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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Until The Day Breaks - A Kickstarter campaign from Project Trident

In a barren future, Reverend Ivan Passworthy may be the last man on Earth. Protected from the gnashing undead hordes of the outlands only by a failing missile defence system, the vicar struggles to maintain both his faith and sanity in complete isolation. Over the years since the British Army moved out of his ancient sanctuary, Ivan has found his days plagued by ghosts of the past and a burning desire for a better future.

In his darkest hour, Ivan’s prayers are answered by the arrival of an enigmatic visitor from another planet. Brought together by their own personal losses and a mutual faith in the power of good in all things, the new friends search for a way to live together and repair their broken worlds.

As terrifying as it is touching, UNTIL THE DAY BREAKS is a wild journey through an uncertain universe - a tale of persistence and friendship in the face of the sprawling unknown.

..... And so goes the synopsis of a new and ambitious Sci-Fi comedy, Until The Day Breaks, a feature film from a British film making group with the rather wonderfully enigmatic name of Project Trident. Their Kickstarter campaign, which runs until the 31st March, is hoping to raise production costs for what the film collective are calling Until The Day Breaks "an epic sci-fi feature film combining stunning special effects, a witty script and loads of adventure!" Hmmm, bold words indeed. Well we shall see, Project Trident, we shall see.

Because when writer/director Carl Peck contacted me during the week to enquire whether I'd like to put an article together for his sci-fi/comedy/zombie film I was initially a little reticent. "Does the world need yet another zombie related production?" I no one in particular. Well that is except for my dog, Jasper.....but apparently he couldn't care less about aliens or zombies, being far more content to sit and chew on his special toy - and no, that wasn't a euphemism. However, it does look that the world doesn't yet seem to be tiring of such material, and if truth be told, neither am I long as the story is interesting and not just a trip on the old bandwagon.

So I decided to check out the Kickstarter page for Until The Day Breaks - I know, get me, doing some research and stuff! The first thing I had a look at before deciding whether to use some of my precious time was to have a watch of the preview trailer......and do you know what? It actually looks pretty damn good. Have a look for yourselves.

See what I mean? It looks fresh and interesting with enough ideas within it to certainly merit further perusal. According to the press release blurb (that's a technical term, don't worry about it) Until The Day Breaks has been inspired by classic films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and Withnail & I. Now I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Shaun of the dead has also had some influence too - which isn't meant as a form of veiled criticism at all. Indeed, judging from a a quick peek at one of Project Trident's previous works I am quickly gaining an admiration for their unique approach to ideas and filming.

Once again, according to the pros release blurb - " The company rocked the web with their hilarious short film Gasp, among many others".......and also once again, bold words indeed. So I thought I would catch theses guys out with their outlandish and quite frankly bordering on hyperbolic claims and actually watch this Gasp thingy that had escaped my attention. Bugger, bugger, bugger - not only is the 3.47 min short film funny, it is also nicely dark in tone and in fact I enjoyed it so much I watched it two or three times.

If you want to look at it yourselves it can be seen for free at

So, rather annoyingly the claims of this British filming collective seem to have more than a smidging of credibility For example, according to the Kickstarter page, "Writer/director Carl Peck has time and again shown his ability to get crazed ideas from his brain to the screen with wit and vivid style, on time and under budget. He has left in his wake a slew of thrilling short films and madcap music videos." - god, talented people really make me feel so inadequate at times. Annoying.

If that wasn't enough, the cast of Until The Day Breaks boasts the inclusion of one of the stalwarts of British stage and screen in the form of the inimitable David Gant. His film credits include the hugely enjoyable but hopelessly historically inaccurate Braveheart, the genius of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and the 1672 hour-long biopic that was Ghandi. Davis's TV credits include the wonderful Sherlock and Whitechapel as well as Jonathan Creek. His theatre credits also include a myriad of roles such as in leading roles in the likes of King Lear to name but one of many. More recently a completely digital version of David was used by Sony to showcase the processing power of PLAYSTATION 4.

Apparently, the actor not known for his independent sci-fi or horror work, signed up to the role of Ivan straight away, describing the script as “absurdly brilliant” and "It's the most exciting script I've read for a long time". The rumour that he also said that the film "deserves to be regarded and talked about in the pantheon of online websites, especially the renowned and genius laden Fifth Dimension blog" has yet to be confirmed by my legal team to allow me to  get away with an out and out fib like that  in order to allow me to say so.

Well if Until The Day Breaks is good enough for an actor who has appeared in a film by Terry Gilliam (did I mention that Gilliam is a genius?) then it's good enough for me.

The filming group group is raising their financing solely through Kickstarter. To support their campaign which ends on the 31st of March you can find the online link at the bottom of this article. Naturally, as in any good Kickstarter campaign, there are a huge array of tasty incentives for those who wish to help contribute funds to the production of the film. Have a look at the page yourselves for a full round up of the goodies on offer, however a few caught my eye which I'll mention here; 

At the 'lower' end there is a the contribution of £5 which gets you a streaming copy of the film or you can go through a plentiful selection of choices until you find yourself possibly with a spare £5000 or so of loose change in your pocket which will get you a credit as Executive Producer and no manner of other things such as lunch and partying with the crew in the English countryside.
I must say that the one particular nugget that caught my eye is the one that says that an offer £40 not only gets you the film, a documentary, commentary, soundtrack, updates, script, storyboards and some thank you's in the closing credits of the film, but also included is the added beauty of the a beautiful A1 print of the stunning movie poster by Ricardo Bessa (left).

Now, far be it from me to be resort to such uncouth things as hints or suggestions, but .......cough........I just love that.....picture.......Carl Peck..........cough.......I love it.....

So I implore you you have a look at the links for what looks to be something of a potential gem of British film making - this could genuinely be something special.

The kickstarter page for Until The Day Breaks can be found at

The film's Facebook page page can be found RIGHT HERE

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