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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Personalife - Kickstarter campaign

I really don't get some peoples idea that Autumn (or 'The Fall', to my American friends) is the most attractive season of the year. In my view it's an overly romanticised view of a time when the weather is actually rather bloody horrible with the ever increasing wind, rain and cold - not to mention the days getting shorter and shorter. Yes, the leaves on the trees may turn into an array of lovely coloured textures, but that particular vista seems to last for about two days before they drop onto the roads to become a slurry sludge of colourless gunge. Take today for example, here in the North East of Scotland, which is colder than a Conservative's view of foreign immigrants........ Blimey, not only at 5D do you get reflections on the weather, but you you get political satire as well - Jon Stewart eat your heart out.

Anyhoo, the point is that I was feeling a little stretched and thin this week and I desperately needed something here at 5D headquarters to take my mind off the increasing doom that October's weather was affecting on my tiny little mind. Luckily, I wasn't to be disappointed just a few days ago when I received the following email all the way from (presumably an annoyingly sunny) Italy.

"Dear Staff, First of all thanks for your time. My name is Federico Paloschi and with my brother Matteo have created a story called Personalife. We would be honoured if you could take a look to it. We are Italian so it's going to be hard for us to reach US people and maybe you can help us out in this. We love SCI-FI and we worked a lot to this project. Thanks again. Federico & Matteo. 
ps. our campaign will begin on October 15th"

You know something? I've never been called 'staff' before, but I kind of like it! As you know of me all too well, butter me up with even the vaguest of platitudes then you inevitably have my immediate interest. So of course, Federico and Matteo Paloschi immediately peeked this blogger's inquisitiveness. The element that well and truly reeled me in was also the news the involvement of an artist whose work I've admired for some time, but more of him in a little while.

Brothers Federico and Matteo launched just this week a Kickstarter campaign for their project 'Personalife'. The campaign is hoping to raise 15,000 Euros for the creation of a fully illustrated book of approximately 80 pages containing the story, original artwork, and an expansion into the world of Personalife. The book will consist of a full colour illustration accompanied by the different chapters, presented as recorded memories, of the story. Over twenty full colour illustrations will accompany the different chapters, presented as memories, of the story.

But just what is the concept of Personalife I hear you ask? Well that's a very perceptive question, let me enlighten you.

"It's Your Turn To Become A God....... Imagine a life in which you work for eight hours a day, not for money but to obtain TIME… TIME to “spend” within a parallel virtual world in which you can live the life that you have always wanted and dreamed of. The Personalife technology gives man unlimited power and the freedom to decide who he is and which experiences he will live without fear or limitation. 

Can mankind be responsible with such a powerful technology?"

Essentially, Personalife is a story that deals with a hypothetical future world divided into two extremely different communities whose destinies seem they should never intertwine. Eden is an idealised concept of a simple future society that lives in harmony with nature and makes living in the moment a focal point of its existence. Hmmm, very 1960's hippy ideal of love, peace and, ahem, other things - sounds pretty good to me.

In contrast, Equilibrium is a extremely technological society living in a hectic but precisely controlled way under the Sentech (a new social class made up of experts in the different fields of technology). Equilibrium is founded on the design of a behavioral society whose CEO is takes the form of an individual, William Flames

The citizens of the city don’t work for money like today - which judging from the amount contained after deductions from my last pay in my current 'day job' may well be the way to go. Instead the people accumulate time to be spent in Personalife: the most powerful technology ever created, allowing those who use it to live in a virtual reality in which every person can attain their utmost dreams without the limitations of money or space. The citizens of Equilibrium have all of this and the freedom to share their fantastic experiences with each other. Hmmm, forget the 1960's hippy ideal of love, peace and instead give me a piece of this place...... (I know, I'm shallow and easily led).

Man’s advance, which seemed unstoppable, was ultimately derailed by the blind certainty of its supremacy, and, at a certain point, was dramatically interrupted giving birth to the worldwide phenomenon named the Fall.

Now the world is divided into new communities, each painstakingly trying to recover the path to new and genuine progress. The story takes place in two of these new communities, diametrically opposed to one another: Eden and Equilibrium.

Sounds good eh? Yes it bloody well does! However, that is not all because as you can seen from the selection of artwork in this article, Personalife also looks great. I mentioned earlier that one of the attractions of this project was the involvement of a particular favourite artist of mine. His name is Victor Togliani. Victor is one of those incredibly annoying people that is not only talented, but his creative talents transfer across a whole different series of mediums and applications. He is an illustrator, sculptor, set designer - costume, props and model designer (maker). If that wasn't enough to fill this bloggers cup of envy to be well and truly overflowing, his work has specialized in science fiction and fantasy working in a wide variety of areas such advertising, editorial, television, film and record industries.

I've been a particular fan of many of his works that have adorned a selection of Science fiction novels and am delighted to see that his art is being further explored as a result of this project. I would love...'cough' get my hands on.....'cough'...... some, ahem......original work........'cough!'

As with any good Kickstarter campaign worth its salt, there is an abundance of rewards and offers available with the project, including the art book itself, being available in either English or Italian. 

For example, pledge 50 Euros and that then entitles you to a signed Personalife art book, and Eden t-shirt, the wonderfully bizarre cookbook that features some genuinely original recipes from Eden, a signed CD of the Personalife soundtrack, a backpack and an ebook.

If you are feeling more financially confident and creative then you could do two things. Firstly you could send a heap of money my way - I'm a genuinely worthy cause and faithfully promise to use the funds that you send me for good causes....namely wine and women. 

If you preferred to use your money in a different way than giving it to me (and I wouldn't blame you) then for 1040 Euros you could have the above rewards but also actually become part of the story with your photo taking the part of one of the missing characters. In addition to that, your name is put in print as one of the founders of Personalife, more posters and t-shirts plus dinner (Skype or in person) with the team themselves.

To find out more about this fascinating project then visit the Personalife Kickstarter page at

You can find the Personalife Facebook page RIGHT HERE

You can visit Victor Togliani's website to see more of his stunning work at

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