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Sunday, 15 November 2015

5D Blog bite - King Falls AM: Episode Fourteen: Date Night At TheLibrary

I know you're not going to believe this, but most of my blog articles take quite a while to put together. It may look like an effortless splurge of genius prose after genius prose, but it is most definitely not effortless. As for the blog being a work of genius - well for be for me to say. I suppose that it doesn't help that I have the typing skills of a drunk one-legged Armadillo or that I frequently write something wonderful, then five minutes later recognise it for the catastrophically inept piece of writing that it actually is. If that wasn't enough, I also tend to take an age in obsessively selecting the right pictures and layout for each piece. I know, I have no life.

It all means that I wish that I could be more prolific than I am, but my pedantic nature means that this simply will not change. I know what you're going to say; "No, no, no, you take as much time as you need. In fact, you should take even more time in between posts..... maybe a year or so perhaps?"

Well once again I'm going to fly in the face of public opinion with a new series of articles - The 5D Blog Bite

The 5D Blog Bite is a series of smaller bite-sized articles that will feature in-between the traditional longer in-depth features. In other words, the bites are still my self-obsessed and self-indulgent musings on various scifi, horror & fantasy things that catch my eye. The good news then for the Internetland is that some blog pieces are going to be much shorter, with fewer pictures and less obsession with layout from myself. The bad news for you guys is that there will be more blog articles. 

The inaugural 5D Blog Bite features the very latest podcast episode from our friends across the pond at King Falls AM, the home of the small secluded mountain town that has more than its fare share of paranormal goings on.

Episode Fourteen: Date Night At The Library

Sammy & Ben welcome Dan & Larry from television's Mission: Apparition to King Falls with an exclusive interview and investigation from the King Falls Library.

You can listen to yet another slice of comedy infused paranormal activity the link below, brought to you by the late night show of Sammy & Ben - well done, fellas...... another winner!

Anyway, if any of you good people reading this want to help to promote the show and the King Falls AM station, just send Sammy a message and they'll converse with you and plug and all that happy jazz. Sammy can be reached on Twitter through his handle at @KingFallsSammy

You can also locate the show itself on Twitter via @KingFallsAM

The Facebook page for King Falls AM can be found RIGHT HERE

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