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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Planet Jimbot. 'Amongst the Stars' nominated for an award

‘Aliens have nightmares too. Us!’

An alien race reaches out to planet Earth, but only with its collective mind. But for the aliens, too late, mentally it proves a crippling experience, where Earth drags them down to a level they don’t want to go and cannot escape from. They are trapped in something akin to a horror movie.

Everyone on Earth remains blissfully unaware of this alien intervention, or do they? Can we somehow help save them? It’s in the back of our minds.

Following on from the success of GoodCopBadCop at last summer's True Believers/Eagles awards, I'm delighted to say that 'Amongst the Stars' has made the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance (SICBA) shortlist for Best Graphic Novel 2015.

The 64-page trade is written by Jim Alexander (Metal Hurlant, Star Trek Manga) and drawn by Mike Perkins (Stephen King's The Stand, Astonishing X-Men, Deathlok). This includes the superbly creepy back-up tale ‘Growing Pains’ by Jim Alexander and Will Pickering (Savant, Burke and Hare).
Amongst the Stars is a uniquely ethereal and philosophical take on the sci-fi genre, with the concept and storytelling in particular receiving a whole raft of positive reviews since it's initial release.

To celebrate Planet Jimbot have put together an ickle PDF sampler of the book, which features 5 pages of the story and has been made available for me to share as I see fit. So employing what semblance of personal power that I have (just humour me), I've used my legendary tech skills (I'm the copy and past king) to put the pages below in all their glory.

Also,the book is on sale at the Planet Jimbot online shop for a special SICBA price of £5.50 plus P&P which can be reached at :

I would also urge you to vote for the novel itself. Voting is a public vote and the winners will be announced at the SICBA award ceremony at CCA: Glasgow on Sat 4th July as part of Glasgow Comic Con. Details can be found on the SICBA website: SICBA site:

There are a number of categories, including Best Graphic Novel. Best of luck to all.......but especially to Amongst the Stars...... Here are the nominations.

Best Graphic Novel:

Amongst The Stars (published by Planet Jimbot)

And Then Emily Was Gone (published by ComixTribe)

Boat vol. 1 (Self published)

IDP:2043 (published by Freight Books)

Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter (published by Renegade Arts Entertainment

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