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Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Indiegogo campaign for Cosplay - The Show.

It has to be said that I love Cosplay, I genuinely do. Though I have to admit that in all my years as a fully paid up member of the Sci-fi nerds and geeks fraternity I've never been a practitioner of this amazing phenomenon, however I do like to look. Now while that last sentence in truth sounds far more sinister and creepy that actually intended, let me explain.

Cosplay has in recent years quite radically morphed away from it's Japanese origins where devotees of Manga and anime clothed themselves in the elaborate styles of their favourite characters. It now finds itself in a place where nearly all aspects of pop-culture has it's own Cosplay obsessive. I must admit that I'm completely in awe of the time, skill and seemingly obsessive attention to detail that people will go to to portray, and at times seemingly to completely inhabit, their particular  character. 

By now I would regard myself as something of a veteran of all sorts of exhibitions and Cons. As a consequence I would readily admit to spending as much time taking in the breath-taking costumes of professionals and amateurs alike as I do with the vendors and the plethora of tasty nerdy morsels they are trying (and more often than not, succeeding) to make by buy. On so many levels, the world of Cosplay is quite simply wonderful.

However, I've never once ever had the inclination to tip my own Cosplaying toe into the nerdy pool of this world - the simple fact is that I don't have the skill or patience. Though there would be some that argue that my particular Cosplay character of choice at the conventions I've attended, in my role of 5D impresario, actually takes the form of 'clueless press pass guy'. You'll easily recognise me in my uncanny authentic attire of jeans , Frankenstein monster t-shirt and usually sporting a rather fine camera that I can rarely understand to actually get it to work  - especially when I manage to corner some unsuspecting convention guest with my traditional question line of 'I'm such a HUGE fan of your tell me just how fabulous you are!!!).

I suppose that the closest I've ever come to dressing upon was when attending a fancy dress event in our local village - I went sporting my Captain Kirk top, complete with sixties style boots, pants and a genuine fake plastic phaser. Unbeknown to me I had also been entered in the 'best of' competition for which I didn't come even close to winning Even to this day the two winners, a woman dressed as Donald Duck and the guy who went as Johnny Cash were completely overrated. He didn't even have a bloody guitar - I had a phaser for crying out loud!! Not that I'm still bitter or anything.

So when earlier this week news came the way of 5D headquarters that a fascinating take on the whole Cosplay culture was being planned over in the States in Las Vegas, well it's safe to say that it peaked my attention. It goes by the name of Cosplay - The Show.

So what is this Cosplay - The Show, I hear you ask - well let me enlighten you a little with some words from the people behind it all......

"Cosplay - The Show is in development as a Cosplay/Vegas crossover Live Action Stage Show that's fun, sexy and geeky.... is a 70 minute fun roller coaster of vignettes featuring custom made costumes from your favorite fictional characters from television, movies, books, comics and video games.  Don't Panic! While Cosplay - The Show is created by fans you won't need to be a total geek to enjoy this show. But, there will be some insider jokes and fun crossovers that true fans will enjoy.  It's a Las Vegas show so there's a sexy feel to the show; and it's geared for a PG-13 audience."

The worldwide phenomenon known as "cosplay" is a Japanese portmanteau of the English terms costume and play. With millions of people both participating and interested in the subculture and the varied themes such as superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters; Cosplay The Show embraces cosplay with a Las Vegas flare.

The 70 minute production is set to perform in a major showroom on the Las Vegas strip featuring some of Las Vegas' most talented performers and a dizzying number of custom costumes and sets and props designed specifically for this production.

Two potential venues have been selected for this production which cannot be announced at this time; however both are located on the Las Vegas strip in highly recognized properties and will have the support of these properties."

Take a looksee just a sample of some of the many Cosplay costumes the team have been designing; there's a lot more to the show itself from set pieces, choreography, script and music -- but it's true to it's essence and foundation that it's all about the Cosplay. 

If you're a Cosplayer who wants to be a part of Cosplay - The Show in Las Vegas (or you know someone we should be casting or booking for special appearances) Tweet and follow them on Twitter @CosplayTheShow; message them on Facebook your Cosplay photos are welcome.

The Indiegogo campaign

Developing a live stage production in Las Vegas comes with its fair share of costs; especially when developing a show that will be scrutinised by some of the most detail oriented fans on the planet.  The purpose  of this campaign is to raise capital for advertising, marketing, production, venue, staff, cast as well as costumes, props and sets.  The goal is to insure that the team have an appropriate budget for 6+ months should ticket sales fail to match projections.

As with any crowdfunding campaign worth its salt, the success in reaching the funding target rests partly on the source material and secondly the rewards on offer for parting with ones hard earned money. Well the first part seems on solid ground, the rewards are also a more than a little bit on the tantalising side. 

For example at the 'lower end' of the pledges there are is the perk perk includes 10, randomly selected, First Edition, Trading Cards of the unique illustrations of the costume concept designs from Cosplay - The Show. These Limited Edition Trading Cards are individually numbered with 35 in the total set; only 2500 will be printed. Plus, Receive an online 50% discount voucher code for General Admission or VIP Base priced ticket.

Erm, cough!.......Mr Housley.........cough!.........I would love those trading cards!............cough..........

The perks get better and better until you reach the daddy of them all - the ultimate Fan Kit includes a Complete set of 35 Limited First Edition Trading Cards (matching numbered under 75), a Complete set of 35 First Edition Postcards (matching numbered under 75), 6 Limited Edition VIP Lanyards for lifetime access and line pass to post-show cast meet & greet, and a Canvas Tote Bag to carry all your collectables. Plus, 12 VIP Admission tickets.

"Contributions to this campaign will be specifically used to increase production value of costumes, set pieces and props of the show as it is built and to develop a strong marketing campaign through Advertising and Social Media.  Cosplay - The Show will also participate in the growth of the community with special guest appearances from the actual actors who played in favorite television programs and movies, Cosplay Celebrities, as well as participation in conventions, events and charities."

So, if you want to see a potentially great production and want to contribute to the creation of it, then do that crowdfunding pledging thing that you do!

About the Creator / Producer

Pete Housley, creator and producer of Cosplay - The Show, owes much of his love and interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy to his brother Chris Golash who was an avid J.R.R. Tolkien reader and introduced him to Star Trek, Space 1999, Doctor Who and writers like C.S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury and Harlan Ellison.  In 1984, the brothers  attended their first ever Fan Convention together at Dixie Trek just outside Atlanta, GA which became an annual tradition into their adulthood. It was while attending the 2001 Creation Events Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas that Pete first learned of his brother Chris' untimely death.

"My love of Science Fiction continues today", said Pete Housley. "I think I'm most passionate about Doctor Who, both the Classic episodes with Peter Davidson and Tom Baker; as well as the more current David Tenant and Matt Smith years.  But Star Trek is a pretty powerful influence too -- Sisko and Janeway are two of my favorite characters."

Housley, 48, lives in Las Vegas with his loving partner and mother to their 3 young children; plus their dog (Toshiko) and cats (Captain Jack and Aladdin).

"Movies, television, and books have always offered me both an escape and hope for the future", continued Pete. "It started as me wanting a connection with my brother when I was little and has turned into a passion that I hope my children will embrace. The concept of Cosplay - The Show comes from these years of love of the genre and the people I've met along the way."

You can find the Indiegogo page for Cosplay - The Show RIGHT HERE

The website for Cosplay - The Show can be found RIGHT HERE

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