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Sunday, 10 July 2016

We Are Soldier - News & competition for this exciting new Sci-fi project.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever chanced upon this blog to know that I am something of a social networking floozie when it comes to channeling my news and views. Yes it cannot be denied, if there's a forum out there that I haven't explored then chances are that it's either not worth the time and effort in terms of rewards (e.g messages of love and adoration) or that it is still on my 'to do and exploit' list (yes Reddit, I'm talking about you). So be warned my dear reader, there really is no chance of escape out there in Internetland because eventually I will find you..... and I will blog to you......

So a week or so ago one of my plethora of social networking outlets was contacted (in this case the 5D. The Fifth Dimension Facebook group page (the link for which can be found RIGHT HEREregarding an especially interesting project that immediately ticked a number of boxes in this here blogger's science fiction loving cold, cold heart. The message came from the writer and producer of the project, Lee Asquith-Coe who wanted to spread the word about his teams work of producing an original sci-fi script called We Are Soldier.

The message ran as follows;

"I, along with an incredible team of very talented peeps have been producing an original sci-fi script called "We Are Soldier" our facebook page takes you on our incredible journey so far, with some incredible BTS shots, from some our shoots plus, prop builds and concept art. If you love Sci-Fi and want to break the remake/reboot mould then please check us out! We hope you will join us on our multilayered journey. Hope you enjoy the concept trailers below. Peace and Love."

Well I don't know about you but my interest was immediately tickled, so much so that I contacted Mr Asquith-Coe and the We Are Soldier Facebook page to find out a little more. The first thing that I demanded was a synopsis, and I was duly rewarded.......

"We Are Soldier is a fast paced action filled adrenaline ride set in the not too distant future where the integration of man and machine through bio implants and nano-technology have become a reality. Where hardened criminals become Drone soldiers, their memories inhibited, their pasts erased and their futures controlled by The British Army. How far will mankind go to protect innocent lives from fighting wars on foreign soil? "

So what else can I tell you about what looks like a rather exciting conception? Well the team behind it regard it as something of a slow burning project, all the crew (who all work in film and tv production) have day jobs so the pace of the project has been taking a little breathe recently due to juggling multiple roles, projects etc.....BUT with a new suit currently under construction and current plans underway to shoot a potentially mouth-watering scene they hope to have far more information soon for investment purposes and bloggers such as myself. The project started out a simple single layered story, which has now turned into a huge multilayered action thriller, with twists and turns, an apocalyptic original sci-fi script that the team hope will blow everyone away.

And do you know something? I'm decidedly confident that they will indeed 'blow us away', because I've also had the good fortune to be shown the first few pages of the 1st draft treatment of the screenplay for We Are Soldiers - now I don't know about you but methinks just being given the opportunity to read something few others have seen is rather cool.

The only problem is that Lee gave me me VERY STRICT orders not to divulge or share anything much at all about what I read - apparently there are some rather unscrupulous buggers out there when it comes to stealing film ideas, so the team are very keen that things are kept under wraps for now. In fact I would go as far to say that I received a couple of not-so-veiled-threats about what would happen if I did...... the public ritual disembowelment and drowning in a vat of three year old Bisto gravy was maybe a tad extreme, but I suppose they have a point. Not only that, but I have also been warned that to be able to read the final treatment and script, DNA samples must first be obtained! Well it could be worse I suppose, depending on what samples could in theory be required........

All I will say for now is the that the concept, story and themes are mouth-watering! 

If all that wasn't enough, I decided to employ my world famous charm on Lee to see if there was any possibility of getting my hands on something from the planned film to use as a competition prize on the 5D website. As usual, my charm failed to work but being the decent human being that he is, Lee still agreed to let us have something. He and the team plan to have a whole range of competitions and incentives to further publicise the project so I am eternally grateful for his generosity.


An incredible team of very talented peeps have been producing an original sci-fi script called "We Are Soldier". 

"We Are Soldier" is a SCI-FI action film set in the not too distant future, where criminals are sentenced to life as Drone Soldiers.

The facebook page at takes you on their amazing journey so far, with some incredible BTS shots, from some their shoots plus, prop builds and concept art. 

You can win this genuine prop from the project, a "Python MK II" prop pistol by answering this question from writer/producer Lee Asquith-Coe;

"How Many enemy targets does our Soldier's target system detect?

The answer can be found in the concept trailer at

To have the chance of winning this fabulous prize all you have to do is visit the 5D website at and submit your answer in the competition section. Good luck!

The We are Soldier team would LOVE you to PLEASE check out their action concept Teaser.......and maybe visit their Facebook page.

This article can also be found via the 5D website There you can find a veritable feast of blog articles, news items, pictures and other mouth-watering salutations to the gods of the geeks and the nerds. We have now inherited the earth, you know.

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