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Monday, 17 April 2017

5D Competition - Win an original piece of Star Wars AT-AT artwork from from 8fifty2torials

Once again something has come along to add that extra layer of excitement to this here blogger's nerdy existence, because 5D is thrilled to announce a link up with 8fifty2torials.

Who? I hear you ask - well let the good people tell you themselves....

"8fifty2torials produce spoken tutorials that Cover 2D Animation, 3D modelling, VFX and Web Development. As well as developing our own tutorials covering Basic, Advanced and General topics, we are a community driven channel that creates tutorials based on viewer requests. 

Tuesday - 3D 
Thursday - Animation 
Saturday - 3D 
Sunday - Animation"

Since launching their Youtube channel just three short months ago they have garnered over 400 subscribers and have had at the time of writing approaching some 40,000 visits to their various tutorials -  For example, part 1 of their 'How to model a 3D car: Lamborghini Huracan' tutorial alone has had nearly 11,000 visits at the time of writing this article. 

Now, I'll be honest, much as I admire the work 8fifty2's animation and modelling - cars aren't really something that float my nerdy boat. It wasn't until I had a better look around their channel that I found some work that well and truly made sure that my nerdy boat is floating - namely the tutorials on how to model a Boba Fett helmet - very, very nice. It was after watching one of these tutorials and seeing the finished product that I decided that it was time that 5D muscled its way in on some of this 3D action.

After much negotiating, pleading, begging, sulking and tears (from me) we here at 5D will be periodically collaborating with the good people at 8fifty2. This relationship will take the form a few occasional musings from yours truly on some of the various offerings to be found on their YouTube channel - hopefully there are more than enough enticing Sci-fi and horror offerings to catch my attention for some while.

In addition to 8fifty2 have also agreed to collaborate in the latest 5D competition (with possibly more to come in the future). On Monday 17th April 2017 the first of five tutorials will go live on the 8fifty2torials Youtube site, and through each day of the week a subsequent tutorial will take the viewer through the process of building a 3D model of the famous Star Wars AT-AT


8fifty2 have generously offered up an original print of a Star Wars AT-AT as a 5D competition prize. 

Not only will the winner receive an A3 size glossy print of the image you see below, but picture will also be personalised with whatever text the winner wants included in the final product - not bad eh? The text in question can be absolutely anything you want - it could be your name, or somebody else's name with a message if you want to send it as a present. It can be anything, as long as you keep the message relatively clean, more or less inoffensive and hopefully unlikely to get me into any trouble with the law authorities.

For the chance to win this wonderful piece of original art just answer this one question;

What was the alternative tutorial choice to the AT-AT?

The answer can be found by clicking the link to the first of the 8fifty2torials Star Wars AT-AT tutorials here. The answer can be found by listening to the tutorial narrative.

All you have to do then is go to the 5D website at, scroll down to the competition section and submit an entry - make sure you include your email address. The winner will be chosen by one of the 8fifty2 on Sunday 30th April. Good luck!

You find find the YouTube channel for 8fifty2torials RIGHT HERE

The 8fifty2torials Facebook page can be found RIGHT HERE

You can also follow them on Twitter via their handle @8fifty2 

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