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Saturday, 14 May 2016

A little whisper about 5D, Blasting News & Game of Thrones.

It was with great pleasure that 5D last week agreed to contribute a series of news articles for the social media phenomenon that is Blasting News.

There may indeed be some of you who don't know what's happening with those fab and groovy hipster kids on the street, Daddy-O (I think that's the modern vernacular). Well Blasting News is a fully independent online magazine based on the principle of social journalism and powered by the voices of thousands of people called Blasters. So now 5D is, apart from being quite possibly the finest Scifi/fantasy & horror website on the planet, now a blaster. I know I've been called worse.

If truth be told I was a little unsure at first what specifically to contribute, because each news article had to be in essence relatively short (no more than 800 words) and punchy. Of course, those poor unfortunates who have regularly read any of my blog articles will know fine well that if there’s anything I particularly struggle with, it’s being short and punchy – waffling and punch drunk is more my style I’m afraid. And to those who muttered that I can add to the list of struggles piffling little things such punctuation, grammar and a reasonable level of interest – well you can leave the room now. No matter how correct you may well be.

So there I was, frantically trying to think of the angle my news pieces should take until I finally stumbled onto what should have been blindingly obvious in the first place. The decision I eventually made was to provide a few select musings each week on a specific TV programme, but not a full review mind you. Because that would imply a level of detail, structure and expert subject knowledge that would be better left to those reviewers who take themselves far more seriously (and rightly so) than I'm capable of. No, the plan would be to put forward to the unsuspecting general public a few musings each week........ But on which programme? 

Well for those of you who took notice I'd this article's title I suppose that it's not exactly a secret. So Game of Thrones it is then. 

I  mentioned earlier my initial reticence about contributing to, there was however another reason for that. There is a saying that has developed over the years about life on the Internet that I rather like which goes something like this; There are two steps to causing a major fight on the Internet. 1) State an opinion; 2) Then wait one minute.

Because inevitably, once news articles like this are published the result is a volume of responses such as "I can't believe you didn't mention........!" Or the "are you sure you watched the same program as me??!!! Then there's the age-old classic " I think you'll find your talking absolute bullshit and I hope your dog dies a slow painful death..." - or words to that effect. Well, it's my article, my rules and my own particular take on a show which happens to be just a little bit special to me. But, feel free to disagree and suggest alternatives as much as your hearts desire - after all we're all entitled to our opinions and will probably have a multitude of viewpoints, just don't call me names - I'm delicate you know. In due course there will be a direct link to the 5D Blasting News articles via the 5D website at

However for now you can access my pearls of wisdom (sic) via my Blasting News profile RIGHT HERE.

So far the I've managed to 'cover' the 2nd and third episode of season 6, which of course includes the resurrection of a certain man who knows nothing, the return of Bran, Arya being no-one, Tyrion still having the best one-liners and Lena Headey still rocking the gorgeous short hair look as Cersei. Of course much more than that has happened, some of which I've even remembered to talk about in the news article...... I said, 'some'. 

As well as reading the aforementioned selections of attempts at proper type news articles you also have the option of following me on the site - though of course there's  no pressure to do that. I mean, it's not as if it will provide me with all your personal details, online passwords and home address - believe me, I've checked and unfortunately it gives me nothing about you. In all said and done, it's just a bit of fun and essentially yet another medium to enable me to further talk about myself. This of course is what it's all about!

Oh and be warned, because in October when The Walking Dead returns to our screens I'll be doing the same for that series. I know, there's no escaping me.

This article can also be found via the 5D website There you can find a veritable feast of blog articles, news items, pictures and other mouth-watering salutations to the gods of the geeks and the nerds. We have now inherited the earth, you know.

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