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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Inner Ghosts Press Release - "Inner Ghosts goes to Cannes"

By Sophia Bianchi May 9, 2017

LISBON, PORTUGAL – After launching a Kickstarter campaign on April 30th, the INNER GHOSTS team received several enquiries from sales companies and film festivals impressed by the horror film’s teaser and early campaign success. As a result, the managing team will be attending the Marché du Film at the Cannes International Film Festival.

According to Paulo Leite, producer of INNER GHOSTS, “the idea of leaving the campaign for a week seemed absurd. However, this opportunity is too good, and as a result, we won’t be leaving the campaign: we are moving the whole campaign to Cannes with us.”

The campaign had originally scheduled a series of daily videos, frequent broadcasts and exclusive new materials like new posters and rewards. “It will all still happen” – says Paulo Leite – “but instead of my office wall behind me, we’ll have the Cannes Palais as the backdrop! Perhaps that will add a different dimension to our broadcasts and make us add new subjects to our videos.”

The “INNER GHOSTS” Kickstarter campaign reached 66% of its goal in only one week. One of the most successful rewards was a very expensive one: the $499 reward where the backer receives a visit from the producer and a number of work sessions where Paulo Leite will discuss with the backer any issue related to the backer’s own project: “I hope we’ll be able to spend some productive time together both during the visit and the online meetings.” As for the reason for those rewards, he says: “we wanted to go further than just the t-shirt or the DVD. We want to bring to the table two values that last longer: knowledge and networking.”

“INNER GHOSTS” is a Portuguese/Brazilian co-production shot in Lisbon with a British cast. It is currently in post-production with digital effects made in India. The project includes artists, technicians and services from over 15 countries – becoming an example of how efficient an independent production can be by taking full advantage of the digital revolution. The project was selected for the “Work in Progress” section of the Frontières Co-Production Market that takes place in Montreal, Canada, alongside the Fantasia International Film Festival.


HELEN is running cognitive tests on ghosts as she tries to develop a therapy for patients whose brains have been too damaged by degenerative diseases. The problem is Helen renounced her gift 15 years ago after the loss of her daughter when she made a vow never to contact the other side again. Things change when an artist called ELSA begs Helen for some spiritual training hoping to get rid of a demon who has been haunting her for many years. Helen reluctantly accepts it unaware of the demon's true goal. Helen’s tests with the ghosts are a success. 

The entities offer her the design of a device that can communicate with the dead (and possibly brain-damaged patients), triggering a set of events that will bring Helen face to face with the demon she has known all along. After so many years, two enemies are about to meet for the last time, showing us that revenge is a dish that’s still boiling hot. Oh, but there’s so much more happening!

Directed by JOÃO ALVES.
Written and Produced by PAULO LEITE

Director of Photography: MIGUEL SALES LOPES, A.I.P. 

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