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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Portrait Of The Inner Mind

Way, way, way back in the deep dark days of 2013 I put together an article concerning a short independent film from Finland that quite frankly blew my mind. Ordinarily, I would now point you in the way of that article, however after reading it again myself I quickly thought the better of it. The fact is that it's not an especially well written example of my attempts at scribbling a few 5D thoughts - hmmm, I know what you're thinking, you are about to comment on the fact that three years later my attempts are still on the lame side of 'please don't give up the day job'...... well you may have a point, but I have definitely improved over the years - from outright abysmal all the way to barely mediocre, I'll settle for that.

So to save you from scrolling through the 5D archives, I'll do the work for you. The film in question was called Behind The Cross and tells the story of Father Michael, who when we join him in the movie, is already well down the road on his personal journey into the depths of insanity. To say that he is having a crisis of faith would be something of an under-statement.

It seems that a life that has been somewhat disturbed (courtesy of some horrifying flashback episodes to his childhood) has now manifested itself beyond simple spiritual breakdown and become the absolute definition of atrocity and horror. Father Michael's monstrous acts of violence and murderous depravity mirror his continuing ability to find a remaining link to his faith in the hope that god will still absolve him from the terrible sins he is committing.

So we have themes in this movie of sex, torture, insanity and religion. So no one to upset there then? Still not offended? Well if that wasn't enough, we also have scenes of a priest masturbating in his car, masturbating also to a shop mannequin and then urinating over his still sleeping gimp - Jolly good. Behind the Cross was a truly interesting film about the connection between the murderous mind of a madman and his religious existence. The film is rich in the symbolism of his faith and how it interacts with the priest's descent into insanity - this truly is a voyage into the ocean depths of a madman.

The film came courtesy of Finland's Tomi Kerminen, who under the auspices of his company has a clear aim, for MACABRE MEDIA's mission is to create, produce and give thrilling, scary, strange and of course a bit evil independent entertainment for all the horror lovers out there!

Tomi has described to me the style of his film as experimental, aggressive and even avant-garde. This can also be said in part for his latest offering Portrait Of The Inner Mind

He is not wrong.

Tomi told me earlier in the week that he is currently working his next 'longer short' film and in the meantime wondered whether I'd be interested in sharing my thoughts on a two minute film he made a little while ago. My instant reply was in the affirmative, however I soon began to wonder just how one reviews a film that barely lasts longer than my average romantic liaison? Hmmm, it's a tricky one.

Well let's start with the (very brief) synopsis:

" On average we have three to five dreams a night.

Most are quickly forgotten. But sometimes the dream is different... deeper.

It purifies you and soon you're hungry for more."

Portrait Of The Inner Mind is essentially a sequence of dreamlike images accompanied by a impassioned narrative from Bill Rogers which results in a piece of work that combines numerous interesting experimental elements of horror and art house.

There is something of a poetic quality to the film, which in truth should actually be no surprise as Tomi told me afterwards that the films origins lie in the desire to produce a short movie from a poem or a piece of writing by somebody. So instead of basing the film on anothers work he simply decided to write the thing himself and then shot the film in the Basque Country (northern Spain) - as you do.

If this film is taking us on a journey into the dreamlike state of Tomi's unconscious - well let's just say that there is a lot of deep dark stuff lurking down there! Because for a film that lasts just less than two minutes the viewer is constantly left guessing as to what the next visceral image will be and what the next philosophical question will follow from the narrative. Whether this is an attempt by the filmmaker to explore some interesting philosophical musings or whether this is simply a form of therapy for Tomi isn't clear. The one thing that is certain is the the dreamworld here offered by Tomi Kerminen is both enticing and fascinating.

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did. Did I completely understand it? No I didn't. However that's ok because for me true art asks its audience questions that may never produce a clear and concise answer. 

Have a look at the teaser trailer at the link RIGHT HERE to see for yourself.

The Facebook page for Mr Macabre can be found RIGHT HERE

You can also find out more information about Mr Macabre, Portrait Of The Inner Mind & Behind The Cross at the Macabre Media website RIGHT HERE

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  1. Tomi is a great independent film maker. I watched Behind The Cross because it was so shockingly engaging. I know Portrait of an inner mind is only two minutes long but it has the lower budget feel of an American Horror Story trailer. Brilliant and so weird.

    1. Hi Michael - Long time no speak, nice to hear from you!
      Yes, what Portrait of the Inner Mind lacks in length it more than makes up in quality!