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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Top 10 games of 2015

In all honesty I'm not a great fan of 'best of' lists - partly because I'm notoriously undecided when it comes to nailing down my absolute favourites for just about anything. In fact as soon as I put any sort of list together I then spend an age stressing and pontificating whilst trying to ignore the seemingly endless other choices that seem to continuously pop into my head, each of them shouting all the while "Pick me, pick me, pick me!!"

If truth be told, the only constant in any 'all time' list that I put together is my favourite ever horror movie choices, with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) permanently at the very top - well except when I think that my No1 is actually The Wicker Man (1973)....... do you see what I mean?

So when GT4 GameCon asked me to guest blog a couple of articles, one of which was to list my top 10 releases of 2015, I was a little reluctant. This due partly for the reason that I've mentioned, though I was also a little reticent for another reason. There is a saying that has developed over the years about life on the Internet that I rather like, which goes something as follows; There are two steps to cause a major fight on the Internet. 1) State an opinion; 2) Then wait one minute.

Because inevitably, once lists like this are published the result is a volume of responses such as "I can't believe you didn't mention........!" or the age-old classic "Why on earth (or words to that effect) did you have .......... at No1????!!!!" Well, it's my blog, my rules and my list, so feel free to disagree and suggest alternatives as much as your hearts desire - after all we're all entitled to our opinions and will probably have a multitude of 'best of' variations. 

However, after consultation, deliberation and not a little consternation....... here in reverse order is my personal list of what moved this ageing Gamers heart and soul in 2015.

10. No Man's Sky - Highly anticipated but lands in 10th spot as the little game play that has been revealed has a lot to live up to.

9. Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Hold on to your sick bags, Mirrors edge is back and looking better than ever.

8. Uncharted 4 - Drakes back and up to his old tricks, PlayStation 4 hasn't felt quite right without an Uncharted release.

7. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Re-release of original Pokemon titles... Say.No.More

6. Far Cry Primal - Traditional Far Cry game play, the time period should offer a lot to the franchise.

5. Tom Clancy's The division - Would have been first if the graphics and game play hadn't been Nerfed since initial tease.

4. Doom 4 - Old School classic revamped and looks Killer!

3. Quantum Break - Big shame that this is an Xbone exclusive, the time shaping abilities look great.

2. Horizon Zero Dawn - Open World Fantasy game, intense graphics and a refreshing take on a post apocalyptic setting.

1. Gears of War 4 - Speaks for itself really.

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