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Sunday, 18 October 2015

King Falls AM - Catch up time.

It's been a little while since I shared some of the goings on from a certain sleepy mountain town, or rather specifically, that radio station over there in the U. S. of A - King Falls AM. In fact it was way back in the midst's of time (well, actually it was August) when I extolled upon the merits of Episode 8: Electrolocaust Now - For which you could have a look at the article itself RIGHT HERE.

If you can't really be bothered to read any more of my incessant ramblings (and who quite frankly would blame you?) then episode 8 featured Sammy & Ben who had planned a tribute to King Falls AM's resident jazz legend Chet Sebastian. However an impromptu, and selective power failure took out most of the station's broadcast tools, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.This was another excellent podcast episode that once again contained a wonderful mix of comedy and the supernatural. However, I'm not saying that the horror element necessarily came from the singing - but I'm not sure if Ben's singing escapades may need to repeated, sorry Ben my friend, but I think Travolta's portrayal of Danny Zuko is still safe for now!

It is safe to say that the escapades of those weird and wonderful people in King Falls haven't been falling on deaf ears; not only can the podcasts from the late night show be found on iTunes at 
but also the lovely folks over at audioBoom have partnered up with them to take their feed and blast it all over the world. You can listen to 660 on the AM Dial from your desktop, from their handy dandy mobile app, making King Falls AM anywhere you want to be.

From a purely selfish and shallow viewpoint (I know, that's not like me!) you could simply rely on me pulling once in a while pulling my finger out and keeping you good people up to speed with the episodes on this blog. I know which option I would like you to choose by the choice is obviously yours - just remember me in passing someday? .........

Now, while I may not have been exactly prolific in including the podcasts on here since Episode 8: Electrolocaust Now, the releases have indeed been posted to 5D blog's Facebook page, the link for which can be found RIGHT HERE. However, as Facebook thesedays in its wisdom decides to share pages to an audience of three people, a puppy and a cute kitten, I thought I would provide a brief recap of what has been happening on King Falls AM in the intervening weeks....

Episode Nine: Jack in The Box Jesus featured an alleged sighting of the Lord & Savior at a downtown fast food restaurant has the residents of King Falls ready for deliverance, meanwhile Sammy & Ben try to navigate the flood waters of this revelation.You can listen to the show by clicking on the link RIGHT HERE.

Episode Ten: Medium Rare sees Sammy & Ben welcome in studio guest, medium Miss Olivia DuPont, however a miscommunication of her talents brings up some painful memories that both Ben & Deputy Troy wish to forget. You can listen to the show by clicking on the link RIGHT HERE.

Episode Eleven: Ringin' Hell's Doorbell. After an unexpected listener call-in, the boys find a cassette tape in the mail and listen live as an adventure unfolds from one of King Falls less-friendly hiking trails. You can listen to the show by clicking on the link RIGHT HERE.

Which brings us to the latest episode from King Falls AM....

Episode Twelve: All The Pretty Flowers. Against Ben's wishes, Sammy broaches a touchy subject after witnessing a hearse delivering white roses on his way into the station. Is it a King Falls Halloween tradition or could it be something more sinister? #‎RedRumRoses

You can listen to the latest instalment RIGHT HERE.

Anyway, if any of you good people reading this want to help to promote the show and the King Falls AM station, just send Sammy a message and they'll converse with you and plug and all that happy jazz. Sammy can be reached on Twitter through his handle at @KingFallsSammy

You can also locate the show itself on Twitter via @KingFallsAM

The Facebook page for King Falls AM can be found RIGHT HERE

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