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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bridal Fever

A few days ago I was contacted by Hayley McInline who wanted to share news of her directorial feature film debut, Bridal Fever.
Bridal Fever is a gritty, suspenseful feature length horror film written and directed by Hayley McInline. Here we witness the clash where real life meets the supernatural, where the peace and security of everyday life no longer exist and there is nowhere left to hide. It shows just how crazy and savage a wronged woman can become in her path for revenge. The film began shooting in April and has just finished filming its final scenes.

Bridal Fever focuses on the story of Lisa, a good looking, troubled, 23 year old, who is plagued with memories of a traumatic childhood. Lisa, now married, finally thinks she has escaped from the devil inside her, that is until she sees the love of her life cheat with a teenage girl. I don't know about you, but I foresee trouble ahead for the cheating husband, his young lover and anyone else who finds themselves in the the unfortunate position of being their friend. That's right, the Evil Bride is coming for you...... and there is no escape - only excruciating pain!

So what makes me think that this film may have what it takes? Well two things; firstly the director of Photography (Stuart Gilmartin) and the film editor (Ironstar Films) are old friends of 5D - in other words I've seen their previous work and I like what I've seen! Secondly, this evening I was lucky enough to be sent an early version of the film's trailer......... and, well.......
At just a little over 2 minutes the trailer gives enough of an insight into a deliciously horrifying tale of demonic revenge. If you like your scenes of slow painful retribution in which rather inventive methods of dispatch are used, then it looks like this may be the film for you - and me. Believe what I say, it looks chilling and electrifying, all held together with a plentiful dose of dark claustrophobic terror. I genuinely cannot wait to see the finished product.

Hayley McInline is from a special effects background and so has always been extremely passionate about bringing practical effects to our screens, working mainly in the Horror Genre. She creates horrifying characters and brutal wounds that make even the cast and crew wince during filming. Directing her own films has always been her ultimate goal and now Bridal Fever will bring her love of creating unique horrifying characters and her love of storytelling together perfectly. 

It certainly bodes well with a fine cast and crew taken from all over Scotland. Bridal Fever stars Nicolette McKeown as the evil bride. Director of photography is Stuart Gilmartin and the film is getting edited by Ironstar.

Keep on checking here at 5D for further news of this intriguing slice of Scottish horror.

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