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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fifth Dimension becomes UK ambassador for new Portuguese horror film: Inner Ghosts

We Brits have our rich historical wealth of horror cinema, the Italians have their Giallo, the U.S has Carpenter/Hooper et al and the Portuguese have, er.........well, it beats me actually just what the Portuguese have in terms of silver screen horror. 

Well that my friends is about to change.

Is my great pleasure to announce that The Fifth Dimension is to be the UK representative for a brand new Independent horror film from Portugal, called INNER GHOSTS. To say that I'm excited about this would be quite something of an understatement, though there would be some who know me who would argue that it doesn't really take that much to excite me. However, the fact is that as a consequence of being the UK rep it means that anybody who reads this blog (it's ok, you don't have to own up to it) will in some cases have some first exclusives in terms of news, information and goodies - Now THAT is exciting!

Anyhow, the plan is that over the next days, weeks and months I will be bringing you information about the filming of INNER GHOSTS itself (which begins later this month in Lisbon) and the planned crowdfunding campaign that will include some rather mouth-watering contribution incentives. Then as 2015 further progresses it will hopefully see me being able to let loose some nuggets of interest and excitement about the post-production and subsequent release the film.

As you can imagine I have been sworn to super secret secrecy about the plot development and other planned surprises along the way, both in terms of filming and the Crowdfunding campaign. The rumour that the film company, Bad Behavior, have actually taken my children and pets as collateral in order that I don't divulge any secrets is something that I couldn't possibly comment upon without having to consult my lawyer. All I will say in regard to that quite frankly vicious rumour is that a bonus of my current situation is that I'm now able to fit a new writing desk in a recently available bedroom in my house. I also seem to be spending far less on dog and cat food.

So to hopefully wet your appetite, let me tell you a little of what I can at this moment in time about the film, the producers and cast.

Some background 
INNER GHOSTS is produced by Bad Behavior, a film company created by two self-confessed hardcore horror aficionados whose intention from the very beginning was to work to produce a body of work that would not only rival the classics of other European and American horror, but  would also see Portuguese horror at the forefront of a new vanguard of classic horror. The producers in question are;

Paulo Leite, a Brazilian/Portuguese writer and producer trained at the prestigious European Producers Workshop from the EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs). Paulo has nearly 20 years experience in the TV and film industry. I also know that Paulo works some ungodly hours, a fact that I can testify to first hand after holding a Skype conversation with him at 1 in the morning this weekend!....... Slave driver.......

Gabriel Augusto has over 10 years of marketing and branding experience for a number of prestigious Portuguese companies. As yet I have no idea if he also likes to hold conversations with his team in the early hours of the morning.

What I do know is that they are about as confident an anybody I've ever met in the Indie film world that they are into a winner with this film. Of that they are absolutely certain.

"Well that's all well and good, I hear you say. But what about the really important information for the horror movie fans, the film itself????" Well ignoring the fact that the voices in my head seem particularly strong today, they do make a very good point. So let me enlighten you just a little.

A brief plot outline

"If ghosts can think and remember who they are, then the physical brain is not the only place where we store our inner selves.

Helen is asked to train two young women into the art of communicating with the dead. But Helen's days as a medium are long gone. In fact, she gave up that life 15 years ago when she lost her daughter. Today Helen is a different woman dedicated to her career in brain research. Things start to change when a visit from the other side offers her the design of a device that can do some amazing things. But to everything there is a risk.

INNER GHOSTS is a fascinating story created by horror fans to horror fans"

Blimey, sounds good, eh!!??


Below is some filming and technical information about INNER GHOSTS for your perusal. I literally have no idea about what the hell some of that technical stuff means.......
Directed by JOÃO ALVES.


Written by PAULO LEITE.

Director of Photography: MIGUEL SALES LOPES.

Special Make-up Effects by JOÃO RAPAZ/OLD SKULL.





Language: ENGLISH.

Shot on Location in: PORTUGAL.


Runtime: 90 MINUTES.

Shot on: RED DRAGON.

Technical Specification: 4K / Anamorphic


So who's going to be appearing in the film?

I'll be writing about the cast in far more detail in the next INNER GHOSTS blog update plus in due course hopefully an interview or two. Though with filming due to start in just two weeks I may have to bide my time with that.

In the meantime I would ask you to buckle up & enjoy the ride as we witness the metamorphosis from page to screen of what I expect to be a fabulous piece of horror cinema. Oh and while you're at it, please help to spread the word about the INNER GHOSTS and its upcoming crowdfunding campaign, more about which will be appearing soon right here.

To read more about INNER GHOSTS visit their Facebook page at

You can follow the film on Twitter via @Innerghosts

The official INNER GHOSTS website can be found at

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