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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5D Competition - Win weekend tickets for Granite City Comic Con 2017!

This month witnesses the 3rd Granite City Comic Con, so it's pretty safe to say that we here at 5D are about excited as it gets....... which believe me is very, very excited! (We really don't get out much).

5D has been lucky enough not only to have attended both of the events since its inauguration in 2015, but also to do so at the result of a gracious press invite from the good people at GCCC. This has meant that not only have I been able to indulge my geeky & nerdy self to my hearts content, but also have been able to meet & talk to some of my favourite people from past & present pop culture. 

For example at the first GCCC I spent a wonderful 20 mins in the company of legendary character actor, Shane Rimmer - what a lovely man! You can read the blog piece in which he talks about his roles in Thunderbirds, Star Wars, Dr Strangelove and James Bond here at 

If that wasn't enough for me (which it wasn't) I was also thrilled to be able to talk to the legendary Alan Grant (he of Judge Dredd & Judge Anderson fame). If you can put up with my usual "tell me just how fab you are" line of questioning, then you can read the piece at 

Last year's event was even bigger and better with a new venue at the DoubleTree by Hillton Hotel Aberdeen Treetops and this time spanning two days. This upside of this was being able to spend time talking to actor Robert Llewelyn (he of Red Dwarf fame), to get to meet some old & new friends and also attend a host of incredible events. The highlight of said events was attending the Star Wars panel on day one. The only downside was that because it was a two day event there was some serious explaining to she who controls the 5D finances just how much one had spent on sci-fi swag........ and believe me, it was a lot!!!

For those who have attended the first two events, all agree that GCCC is Aberdeen's original and best pop cultural event featuring special guests from Comics, TV, Film Gaming, Geek Culture and Cosplay. The team pride themselves on introducing people to the artists and writers involved in creating all of our favourite heroes and villains. 

They aim to bring exciting attractions and sights to Aberdeen including, cosplay competitions, independent retailers and publishers, activities for all ages and a whole lot more. 

This years GCCC is winding up to be the biggest and best yet for die-hard fans and casual geeks alike.

The Competition bit

Therefore 5D is delighted to be able to offer 2 weekend tickets for the 3rd Granite City Comic Con!

The weekend tickets (normally worth £25 each) allow you general entry at 9am Saturday 20th and 10am Sunday 21st May, to Granite City Comic-Con 2017

To win the tickets just answer the following question;

Where in Aberdeen is Granite City Comic-Con 2017 taking place?

To enter simply go to the competition section on the 5D website at to submit your answer and please state if you want one or both weekend tickets.

The winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 14th May - Good luck!

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