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Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Indiegogo campaign for the Sci-fi action short film TELLURIAN - the most ambitious project yet from Ironstar Films! + 5D Competition

"If you love Sci-fi or Action films. Then this is for you! How about Badass characters with some awesomely cool Scifi weaponry? Not convinced? How about the baddest female lead since Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor. How about a male lead touted as an outsider to be the next Bond? No..what about influenced by both Stranger things and our love of 80's movies. Come on!! That's a clincher!! 

Check it out, Only with YOUR help can we save the world!!"

And so goes the confident claim from Arbroath-based film company, IronStar Films about their next film venture, TELLURIAN, and the accompanying Indiegogo campaign to finance it. A confident claim perhaps, but a bold unsubstantiated claim? Well not if the company's past work is anything to go by it isn't. We here at 5D have been fortunate enough to have seen some of the previous good works from the group. For example BLOOD LOSS a tale of retribution and redemption among a group of friends who find themselves in too deep was a deliciously atmospheric slice of horroresque film making. You can read the article RIGHT HERE.

If that wasn't enough not long after that a very short, but very beautiful fantasy film came the way of 5D headquarters. The Clearing runs for 5.5 minutes and is a visual narrative which explores the very essence of life and death. Without giving to  much away here is a brief synopsis. After waking up in a strange and otherworldly place called "The Clearing," Chris soon realises he is not alone and must unravel the mysteries that have lead him to this point before its too late.

In truth, The Clearing provided a totally unexpected richly visceral experience, both on a visual and auditory level. For a start it looks wonderful with a rich tone of colour, texture and lighting which all serve to very nicely enhance the atmospheric narrative. The quality is such that visually the film completely belies the fact that it cost so little to make, it simply doesn't look cheap at all. In fact, so impressive is the visual element that I've now watched the film a couple of times without the sound and the overall effect is still striking. You can read the full review RIGHT HERE.

In other words, I have every reason to believe that TELLURIAN will be the next in the successful production line of short movies from Ironstar Films.

TELLURIAN is a tale of the enduring human spirit in the wake of an Alien invasion where all the children on earth disappear. While the War for the planet rages on a small group of militia find themselves trying to protect not only themselves and their way of life but also possibly the last child on earth.

The theme of the film is inspired by the team's love of 80's action Sci-fi movies along with the aesthetic of recent shows such as Netflix Stranger things.

The actors include Craig McGinlay, who featured in the wonderful Blood loss, Chris O'Mara (The Clearing), Kerry Browne, Stephen Humpage, Tom Ingram, Wayne Russell, Alan Cuthbert. Holly Woodhouse will come on board as the personification of the invading force with Nikki Curley and Brodie Toriati as the first member of the invading force.

David Byrne and Ellie Reid with both lend their incredible talents to the roles of their young heroes, While Director and Actor David Izzat will join as Breakers father. 
They also welcome into his first film role Brandon Boyd taking on the role of Seth. The last boy on the planet!

This exciting short Sci-fi film is coming from Scottish filmmakers - IronStar films for which the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has just started at and included is a range of tasty incentives for backers. 

Have a look below for a just a few examples of what you can get for your pounds if you decide to join the already growing list of backers wanting to get in on the act.

Big Thanks Shout Out.
A shout out across social media thanking you for your contribution
£50 GBP
Tellurian Dog Tags -Major
Personalised Tellurian Dog Tags customised with your own name. You too can be a leader of the Telurrian Militia and do your part in helping mastermind the downfall of the Alien invaders.

£200 GBP
Executive Producer
Become a Hollywood bigwig. Be given the title of Executive Producer on both the film credits and on IMDb. Backers will also receive two tickets to cast and crew premiere, a set of dog tags, social media shout out and an invite to join us on a shooting date of your choice. Perhaps even a speaking cameo. Travel and accommodation not included. Dates 18/19 Feb , 11/12 March 2017 (TBC) , 18/19 March 2017 ( TBC)

£3000 GBP
The Pod
You get all of the above perks plus you get to keep the custom built space pod. Woohoo! Shipping/Delivery of pod not included and to be arranged by the purchaser. Pod will not be available to collect until after Comic-Con Edinburgh 2017.

Check out the campaign page at for the other fab perks.


We at 5D are genuinely overjoyed that the good people at Ironstar Films have graciously offered to put together an incredible 'Tellurian Goodie Bag' which will include such delights as; A Tellurian T shirt; A set of personalised dog tags; A Tellurian poster; A digital download of the film ( approx Aug 2017); Your name in the credits under a special mention.

To have a chance of winning answer the following question;

Q) What is the name of the artist/prop builder who is creating our custom built space pod for TELLURIAN. (Hint: take a looksee on the campaign page).

To enter the competition go to the competition (no, really) page at and do that competition thing that you do!

IronStar films, are an independent production company set up in 2014 in order to produce a variety of media content. As a team they are passionate about film making and are working hard to reach their goal of producing their first feature film. You can find their website RIGHT HERE

You can find the Facebook page for IronStar Films RIGHT HERE

Their Twitter handle thing is @IronstarFilms

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