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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

King Falls AM - Episode 6: King of King Falls.

I'm very pleased to be able to bring you the latest excellent instalment of the very funny, and exceedingly paranormal radio show from my friends in the States, King Falls AM.

You may remember from previous 5D blog articles, such as the one RIGHT HERE where I was lucky enough to chat with the show's presenters, that King Falls AM's late-night AM talk-radio show produces a Podcast twice a month featuring it’s paranormal, peculiar and weird happenings ..... Not to mention some equally weird inhabitants that seem to inhabit the town - sorry, no offence intended there folks!

The station had something of revamp not so long ago in terms of its late-night talk show in the form of new presenter, Sammy Stevens, who took over the 2 a.m time-slot from the local institution that was Diamond Dave Alvarez who had recently retired after his 18 year long stint in the shows hot seat. The first five shows have introduced us not only to ex-big city boy Sammy, his erstwhile local boy producer, Ben Arnold, but also to the little known reputation that the King Falls area has had in regard to paranormal activity

The latest episode is another excellent piece of late-night talk radio where, In an effort to learn more about his new hometown, Sammy books an interview with author and King Falls historian, Howard Ford Beauregard III. However Ben questions Sammy's intentions as well as Beauregard's facts. 

As I've mentioned before, I always aim to remain as spoiler free as possible, all I will say for now is that the exchanges between a clearly cynical Ben Arnold and the 'nocturnal loving' Beauregard are once again gold dust.

Here is the link for the show:



I would like to remind you wonderful people reading this - firstly to take your medication, the ward nurse will be around shortly to make sure that your straight-jacket is securely fastened. I would also like to remind you that the shows can now also be accessed via iTunes. 

The King Falls AM team are continuing to push for reviews, ratings & subscriptions. It'd mean a lot if any one of you who've listened to the show take a few minutes to send in a review and help them in our climb towards iTunes "New & Noteworthy" charts. 

You can find them at the following link;

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