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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

World of Death - Misunderstanding (Alex Wiggins)

It is with great pleasure that I announce that 5D has arranged with Tony Wash, Film producer and general all round good egg, to work with and promote some of the community of filmmakers that form part of his brainchild, World of Death, an international compilation of horror short films produced by Scotchworthy Productions and JP3 Media.

World of Death brings together the talent of over 200 filmmakers from 25 different countries in a compilation of short horror films that will terrorise, astonish, disturb, and excite genre fans across the globe.

World of Death isn't just a compilation; it's a community. Consisting of over 200 filmmakers plus their casts and crew, World of Death includes independent talent of every age and level of experience… From all over the globe!

So in my tried and trusted method of hanging onto to the creative coat-tails of those far more talented than myself 5D will be including regular articles featuring some of the examples of the short horror films that have been produced by this incredible community. Some of the articles will be written by myself (sorry about that) and some will take the form of guest blogs by the filmmakers themselves. If I'm honest, the notion of a guest blog fills me with more than a smidgen of trepidation - not because I don't think that they will be very good, on the contrary they will probably be the opposite. However I feel comforted in the knowledge that when the odd (inevitably) better blog post than my own comes along then I can easily 'accidentally' delete it before publishing it. No one will ever know.

It was after begging like a brat asking Tony Wash whether he would be kind enough to share the details of the newly revamped 5D website that he suggested that it might be a good idea to pass me on to the World of Death community and see what interest came of it. Well interest there was, with a veritable plethora of filmmakers who ignored the views of popular opinion about me and still decided to contact my website with the prospect of putting some love out there for their work. 

The gruesome twosome, Smiles and Tragedy
The first of the filmmakers to feature in the series is Alex Wiggins with his film Misunderstanding. The rumour that Alex was the first to be chosen by myself simply because he said that he had checked out the 5D site and in his words " I really dig a lot of the articles and writings you have!", cannot be confirmed by my legal department without me apparently perjuring myself. Is my ego that easily manipulated? Well frankly I couldn't possibly comment.

In all honesty it was by pure chance that his was the first to be chosen from the wealth of material on World of Death - however, saying nice things about me and inflating my already insatiable need for love and adoration is never a bad thing.

Alex Wiggins tells me that he is a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia...... hmm, I think I dislike him already being younger and more talented than me, he's probably better looking too - Nope, I'm not happy. However he quickly redeemed himself by explaining that he like me, is a total 70's and 80's horror enthusiast, which is inevitably a good thing in his favour, though I have yet to get conformation from him whether he acknowledges that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is the greatest ever horror film made in the history on cinema. I cannot deny the rumour that disagreeing with me on this matter means an immediate unfollowing on social networking, because it makes perfect sense.

Alex's contribution for World of Death is a short film that he wrote, produced, and did the special-effects make-up work for (see I told you he was annoyingly talented). The short film was titled "M is for Misunderstanding", as it was originally a submission for the ABC's of Death 2 short competition. The film is simply called "Misunderstanding" now. This short was made during their Freshman summer before going into Sophomore year there at SCAD. Bloody hell, in my my equivalent of a Freshman year I was too busy discovering the delights of my friend, Mr Jack Daniels, than creating works of film or indeed anything at all remotely creative.

Misunderstanding is the story of a suburban couple who have their quiet suburban morning turned violently upside down as two masked thugs enter their house in search of a misaddressed and extremely important piece of mail.

The film itself is 3.14 minutes of excellently shot work that nicely manages to squeeze into the short running time a fair measure of bloody violence, as well as a laugh-out-loud moments of comedy. The special (and bloody) effects are genuinely excellent and provide a nice authentic feel of tension to the violent home invasion scenario.The acting for the most part is reasonable from the small cast, though perhaps in truth is the one weak link of the whole production. However on the whole I found the short film immensely enjoyable and a nice twist on the home invasion genre. It all serves to make me feel that Mr Wiggins and the rest of the team may have a rosy cinematic future in from of them.

If you want to see the film yourself then you can find it right here on Youtube at

In addition to feeling threatened by the talents of Alex it seems that there is another of the team that is annoyingly talented. This short was shot and directed by Dan Frantz who is officially an alumni of SCAD film as well who has his own impressive knowledge with VFX as well as DPing and directing. He recently shot a music video for Alabama Shakes that was selected as one of their official videos. It seems that the whole world out there is set upon making me feel inadequate..... I bloody love the Alabama Shakes!

The music video can be seen at

If all that wasn't enough to wet ones appetite it seems that that there are still more 'misunderstandings' to come because the follow up is currently in post production. 

The cunningly titled M is for Misunderstanding part 2 takes place immediately after the events of the first and see the gruesome twosome, Smiles and Tragedy, this time crashing into a house of college girls creating an every woman for herself game of survival. Yep, we've all been there.

Once again we are promised a mix of horror and comedy and continuing the method of using traditional special effects and make-up in the follow up featuring all female cast of comedic improv performers. I must admit that I'm rather looking forward to it.

For further information about Alex and his future work you can contact him at his Facebook page at

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