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Sunday, 7 June 2015

King Falls AM - A (possibly) fictional paranormal radio podcast

After the wonderfully surreal excitement of last week's Comic Con here in Aberdeen it was nice to get back to what I really do best. However, due to certain restraining orders and official recommendations from the court judge I'm not allowed to talk about that. So I decided to get back to some regular review type blogging instead.

Now, I'm not one who believes in luck, serendipity or cosmically inspired chance occurrences - a coincidence is simply just a coincidence. So when earlier this week I was wondering if something new or different for 5D. The Fifth Dimension would be heading my way, and then lo and behold something different did indeed come my way the next day, well I was simply very pleased. It was just coincidence, albeit a very nice and interesting coincidence.

I received a request all the way from Los Angeles (that's in the U.S. you know) asking whether I would be interested in working with a group of creative-type individuals in regard to the promotion of their paranormal radio podcast, King Falls AM.

What is this King Falls AM thing that they speak of?

Well, apparently King Falls AM is a fictional (or is it?) narrative podcast that centres on a lonely little mountain town’s late-night AM talk-radio show and it’s paranormal, peculiar and weird happenings & inhabitants. The guys behind the concept are aiming to make their show the first (possibly) fictional podcast to successfully syndicate itself, much along the same vein as your typical successful TV, radio or web series. In other words, they want to make this show BIG!.... and why the heck not?

I must admit that the request hit a raw nerve of excitement straight away having been something of a late night radio phone-in addict over the years. Admittedly, I haven't listened to much from from the States, but I'm guessing the twilight hour shows across the pond are much like the ones we have over here. If you've never woken up at 2am and wondered what you could do to fill the Insomnia drenched early hours, I would suggest you find a local radio call-in show. It's difficult to convey the range of truly weird and wonderful human beings, with their calls and conversations, that I've heard over the air through the years. It has to be said that until you have borne witness to such an event.....well you haven't lived.

In my experience, it's as if every weird and ultra-eccentric in the vicinity comes out of their normal daytime hibernation to discuss anything from a myriad of personal conspiracy theories, their plans for easing the world of its problems (which often entails some form of racial/sexual/religious genocide) or what other weird and strange ideas they want to share with the host. Honestly people, the collection of individuals you can hear call in to radio stations at 2am in the morning I swear are often from another planet - I love it.

Anyhoo, the King Falls AM shows themselves are typically 10-15 minutes in length and so far we're still in the early days with three episodes having been aired so far. The team have only just released their third episode this past Monday, which has seemingly garnered a lot of great feedback and are now building on their early success by currently working on community building. They are looking for affiliates to syndicate the show with, people to review the show or just simple networking allies. Well that means me then!

Episode one see's new host (and newcomer to The town) Sammy Steven's first show in the 2am until six slot at King Falls AM. He's taking over from local legend talk show host, 'Diamond' Dave Alvarez,  who has left after 18 years in the broadcasting seat. For Sammy's first stint, producer Ben Arnold reluctantly helps co-host while the King Falls residents call in about the mysterious lights emanating off Route 72.

As his first show progresses, Sammy begins to realise that this quaint little town and it's inhabitants are not all that they seem to be.....

As I mentioned earlier, the first couple of episodes seem to be creating a good amount of interest out there in Internetland - and I can see (or rather hear......see what I did there?) why that might be the case. The feel of the broadcast is nicely convincing in its tone as the podcast begins with the wrapping up of the preceding radio programme 'Jet' Sebastian's Jazz corner - complete with his 'cool cats talk' before our show then starts. Each episode I've listened so far authentically includes a couple of commercials and a range of other local radio touches which may well convince some who are listening that this is actually a podcast from a 'real' radio show.....which it may well be.

In episode 1 there are immediately some nice additions of humour as the 'outsider' Sammy is immediately more than a little perplexed with his new world as the 'big city boy in a new small town'. The exchanges between him and his seemingly naive and idealist producer Ben are excellent - Sammy's reaction, to Ben's genuinely proud proclamation that Kings Fall has been voted six years running as the 'best small town in America' by the Kings Fall chamber of commerce, is priceless..."The TOWN voted the TOWN as the best small TOWN in America??!!"

Sammy's big city opinion of small town boy Ben is equally dismissive and somewhat patronising in regard to Ben's off-air wish to be a world-renowned journalist but then saying that never for a moment would he consider living anywhere else. Ben's reaction to Sammy's mocking tones seems on the surface suitably vacuous, with his reply that "If you know anything about King Falls, then you know that everything you ever needed to talk about, is right here". However, as the conversation progresses and the calls start, the country boy producer's claims may have more than a hint of paranormal accuracy about them.

I don't want to give any more of the things that take place in the episode - but if you like your mix of the chilling paranormal intertwined with reflections on small town life and all laced with a very nice sprinkling of laugh out loud humour then you'll love King Falls AM

If you don't trust my word (and you would be wise not to) then click on the link below to listen to the opening episode in full.

Episode 1 - May 1,|By king-falls-am

I'm very happy to also say that, after some intense and violent negotiations that were only successfully concluded after I won an across the pond cyber arm-wrestling match the news is that 5D. The Fifth Dimension is now an affiliate of King Falls AM. This means that I will be featuring the episodes as they appear on my soon to be revamped website and will be putting together regular articles on the podcast series. 

The general release dates for the episodes will be on the 1st and 15th of each month and I will be hopefully be also getting an early chance to pass onto you good people some special inside information and details about the ongoing experiences of Sammy Stevens as he struggles to come to terms with his new life in the beautiful but very strange King Falls.

In the meantime you can also check out the next two episodes via the King Falls AM Facebook page at

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