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Saturday, 28 November 2015

5D Blog Bite....Kellita Smith, 4TG Game Con and a little taste of Jessica Jones.

The 5D Blog Bite is a series of smaller bite-sized articles that will feature in-between the traditional longer in-depth features. In other words, the bites are still my self-obsessed and self-indulgent musings on various Scifi, horror & fantasy things that catch my eye. The good news then for the Internetland is that some blog pieces are going to be much shorter, with fewer pictures and less obsession with layout from myself. The bad news for you guys is that there will be more blog articles. 

It has been something of a strange week, mainly because it was supposed to be something of a quiet few days for this here blogger with nothing much planned except for trying to catch up with some binge-watching of Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle. Well things haven't quite worked out, in fact it's been anything but quiet - not that I'm complaining, mind you. It's nice to be wanted.

It all began with Kellita Smith, her gorgeousness herself who plays the redoubtable Warren form Z Nation, and who in the time-honoured tradition of dealing with me finally succumbed to my requests (pestering, begging, sulking, pleading etc) for a 5D interview. After all, it was only a matter of time until my winning charm and appeal finally won the day and made her realise just what she was missing out on. Now, I know what you're thinking, the accompanying picture of our Twitter conversation looks fairly brief and isn't quite an affirmation of our eternal friendship and general Bon Amie. 

However, don't let that fool you, because I can read the real sub-text beneath Kellita's reply of "OK'. In my interpretation, she is affirming that we are already practically BFF'S and that she simply cannot wait to chat with me about her life, career and potential proposals of marriage from yours truly.

So much of this week has seen me researching Kellita (behave, that wasn't meant in a creepy way) and beginning to compose some piercing and insightful questions. However if that doesn't work I'll just revert to my usual brand of rubbish interviewing. If life doesn't annoyingly continue to get in the way I should have the full interview transcribed with #teamwarren in the next week or so.

Things didn't stop there in getting in the way of my ongoing quest to binge on Jessica Jones (Once again, behave - that wasn't a metaphor.........) and The Man in the High Castle. Because just as I was recovering from the knowledge that my BFF and I would be doing an interview I received a message about a rather exciting event that is taking place next year, and very close to where I live. 

A little while ago news broke that the East of Scotland's largest gaming expo will be taking place in Aberdeen's AECC Arena on 6 & 7th of August 2016. 4TG Game Con 2016 will feature ESports tournaments, indie developers, retro and classic games, exhibitors, merchandise, cosplay, guest speakers, careers advice and photo opportunities for the attendees. 

Of course me being me, I wanted to get on some of that action and so requested (yes you guessed it, pestering, begging, sulking, pleading etc) a press pass for the event. Once again it seems that showing myself to be a pathetic shallow individual who is nothing without his regular doses of public affirmation, because I received a pretty back from the event support stating that 5D would indeed be placed on the press pack list. Hurrah!

Once again, me being me, I wanted to celebrate - so I did so by replaying the first two Gears of War games through the night. As a consequence Jessica Jones was not binged upon. I'm sure she's very glad of that...........

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