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Monday, 3 August 2015

King Falls AM - Episode 7: Major Tom to Ground Control.

In the past couple of months King Falls AM, a local radio station in a sleepy mountain town in the States, has been steadily creeping it's way into the wider online listening consciousness. I not sure whether there is actually such a thing as a 'wider online listening consciousness' but it sounds good to me, and if it's not a thing then I hereby demand patent and copyright ownership right now of the term so that I, and only I can use it - well if that Taylor Swift chap can go ahead and do it (whoever he is) then so can I .....

Anyhoo, the radio station brings us a healthy coverage of the local paranormal activities on the late night show hosted by the redoubtable Sammy Stevens and his erstwhile producer and co-host, Ben Arnold. In some of the podcasts so far we have had ghostly sightings, mythical lake monsters, Werewolves and possible extra-terrestrial abductions - to name but a few. If that wasn't enough to satisfy one's radio podcast appetite, then add the usual mix of comedy that comes from the excellent presenters and also the weird and wonderful local King Falls inhabitants themselves who ring into the show. The result is a 15 minute episode that I simply couldn't do without. Even if I wasn't blogging about the show I would still be listening to them (trust me, I'm a professional), it really is the funniest thing I've listened to in some time. All the episodes produced so far can be found in previous posts within this blog, with my favourite article so far (if I do say so myself.......well nobody else is going to) being the interview that I was immensely lucky to get just a short time ago with the two presenters themselves. The link for that particular article, which also includes the first few episodes, can be found RIGHT HERE.

The latest slice of King Falls AM goodiness is in the form of episode 7 and is called  'Major Tom to Ground Control' and was for released just a day or so ago. I usually have the episodes slightly in advance of the main release but on this occasion I was on a top secret special forces mission for the government this weekend and is simply something that I cannot talk further to you about. So for now I'll just use a mundane cover story that involves me having to decorate the interior of my house which meant no access to my Mac.......and just who would believe that??!!

In this week's podcast, the boys at King Falls AM receive a phone call from a familiar voice that sends the show, as well as the residents of King Falls, into a uproar. 

Here is the link for the show:

It's another funny and exciting episode which proceeds to shed a little light upon a recent disappearance of one of the local populace as well as continuing the showdown that the presenters are having with those in the community whose paths they have crossed. 


As I've previously mentioned, King Falls AM are making a BIG push on iTunes - You can tell that it's a BIG push as I used capital letters. The station's show has been named a New & Noteworthy show for three weeks running and have even come close to breaking the top 100 in the comedy section. 

In an effort to make the most of them being new to iTunes, King Falls AM  are continuing to push for reviews, ratings & subscriptions. It'd mean a lot if you could send in a review and help them in their climb towards iTunes "New & Noteworthy" charts......... and eventual world domination.

The link can be found at

The team have also informed that they're "super interactive on the Twitter side". I know, I know - I've never in my life used the term 'super anything' but maybe I should get down with the kids they say. Hmmm, maybe I should scratch that idea, I'm not too sure whether the term 'getting down with the kids' could be misconstrued from a legal standpoint.

Anyway,  if  any of you good people reading this want to help to promote the show and the King Falls AM station, just send Sammy a message and they'll converse with you and plug and all that happy jazz. Sammy can be reached on Twitter through his handle at @KingFallsSammy

You can also locate the show itself on Twitter via @KingFallsAM

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