began in April 2015 in Lisbon). 

The second part of the 5D plan was that as time progressed it would hopefully see me being able to let loose some nuggets of interest and excitement about the post-production and subsequent release of the film. The final part of the 5D cunning plan would feature the subsequent crowdfunding campaign which would no doubt include some rather mouth-watering contribution incentives. 

But before I go any further let me push your way a short synopsis reminder of the plot;

"HELEN is a brain researcher trying to develop a revolutionary therapy to treat degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. To prove her theories, she needs to run cognitive tests on ghosts: beings who apparently can act and remember without the need of a physical brain suggesting that unresponsive patients whose brains are too damaged to function can be accessed, somehow, through their living souls. 
After the death of her mentor, Helen finds an apartment inhabited by benign ghosts who agree to be tested. The problem is Helen renounced her gift 15 years ago after the loss of her daughter when she made a vow never to contact the other side again. 

Things change when an artist called ELSA begs Helen for some spiritual training hoping to get rid of a demon who has been haunting her for many years. Helen reluctantly accepts it unaware of the demon's true goal: finding her.........triggering a set of events that will bring Helen face to face with the demon she has known all along. After so many years, two enemies are about to meet for the last time, showing us that revenge is a dish that’s still boiling hot........"

Well it seems that part one of the plan has been fully accomplished with the filming now complete and along the way a few snapshots of behind the scenes goodies and information provided by yours truly. Well, yes they were given to me first by the filmmakers - but in the time-honoured tradition of my desperately hanging onto to the coattails of more talented individuals than myself, I duly passed on the material and pretended that I was heavily involved in the process.

INNER GHOSTS is produced by Bad Behavior, a film company created by two self-confessed hardcore horror aficionados whose intention from the very beginning was to work to produce a body of work that would not only rival the classics of other European and American horror, but  would also see Portuguese horror at the forefront of a new vanguard of classic horror. The film makers in question are;

Paulo Leite, a Brazilian/Portuguese (writer and producer) trained at the prestigious European Producers Workshop from the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs). Paulo has nearly 20 years experience in the TV and film industry. I also know that Paulo works some ungodly hours, a fact that I can testify to first hand after holding a Skype conversation with him at 1 in the morning this weekend!....... Slave driver.......

Gabriel Augusto (producer) has over 10 years of marketing and branding experience for a number of prestigious Portuguese companies. .

Joalo Alves (director) is a multi-talented writer, illustrator, designer, animator, and VFX artist. After four years working professionally in animation, he wrote, directed, and pretty much everything else, the short horror/western BATS IN THE BELFRY (2010). The animated short did a worldwide festival run that lasted four years, and won several awards (MOTELx, Fantasporto and others) and was sold to before getting a theatrical release in 2013. INNER GHOSTS is João Alves' first feature. 

As yet I have no idea if Gabriel or Joalo also like to hold conversations with their team in the early hours of the morning. What I do know is that they are about as confident an anybody I've ever met in the Indie film world that they are into a winner with this film. Of that they are absolutely certain.

The confidence of which brings me on to the final part of the original 5D plan mentioned at the beginning of this piece, namely the crowdfunding campaign. The Kickstarter campaign has now hit the internet. So before I give you a few details about a genuinely mouthwatering crowdfunding drive, let me share some of the words with you from the team themselves about the motives behind the crowdfunding;


"We wrote, developed and produced INNER GHOSTS because we love horror and we love the people who love horror films. Film is an expensive medium. It is much less expensive than it was 20 years ago, but still quite expensive if you really want to do it right. We are now in sound post and from the development until now, we were able to make every euro count. We took the project as far as we could go with what we had.

Now we are thrilled to bring the project to the best community in the world: horror fans! You are the reason why we are doing all this, and Kickstarter has some of the best horror fans in the world! That’s why we are asking for your support. That’s why we are opening our film and ourselves to you. 

Sound matters! The film turned out too good. We need a sound post that will make it justice. We will need real music. Real ADR. Real foley. Real sound mix. Real deliverables. So you will get not just the best horror story, you will experience the best film. We want you to experience INNER GHOSTS as true horror fans should!"

Well my dear reader, the exciting news is that the Kickstarter is now officially live! The link for the crowdfunding page can be located at

Looking at the campaign page it is clear to see that the INNER GHOSTS team have attempted to pack as much value as possible as early as possible. Now I'm not just saying this, I'm really not, but this campaign does exactly what it should do, something which many other campaigns that I've seen do not - and that is to ensure prospective 'lower end' backers get excellent swag for their limited financial outlay. All too often some campaigns have the odd little treat for those who want to do their bit but lose out on some genuinely good stuff. This campaign is different - because the amount of nice tasty rewards is consistent throughout. 

Having said that, there some STUNNING rewards for those fabulous big bucks backers who feel like giving a little more with things such as remake rights, sequal rights and the role of Franchise producer...... I kid ye not!

So I implore you do go along to the Kickstarter page and pledge a little bit for what I sincerely believe is a great crowdfunding campaign for what is going to be a great piece of cinematic horror.

The technical stuff..........

Producing Countries: PORTUGAL / BRAZIL
Length: 90 MINUTES
Language: ENGLISH
Director of Photography: MIGUEL SALES LOPES A.I.P.
Written by PAULO LEITE
Directed by JOÃO ALVES

Shot with: RED DRAGON 5K RAW
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1


You can find out more information regarding Inner Ghosts at the following links;

The Kickstarter page can be reached RIGHT HERE

The Inner Ghosts official website is RIGHT HERE 

Check out their FaceBook page

Follow them on Twitter 

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