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Saturday, 15 August 2015

King Falls AM. Episode 8: Electrolocaust Now

You may not be aware but there has been something rather special happening over the last few months here in Internetland. Unfortunately I'm not talking about the 5D. The Fifth Dimension blog winning an prestigious blogging award. Heck, I would even settle for a not-very-prestigious blogging award - and no, I'm not still bitter about losing out to the 'Fun things to do with bus tickets blog' in the recent AltaVista search engine blog of the year awards (North East Scotland Divisional preliminary round play-off decider). I also thought that a couple of the judges comments about my blogging efforts were a little unfair. I mean, since when have self-indulgent, narcissistic, shallow, childish humour actually been bad qualities?

No, the special thing that in fact has been happening is the increasing public interest in the exploits of a certain radio station located in the secluded mountain town of King Falls U.S.A. The reason that I know for a fact that the late night talk show on King Falls AM has been steadily and inexorably gaining more and more listeners is two-fold. Firstly, and most importantly, they have been named a New & Noteworthy show for three weeks running and have even come close to breaking the top 100 in the comedy section. 

The other indication that Sammy & Ben's show is quickly on the way to gaining worldwide domination is reflected in the ever increasing number of views here on 5D for each King Falls AM article. Now I know it's unusual for me to a little a self-indulgently......."cough"...... , but the simple truth is that the total views so far for Episode 7: Major Tom to Ground Control were a whopping THREE times higher than for any other broadcast so far.

The article can be found RIGHT HERE if you want to have a looksee and also listen to the episode if you have 14 minutes or so. I would love to think that the ever increasing views of my King Falls AM articles were largely due to the articulate, incisive and witty writing of yours truly, but of course once again I would be deluding myself, which strangely enough was another comment that the blogging judges made.

No, I have to acknowledge that the upturn in the radio broadcast articles owe far more to the content within each podcast, so far we have had ghostly sightings, mythical lake monsters, Werewolves and possible extra-terrestrial abductions - to name but a few. Not only that, but Episode 7 saw the temporary re-emergence after a high profile disappearance of local man, Tim Jensen.

Anyhoo.......the much anticipated 8th episode is now available for you good people out there to listen to. In Episode 8: Electrolocaust Now, Sammy & Ben have planned a tribute to King Falls AM's resident jazz legend Chet Sebastian, however an impromptu, and selective power failure, takes out most of the station's broadcast tools, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.

Here is the link for Episode 8:

This is another excellent podcast episode that once again has an enjoyable mix of comedy and the supernatural and I'm sure that listeners will continue to enjoy the wonderful chemistry between Sammy & Ben. However, I'm not sure if Ben's singing escapades may need to repeated, sorry Ben my friend, but I think Travolta's portrayal of Danny Zuko is still safe for now!

Well done people, great stuff as always!


As I've already mentioned , the people at King Falls AM are continuing to make a BIG push on iTunes in order to further improve on being named a New & Noteworthy show for three weeks running and coming close to breaking the top 100 in the comedy section.

In an effort to make the most of us being new to iTunes, they are continuing to push for reviews, ratings & subscriptions. It'd mean a lot if you could send in a review and help them in their climb towards iTunes "New & Noteworthy" charts.

Anyway,  if  any of you good people reading this want to help to promote the show and the King Falls AM station, just send Sammy a message and they'll converse with you and plug and all that happy jazz. Sammy can be reached on Twitter through his handle at @KingFallsSammy

You can also locate the show itself on Twitter via @KingFallsAM

The Facebook page for King Falls AM can be found RIGHT HERE

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