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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Patient 62 (Movie) - The Indiegogo campaign is now launched.

A little while ago I was contacted by a Canadian Film maker asking whether I would be amenable to sharing news about his film. The said request came from Rick Anthony, who immediately claimed to be an award winning Sci-fi/Fantasy novelist and screenwriter and went on to tell me that his latest project, Patient 62, a Sci-fi/Action film, was currently competing rather well in his country's CineCoup film accelerator.

Now according to my rather overused 'Blogging handbook for complete and utter clueless dummies', the first thing I should have done after bearing witness to such a bold claim was to go ahead and check out the details before committing myself. After all, I have something of a reputation as an intrepid blogger who puts objective in-depth research about his subject matter before all else. Actually I have no such reputation.......but one has to start somewhere I suppose. So after some expansive and ultra-analytically detailed investigation (which by my personal reckoning is about 2 mins) I found out that not only were the bold claims true in terms of the award winning bits, but that Patient 62 was in fact ranked at the time as first in the Cinecoup competition. 

Those of you who have read my blogs before will no doubt remember (as long as the medication hasn't dulled your senses completely) that I've written about this Canadian movie competition before. For those not in the know, Cinecoup is a unique funding model that allows filmmakers to submit concept trailers for their films to an audience who decides which gets made. The prize is a million dollar production budget and massive distribution deal - very nice.

So what, I here you ask, is this movie all about and why is the intrepid blogger featuring it on his soon to be world renowned site? Well the plan was that when Rick contacted me a few weeks ago I would put together a Fifth Dimension piece to highlight the progress in the Cinecoup accelerator. However due to circumstances beyond my control, there was a slight break in blogging activities.....something which actually turned out to be a good thing because....

We'll, to borrow ever so slightly (or a lot) from their own information....."Patient 62 is a film being produced by Factory Factory Entertainment, the creative team behind the award winning indie film, Bread Thieves. Front runners in this year's CineCoup Film Accelerator, the team withdrew from the competition, choosing another distribution option as their bird in hand. Although they've now got distribution covered, the large burden of budget is still upon them, and although they have significant investment in this film already, they need more funds to extend the duration of their shooting schedule."

As a consequence the team have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign (see the link at the bottom of this article) in order to gather the funds and so in their words ' allowing them to take the time needed to knock this film out of the park!

Hmmm, more bold claims! Well to be honest I've watched the concept trailer, seen the concept art and the claims that the film may be a goodie may indeed have more than a little merit. So much so that after providing you with a brief plot outline, I've also included an interview that I was lucky to get with Rick himself where he further elaborated on the details of some of the inspirations and themes of the film.

"On poor terms with his sister, Angela since their father’s death, Lucas Chase is hesitant to believe that she has been taken against her will until he learns their mother suffers from the same strange dreams of her abduction that Lucas himself has been having. Unsure of the meaning of it all, Lucas enlists the help of Angela’s ex boyfriend, Dennis, and the two set out to poke around the strip club she worked at. 

The trail leads them to a drug manufacturing plant where Lucas witnesses the murder of a chemist, and accidentally comes in contact with the substance the chemist was manufacturing. Lucas soon comes to realize that the drug has given him newfound telekinetic abilities which he struggles to control as he searches for his sister in an ever-changing web of human trafficking and experimentation."

The Interview bit.......

Q) So before we talk about Patient 62 can you tell us a little about your Scifi inspirations?

As a child I always loved sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. I started with the usual suspects like Star-Wars and eventually began reading Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov. But I think I became a die-hard fan of the genre after seeing Aliens (which scared the bejesus out of me even the first ten times I watched it). I was just so sold on the world they created, and the special effects for the time were incredible.

Q) What or who inspired you to become a filmmaker?

A) I actually fell into film making. My passion had been writing for some time, and I had recently received a lot of praise for a fantasy novel I wrote called Red Smoke Rising. From there I decided to try my hand at screenwriting and turned the book into a screenplay. I went to Burbank and pitched it to a number of producers who all complained it would take $300M to make and told me to write something more grounded. I wrote and optioned a couple of screenplays after that but because of funding, etc, none of them ever got made. It was at that point that I decided to get into producing, brought some people on board and we shot a script I wrote called Bread Thieves for only $10K. That film went on to win an award at the Canada International Film festival and by then I had really developed a tasted for making films.

Q) How long has Patient 62 'been a thing'?

A) The concept is something that Director Bryce Schlamp and I have been kicking around for years, but the script has been in development for well over a year now. We hope to have it produced before the end of the year.

Q) The storyline that has some interesting themes such as genetics & telekinesis, what appeals to you as a storyteller about such concepts ?

A) Genetic manipulation is a real-world news topic that is front of many people's minds. I wanted to take that to a fantastic level with the telekinetic angle, but very much wanted to keep it grounded with a 'real' feeling to it. I really enjoyed inventing the physics and limitations that might be behind such an ability.

Q) I have to say I very much liked the Cine Coup concept trailer you made for Patient 62. How long did it take to film & how different is it to what you actually want to accomplish in the finished product?

A) The first concept trailer was filmed in two epic, long days. I think the tone and pace is very much what you can expect from the finished product, however, given our constraints the world of Patient 62 is much smaller in the trailer than the film will be. Much of the trailer centers around the strip club, where in the film that location only accounts for about 25% of the scenes. So in short the film will be bigger. Bigger cast, bigger effects, more locations and a bigger world.

Q) So why originally enter the Cinecoup competition as opposed to the more fashionable Crowdfunding route that many indie filmmakers take these days?

A) We had intended on making this film before the CineCoup film funding challenge was announced this year. Should we not have won the competition, this is likely the route we would have gone to get the film made. CineCoup, however, offers something more valuable to an indie film producer than money - distribution.

Q) Then why did you remove yourselves from the CineCoup contest?

A) We were offered an option agreement from cinecoup but chose a different distribution deal instead which we have now signed. (yay!) and today we just launched a crowdfunding campaign to that end.

Q) All things being equal, when would full filming begin?

A) September is our target month to film regardless of the funding strategy. We hope to have the film shot and cut before the end of this year.

Q) So go on and persuade me, just why should I believe that you guys can make Patient 62 live up to expectations?!

A) I think the talent of our crew is very apparent in the quality of the concept trailers. That ability to execute coupled with a dark, witty script with deep characters is going to make for an exciting film! If you enjoy the trailers, you'll LOVE the movie!

The Indiegogo crowdfunding page for Patient 62 can be found at

The Patient 62 Facebook page can be located RIGHT HERE

You can find the Patient 62 website at

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