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Sunday, 21 August 2016

5D. The Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Podcast - Kickstarter to launch September 1st

A sneaky little preview. 
You know me by now, I'm not one to blow my own trumpet........... Well ok, maybe I am. However it's safe to say that since 2012, when I decided to force my musings upon anyone chancing upon my Sci-fi, fantasy & horror blog, well things have gone pretty well for 5D and me. 

It all started off as simply something to pass the time and to keep me out of trouble.....not that I ever got into serious trouble mind you so, erm, let's be clear about that (a tried and tested statement courtesy of my overworked legal team). Believe me, I was surprised as anyone to see that after a while people seemed to like, or at least politely put up with, my attempts at putting a sentence or two together. More than that, others seemed even more impressed that I occasionally even managed to occasionally get some grammar and spelling almost correct.

At that point I probably would have been satisfied with what I was able to do via my blog. However soon requests for reviews, interviews and various forms of promotion started to come in from a wide range of individuals from near and afar. It was acutely clear that I'd previously had a complete lack of knowledge about the role that blogs and social networks in general have. Whether it be in the production and promotion of films (both mainstream and independent), books, music - in fact you are talking about virtually any form of business and entertainment. 

Well things certainly snowballed from then because, thanks to producing probably hundreds of review & promotion pieces by now, I've found myself with a staggering array of friends and acquaintances from all around the world. Do I regard myself as a critic? No, absolutely not. Am I a scribbler who passionately muses on things he loves about Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror while making damn sure he keeps a sense of proportion and doesn't take himself too seriously? Oh hell yes.

If all that wasn't enough, this blogging lark has enabled me to communicate with some of my personal favourite Sci-fi & horror people; Adrienne Barbeau, Vernon Wells, Peter Shinkoda to name but a very few. In the past year I've continued to feel thankful that there still seems no end of good people wanting to share their work with me, have guested on a local radio Sci-Fi show, had press-passes for comic cons and (with the help of my computer whizz of a son) put together a fabulous new 5D Website. It's been something of a blast, for which I'm eternally grateful. Which brings me to the next stage of my inevitable path to world domination.

I'm delighted to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the 5D. The Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror Podcast will launch on the 1st September.

My near-legendary guest appearance on local radio
My boy Zack and I will be creating a regular quality podcast for as many things Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror that we can squeeze into a 45 minute episode. The intention is to create a quality, entertaining and even occasionally informative podcast each fortnight. You should all know by now my love of obscure and independent scifi & horror, well Zack is very different with his love of all things big bangy mainstream. 

So because we both have often differing views about what we love in the genres we believe that this will contribute to an invigorating discussion between two people who love the subjects which they will be exploring. We don't claim to be experts or critics - but what we are is passionate about this stuff! What the podcast will do will be to enable us to share our obsessions with anyone who cares to listen and participate. Will we entertain? Possibly. Will we upset some people? Hmm, hopefully!!

So you have two guys that will be bringing to you a podcast content that will cover for example, classic Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror, the current independent movie scene, the gaming scene, reviews, interviews and much much more! You may be asking just what makes us think that we can make this a podcast worth listening to?! 

Well over the last few years 5D has built a reputation and body of work around the world to the extent that the website now gets over 2000 hits per month. This reputation and support also transcends to people 'in the business' as the words of support section that will appear on the Kickstarter page quite clearly shows. In addition these contacts around the globe will hopefully provide us with a plentiful pool of interesting talent to showcase and share podcast time with.

The podcast episodes will be available to view on the 5D website, the upcoming 5D YouTube channel and via iTunes.

We believe we have great content to include in the podcast, but we also want to make it the best technical quality that we possibly can. The majority of the money contributed will go towards the very best audio and video equipment that is available to us.

Money will also be put aside to cover Kickstarter costs, the T-Shirt reward costs and other related costs. We hope that you'll find the range of rewards suitably enticing and we fully anticipate them being made available as soon as the project is funded. I won't go into details just now about the specifics of the rewards, except to say that there will hopefully be something for everybody with contribution amounts starting as low as £1 and going into the hundreds.

As previously mentioned, the 30 day Kickstarter campaign will launch on September 1st. However if you wish to make any contribution to the 5D podcast cause you are more than welcome to do so. Simply access the PayPal button on the 5D website at and do that lovely financial thing that you do while at the same time send a message through the contact section (or email me) and tell me that you've done so. I'll then let you know what rewards are available etc.

So hold on to your hats in preparation for the 5D. The Sci-Fi, fantasy & horror Podcast launch on the 1st September. Any help to get the Podcast up and running, be it in the form of finance, likes, shares or simple public proclamations of love and adoration for the 5D will be eternally thanked by us.

This article can also be found via the 5D website There you can find a veritable feast of blog articles, news items, pictures and and other mouth-watering salutations to the gods of the geeks and the nerds. We have now inherited the earth, you know.

There is also a newly launched forum on the website designed for ANYONE involved or interested in the Independent film industry related to genres of Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror. Feel free to register and contribute - Everyone is welcome!

In addition the 5D website now has PayPal Donate button. Any donations kindly made will be fed directly back to help with a podcast materials, competition prizes and other general costs etc. If you wish to contribute to the exciting growth of the website & blog then we here at 5D headquarters would be eternally grateful. If you would like your contribution to be acknowledged publicly then simply send a message via the website’s contact section and we’ll send you some love!

If all that was enough to entice to 5D land, should any of you fine people out there wish to advertise on the 5D website then have a look at the offer below.

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