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Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Necroslinger - Indie filmmaker has shot at $1M CineCoup prize

You know something, some people just don't play fair. I'm not saying that people cynically flatter me with praise & kind words about my blog just to get my attention. I'm sure (or at least hope) that the positive comments are mostly sincere, particularly when they come from people I know. You see, this week I received a request on behalf of an old friend of the Fifth Dimension, the wonderfully named King-Pin Lei, asking me if I'd be prepared to help publicise his latest film project and its involvement in a rather unique Canadian film programme. 

Before I could spend a moment to think about this request he then went on to shower me & my blog with praise using words like 'respected', 'popular'........ damn it, I was hooked again. However, the world that I live in is not quite the superficial one I always make it out to be, I do have occasionally have quiet...yes, I really do. For a start I already knew King-Pin from a rather fine previous Sci-Fi concept, The Never Man, that he first sent my way a year or so ago. I also know that he isn't one for faint praise, so of course he was being sincere. However, far more importantly, I was fascinated and a just little excited by both the concept of his latest work The Necroslinger, and the competition he was entering his work into.

Before I talk about the film programme, I think it's fitting that I pass on to you a little of what I know so far about King-Pin's proposed movie.

"A Necroslinger is a master sorcerer trained in the way of the Gunsmith Arcana  - the science of ballistics merged with the art of magic.

The Necroslinger is a Western/horror/fantasy set in a post‐apocalyptic future where magic and monsters return to a world devastated by past world wars. Only a fraction of humanity exists, living as people did in the Old West of the 1800s. 

This is the story of a mysterious Necroslinger who stumbles upon a teenage girl and her little brother and becomes their unwilling guardian when they are pursued by the Dead. What the Necroslinger doesn’t know is the secret the children carry – a secret that even the Dead fear.

The story intensifies when another entity pursues the children – something that has not walked the Earth for a very long time and lurks just beyond the shadows and the dark, whispering out to the children.

Running out spells and aided by the fierce Sister Magdelene from the Order of the Blind Magi, the Necroslinger must uncover the heartbreaking truth about the children – before time runs out."

I must admit, as I've previously mentioned, the concept of The Necroslinger pretty much grabbed my attention straight away. Not only does it have some very tasty elements of an unflinching and seemingly inspired mix of familiar genres; A post-apocalyptic ravaged world, the Western, horror and fantasy hybrid that hopefully will take this movie hybrid in a fresh new direction. If that wasn't enough, then there is also an enticing dose of Steampunk for the lovers (such as myself) of that particular sub-genre in the appearance of the Necroslinger himself. I'm sincerely hoping that this will be replicated in various other aspects of the movie once it sees the light of day.

To see for yourself I suggest that you have a look at the 60-second concept pitch trailer – which was filmed and produced in two weeks – online at

So that's the synopsis of the proposed film. What about the actual film programme that it has been entered into?

The Necroslinger is one of 74 Canadian film projects competing for $1 million in production financing in the CineCoup Film Accelerator – a unique program that gives indie filmmakers an opportunity to pitch their ideas to the public and make their film a reality.

Lei is asking the public to support The Necroslinger by signing up on the CineCoup website ( as a fan, and casting votes. Fans can sign up NOW, and the first round of voting (Top 60) begins April 6, 2015. Fans can also rate concept trailers and ‘follow’ this fabulous project.

Film making teams in CineCoup Film Accelerator develop and market their film ideas over a 12-week period through weekly missions and with audience feedback. Teams advance in the program through several rounds of public voting. The winner is determined by CineCoup, and receives up to $1 million to make their film, as well as a national film release through Cineplex.

So here's how you guys can participate: (it costs nothing!)

Register with CineCoup and sign in to vote for a project;

• Cast your votes during the three voting windows (Top 60, Top 30 and Top 15); and

• Use social media to spread the word about The Necroslinger
The Facebook page can be found at (

You can also find the film on Twitter at ( – don’t forget to use the social media hashtag #necroslinger for this project.

It all sounds very good so far doesn't it? A great concept for a film and also a chance for us, the general public type people, to help the movie become reality.......and it doesn't need to cost us a penny..........What's that you say? You want even more information about the man with perhaps the finest name around? Well all righty then, because not only do I have a mini-bio of the writer/director, I also had the chance this week to ask King-Pin Lei himself some legendary Fifth Dimension piercing questions.......

Lei’s previous work in film has earned him several awards and nominations, including The Night of the Living Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best Sci-Fi Film (2010), Best Screenplay (2010) and Best Debut Director (2010) for his gripping thriller Killing Schrodinger’s Cats.

He also advanced to the Top 20 of the 2013 CineCoup Film Accelerator program with his concept for the sci-fi thriller The Never Man, an eerie and haunting space exploration film.

Q) To begin with, tell us about some of your influences, both in print & film.

For print, definitely the works of H.P. Lovecraft (for his themes of cosmic dread and the insignificance of human beings compared to the enormity of the universe), William Hope Hodgeson (for showing the horrors lurking just beneath the surface of unimaginably deep oceans), Stephen King (for making his characters totally relatable to everyone so that their screams of horror are our screams as well), Ray Bradbury (for showing us our possible futures through darkly coloured lenses) and Richard Matheson (for showing me that horror can exist in the house next door or the next street over).

In film, the horror classics such as FrankensteinThe Mummy & DraculaThe Haunting of Hill HouseHellraiserChronosPan's Labrynth and Dark City; and then the westerns such as The Wild BunchThe Man with No Name Trilogy with Clint Eastwood, Tombstone (a highly underrated movie).

Q) So what came first, the name of Necroslinger or the plot?

The plot came first. It actually started its life as a novel I began writing a couple years ago, which grew into a sprawling epic that I'm still writing. I hope to finish it one day soon.

Q) The look of The Necroslinger is pure Steampunk and looks great! How did the look evolve?

Well, it's still evolving! I'm a big fan of the Steampunk aesthetic and it seems to go very well with not only westerns, but also horror. It grew out of my idea of what would come after the collapse of the modern world, after the time of machines and technology has been forgotten, but with trace elements continuing to exist as shadows of the past, re-purposed to suit the return of magic. But it's not just for an aesthetic look, there are functional reasons for it in the story.

Q) The story seems to mix a number of genres; Western, Scifi, horror and steampunk. Did you set out from the outset to create this Genre mash? 

Yes. Western-Horror has not been well represented in movies, which is funny because they have been popular in video games and television shows like The Walking Dead. As the story of The Necroslinger evolved, I realised that post-apocalyptic and fantasy elements worked very well in the mix which in turn lead me to fold in elements of Steampunk.

Q) what influences were there for you in the concept of this story?

There's a little bit of the Doctor Strange comics, the classic Mummy movies, and a bit of The Good the Bad and The Ugly. As a kid I also loved comic books like Jonah Hex, which gave me my first taste of the Supernatural Western, and The Unknown Soldier which blended war stories with elements of the weird and supernatural.

Q) For those of us outside Canada, tell us how the Cinecoup competition works?

CineCoup is a Film Accelerator that aims to supercharge the development of local Canadian feature films. They call for Canadian filmmakers and film making teams to enter by creating a short one-minute movie trailer that can either be a 'concept' trailer, or a full-fledged movie trailer, if the team has the time and resources to produce it in time for the application process. Then, through a rigorous 12-week competitive development process, each team completes weekly missions from CineCoup and vies for public support in the form of trailer and missions ratings, and votes when each of the three voting windows are open to the public.

On top of this, CineCoup judges are taking the mission content into account to give their own votes. That way, this competition does not turn into just a popularity contest. In the end, the CineCoup panel of judges and one 'superfan' decide who wins the $1-million in production funding.

Q) So you win and get the funding. What will this enable you to do in regard to The Necroslinger?

Make the movie of course, but with a proper budget! 

On top of this, there will be a nation-wide release of the film in theatres in Canada, followed by an international release. They did this with the first year's winner, Wolfcop.

Q) Of course, the intention is to win......but would you consider a crowdfunding campaign for the film if you weren't successful in the competition?

Definitely. I would definitely consider crowdfunding if we do not win the funding.

Q) Are there plans for any spin-off projects for The Necroslinger, such as Graphic Novel etc?

Well, considering that I've been working on the novel for the past two years, the novel release would be first, then definitely a graphic novel. We've already had a chorus of people tell us that this would make an awesome graphic novel or comic book series.

Q) What future projects lie in store for the King-Pin?

Many things! I'm still working to get my science fiction film The Never Man made (it made it to the Top 20 cut in the 2013 CineCoup Film Accelerator!) and I have other feature films and TV concepts brewing. But that's for a later story...

I would like to offer my thanks to King-Pin's team for providing the opportunity to talk to them and share their exciting project. All it needs now is for you and me to do what we can to ensure that they win the competition, get the money and bring The Necroslinger to the big screen!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Until The Day Breaks - A Kickstarter campaign from Project Trident

In a barren future, Reverend Ivan Passworthy may be the last man on Earth. Protected from the gnashing undead hordes of the outlands only by a failing missile defence system, the vicar struggles to maintain both his faith and sanity in complete isolation. Over the years since the British Army moved out of his ancient sanctuary, Ivan has found his days plagued by ghosts of the past and a burning desire for a better future.

In his darkest hour, Ivan’s prayers are answered by the arrival of an enigmatic visitor from another planet. Brought together by their own personal losses and a mutual faith in the power of good in all things, the new friends search for a way to live together and repair their broken worlds.

As terrifying as it is touching, UNTIL THE DAY BREAKS is a wild journey through an uncertain universe - a tale of persistence and friendship in the face of the sprawling unknown.

..... And so goes the synopsis of a new and ambitious Sci-Fi comedy, Until The Day Breaks, a feature film from a British film making group with the rather wonderfully enigmatic name of Project Trident. Their Kickstarter campaign, which runs until the 31st March, is hoping to raise production costs for what the film collective are calling Until The Day Breaks "an epic sci-fi feature film combining stunning special effects, a witty script and loads of adventure!" Hmmm, bold words indeed. Well we shall see, Project Trident, we shall see.

Because when writer/director Carl Peck contacted me during the week to enquire whether I'd like to put an article together for his sci-fi/comedy/zombie film I was initially a little reticent. "Does the world need yet another zombie related production?" I no one in particular. Well that is except for my dog, Jasper.....but apparently he couldn't care less about aliens or zombies, being far more content to sit and chew on his special toy - and no, that wasn't a euphemism. However, it does look that the world doesn't yet seem to be tiring of such material, and if truth be told, neither am I long as the story is interesting and not just a trip on the old bandwagon.

So I decided to check out the Kickstarter page for Until The Day Breaks - I know, get me, doing some research and stuff! The first thing I had a look at before deciding whether to use some of my precious time was to have a watch of the preview trailer......and do you know what? It actually looks pretty damn good. Have a look for yourselves.

See what I mean? It looks fresh and interesting with enough ideas within it to certainly merit further perusal. According to the press release blurb (that's a technical term, don't worry about it) Until The Day Breaks has been inspired by classic films such as The Day the Earth Stood Still and Withnail & I. Now I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Shaun of the dead has also had some influence too - which isn't meant as a form of veiled criticism at all. Indeed, judging from a a quick peek at one of Project Trident's previous works I am quickly gaining an admiration for their unique approach to ideas and filming.

Once again, according to the pros release blurb - " The company rocked the web with their hilarious short film Gasp, among many others".......and also once again, bold words indeed. So I thought I would catch theses guys out with their outlandish and quite frankly bordering on hyperbolic claims and actually watch this Gasp thingy that had escaped my attention. Bugger, bugger, bugger - not only is the 3.47 min short film funny, it is also nicely dark in tone and in fact I enjoyed it so much I watched it two or three times.

If you want to look at it yourselves it can be seen for free at

So, rather annoyingly the claims of this British filming collective seem to have more than a smidging of credibility For example, according to the Kickstarter page, "Writer/director Carl Peck has time and again shown his ability to get crazed ideas from his brain to the screen with wit and vivid style, on time and under budget. He has left in his wake a slew of thrilling short films and madcap music videos." - god, talented people really make me feel so inadequate at times. Annoying.

If that wasn't enough, the cast of Until The Day Breaks boasts the inclusion of one of the stalwarts of British stage and screen in the form of the inimitable David Gant. His film credits include the hugely enjoyable but hopelessly historically inaccurate Braveheart, the genius of Terry Gilliam's Brazil and the 1672 hour-long biopic that was Ghandi. Davis's TV credits include the wonderful Sherlock and Whitechapel as well as Jonathan Creek. His theatre credits also include a myriad of roles such as in leading roles in the likes of King Lear to name but one of many. More recently a completely digital version of David was used by Sony to showcase the processing power of PLAYSTATION 4.

Apparently, the actor not known for his independent sci-fi or horror work, signed up to the role of Ivan straight away, describing the script as “absurdly brilliant” and "It's the most exciting script I've read for a long time". The rumour that he also said that the film "deserves to be regarded and talked about in the pantheon of online websites, especially the renowned and genius laden Fifth Dimension blog" has yet to be confirmed by my legal team to allow me to  get away with an out and out fib like that  in order to allow me to say so.

Well if Until The Day Breaks is good enough for an actor who has appeared in a film by Terry Gilliam (did I mention that Gilliam is a genius?) then it's good enough for me.

The filming group group is raising their financing solely through Kickstarter. To support their campaign which ends on the 31st of March you can find the online link at the bottom of this article. Naturally, as in any good Kickstarter campaign, there are a huge array of tasty incentives for those who wish to help contribute funds to the production of the film. Have a look at the page yourselves for a full round up of the goodies on offer, however a few caught my eye which I'll mention here; 

At the 'lower' end there is a the contribution of £5 which gets you a streaming copy of the film or you can go through a plentiful selection of choices until you find yourself possibly with a spare £5000 or so of loose change in your pocket which will get you a credit as Executive Producer and no manner of other things such as lunch and partying with the crew in the English countryside.
I must say that the one particular nugget that caught my eye is the one that says that an offer £40 not only gets you the film, a documentary, commentary, soundtrack, updates, script, storyboards and some thank you's in the closing credits of the film, but also included is the added beauty of the a beautiful A1 print of the stunning movie poster by Ricardo Bessa (left).

Now, far be it from me to be resort to such uncouth things as hints or suggestions, but .......cough........I just love that.....picture.......Carl Peck..........cough.......I love it.....

So I implore you you have a look at the links for what looks to be something of a potential gem of British film making - this could genuinely be something special.

The kickstarter page for Until The Day Breaks can be found at

The film's Facebook page page can be found RIGHT HERE

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Granite City Comic-Con Press Event

GCCC's Colin Penny (front left) & Morgan Black (2nd right)
I'll be honest, there was a brief moment when I misunderstood the invitation from Granite City Comic-Con (GCCC) saying that they were pleased to invite me to their very special press event on Monday 16th March at Transition Extreme. This event would see the Comic Con organisers being (nearly) all present, correct and available for interviews plus there would be photo opportunities to be had with a number of Cosplay-clad superheroes. To top it all off there would be representatives available from GCCC's chosen charity, CLAN.

Now, the subjects of this (very) brief miss-understanding was that for a nanosecond the world of Planet Stuey thought that the invite was purely for me and me alone. Blimey, I thought, The Fifth Dimension really is becoming the leading force in all that is good in witty and incisive Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror writing. Of course, sanity and reality soon prevailed (for once in my life) and I quickly realised that there would also be one or two others at the Granite city Comic-con press event. Particularly as rather astoundingly this is the first Comic Con of this scale that Aberdeen has ever held. As a consequence it's fair to say that since the announcement last year of the intention to hold a celebration in the North East of Scotland of all that is good in geek, well the interest has been nothing short of phenomenal.

In my defence, apart from my evidently rampant narcissism and self-obsessed existence, I have been wrapped in the sweaty and sticky arms of a rampant cold bug this week. So besides the fact that this has seen my usual razor-sharp intellectual skills being slightly blunted, I have also sneezed up enough mucus to fill the Mariana trench. I know. Attractive, eh? If you must know, I'm still not very well. However like the trooper and brave little soldier that I am I'm battling on heroically. I foresee songs and poems written someday about my intention to keep on blogging through the pain of this quite frankly fearsome cold bug. Move over, Beowulf, there's another hero in town.

Prizes will be awarded on the day for Cosplayers -
 best get out my Capt Kirk outfit then. 
Anyhoo, for those of you who haven't heard (and just WHERE have you been?!) the inaugural staging of Granite City Comic Con takes place in Aberdeen on 30th May 2015. 

The aim, stated from the very start from the organisers, has been their wish to highlight Scotland's immeasurable contribution not only to the comic book industry, but to pop culture in general. The problem had been that this part of the North East of Scotland had little or nothing in the way of showcasing this talent. The nearest to us being Dundee, and well, I mean, Dundee....

So back in the not too dim and distant past some plucky geeky fellows decided to band together and put a show on themselves. The fact that none of them had much, if any experience of doing something on this scale didn't seem to put them off. This, if you ask me, is a clear case of collective insanity - just who in their right mind would try anything to bold? Especially when there are some in the 'I love Star Wars more than you love Star Wars' brigade just waiting to complain about any efforts made to put on an event such as GCCC, especially when the people involved lack any experience of doing so. I did wonder whether the organisers,  Morgan et al, were beginning to feel the strain of this endeavour – hopefully I would get the chance to ask them.

So far a few tasty nuggets of information have been released about the specific events which will be taking place (for NO entry fee) with a variety of guest artists and writers, children's activities, cosplay, retailers and Independent publishers. More of which later in this piece. Oh, and I'll be there on May 30th too....... But don't let that put you off.

I was balancing precariously on a step ladder to take this - 
how I suffer for my art!
Me being the intrepid blogger and researcher that I am, I took myself along to where both the press event and the main event itself will take place in May, Transition Extreme. And what a marvellous evening was had by all. In attendance there were representatives of the national press, local press & radio.....oh and little ole me. Not only that but there were Cosplayers practically everywhere and possibly most importantly of all - there was free coffee and tea. Well actually, I'm doing the evening something of an injustice, because it was much more than just 'marvellous', it was bloody brilliant madness.

For a start the press event itself took place in the ground floor foyer of Transition. So not only did we have the sight of a veritable plethora of most excellent Cosplayers in all their glory, but occasionally there would be a couple of the general public passing by on their way to some energetic pastime of Judo-ing or skateboarding. Quite frankly, the amounts of comic double takes from people as they walked by on the way to their energetic business were priceless. The comments too were wonderful, with kids passing with their parents insisting they ask if they could have their picture taken with Batman, Wonder Woman, Storm trooper et al. In fact I will never forget the look of the small boy who was so heavily engrossed in conversation with his dad that he hadn't noticed that stood right beside him was an Imperial Storm trooper in all his glory. The boy's face of surprised joy is something that I will never forget.

If that wasn't enough we also had the surreal and rather wonderful Cosplayer photo call in the Skateboarding/BMX arena. Once again the appreciative double takes (of the Cosplayers, not me) were a sight to behold. Try as I might I attempted to get a picture of the assembled players at the moment a biker when flying by behind....but alas I was unable to get my beloved IPhone to play ball. However the show off from the local press did manage to achieve this feat. Which brings me onto the 3rd part of the brilliantly mad evening.

Me, taking a picture of the press taking a picture of a judge, a trooper & a Bat.
For the GCCC organizers weren't simply happy just to settle for a local blogger like me to help promote this marvellous event (quite rightly), it also seems that the comic-con interest has also gained the attention of the local and national press. You could tell who the real media professionals were at this event - because they were the ones (as opposed to me) who really knew what they were doing, were the ones to organise the best pictures and were the first to grab the organisers (Morgan Black and Colin Penny) for an interview.

But give the organisers their due, they manfully kept things going throughout the couple of hours, no matter how daunting a visit from the national press may have been.

Morgan was kind enough to give me some of his time in this busiest of press do's to share a conversation about some aspects of the event.......

FD) Right, OK. So how’s it going? This is just madness isn’t it ?

M) (laughs) This is crazy, this is the 3rd type of this event that we’ve done. We’ve got people who’ve come along to give exposure for the comic-con & the CLAN & transition as well. This has been the busiest one, we’ve got national press here which is quite daunting. But it’s all great.

Every superhero needs to sit & chill at times.......

FD)  What about the special evening event that you’re planning?

M) Yes, well the main Granite city Comic-con event Transition is a free event, no tickets, we’re just going to ask for donations to CLAN. Now in the evening we are putting on a paid event (£8.50 a ticket) with all our guests appearing; Alan Grant, Shane Rimmer….everybody.

FD) Will that be a Q&A thing?

M) Yeah, there will be a panel event. Were also going to be showing Judge Dredd: Superfiend, which is brilliant! So that will be a paid event at the Stratosphere which is literally a stone’s throw away from Transition. Again all the money will be going towards CLAN.

FD) So how will people be able to get tickets?

M) Tickets will be going on sale in the next 2 weeks, we’ll put a link up on the website. It is going to be limited due to the space we have

FD) How many spaces are we talking about?

M) We’re still trying to figure that out, within the next couple of weeks we’ll have a specific figure of the amount of tickets that will go on sale. What we can say now that the cost will be £8.50 for definite & all the guests will be available for the Q&A’s, photo’s autographs.

The legend that is Shane Rimmer
FD) I’m VERY excited about Shane Rimmer, I must admit. I can’t wait to meet that guy!

M) So am I! It’s going to be good. I mean with the likes of Shane Rimmer and Paul Blake who played Greedo in Star Wars and who’s going to get that ‘uncomfortable question’ which I’m sure he’s fed up of answering?

FD) Yeah, but that’s why he does these marvellous things, people still want to know.

M) Exactly.

FD) Are there going to be any other guests that you may be hoping for or that you haven’t yet been able to confirm to the public? Any surprises?

M) We’ve reached our limit. This year for us, because it’s been more charity driven, we haven’t had the budget really. We’ve had to make the money by selling tickets to the pre-events, doing the evening event and selling t-shirts on our website. But we’ve still got some good guests.

FD) So next year, I know we haven’t got there yet, but will it be a full-blown making some money type thing and taking it to the next level?

A) Yep. We are definitely doing 2016 where we’re planning a two day event. We’re looking to get an event venue in Aberdeen which we’ll announce soon. But we need to get this one over and done with!!

Next year will be bigger and will be in a bigger facility, not to say that we won’t be using Transition because we’ve had a good partnership with them but we’ll be doing some smaller events here as we’ve developed a good friendship with the guys down here.

Just your everyday photo call in a BMX arena....

FD) There’s been a huge interest for this hasn’t there??!!

A) (Laughs) I know - Crazy!! We’ve got 3000 people plus on the Facebook page!!

FD) Are you sleeping at night??!!

M) No No!! (laughs)

FD)  I’m sure it’s going to be great, mate. I can’t wait


I would like to go on record in offering my sincerest thanks to Morgan & Colin in inviting me to this most enjoyable and illuminating of press events. In fact if the next press event doesn't have a photo opportunity in the middle of a Skateboarding park I shall be putting forward a letter of complaint.

It's not long now, people until the vent takes place so let's keep the interest and momentum going. Also keep your eyes peeled for news of the special evening event I discussed with Morgan..........Oh, and there may be even a rather interesting (I know, for once) feature or two still to come from me in this blog so watch out for a possible special offer from me.

Whatever happens next, Granite City Comic-con 2015 is going to be one fabulous event. I have nothing but admiration for this group of people who, without having any experience of a venture such as this, have put together something that the city of Aberdeen should be very proud of.

If you don't go to GCCC, then my mate here will 
track you down like the rebel scum that you are....

The Granite City Comic-Con website can be found RIGHT HERE

The Merchandise page when you can buy some easy GCCC goodies (remember, proceeds go to CLAN cancer research) is at

The Facebook page for Granite City Comic-Con can be located HERE

Monday, 9 March 2015

INNER GHOSTS - Some behind the scenes special effects.

Last week saw my inaugural INNER GHOST article , where I was rather pleased to announce that The Fifth Dimension is to be the UK representative for this brand new Independent horror film from Portugal. 

As well as providing a few tit bits of information about plot I mentioned that one of the perks of being the ambassador type person was that I would be given access to some exclusive pictures to pass on the readers. 

So when the films producer, Paulo Leitem, sent me a quick message earlier today suggesting that he send me the first of some exclusive images, I wasn't really too sure what to expect.

I must admit for some reason I didn't expect was the first photo that I looked at seemed to resemble a slice of human skin. However this (as you can see for yourself in the picture) is just what it is, albeit a piece of synthetic skin that the film makers have developed for some scenes. Something tells me that these particular scenes may not be for the front-hearted.......thank god! 

The rest of the sneak preview exclusive type pictures that I received related to two of the featured actors from INNER GHOSTS. So being the type of sharing caring individual that I am , I thought that it would therefore provide a good opportunity to begin introducing you to some of the names that will grace this film.


CELIA WILLIAMS is a British actress born and brought up in England. She studied at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama before spending two years living in Brazil, since when she has been living and working in Lisbon. She performs in English and Portuguese, and also, once, in French. Her work has taken her very often to the UK, to London and to Edinburgh, to places all over Portugal from Bragança in the north, to the Algarve in the south, to Madeira in the Atlantic, and also to India. She has performed in a variety of genres including tragedy, drama, mystery, comedy, musicals, opera, radio, television series and feature films. Among many major roles on stage are Jean Cocteau's THE HUMAN VOICE in London's West End, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, DON'T WALK ABOUT WITH NOTHING ON, and BE MY BABY, also in London; Paulina in DEATH & THE MAIDEN, Elizabeth I in MARY STUART, Nora in A DOLL'S HOUSE, Stephanie in DUET FOR ONE, Gertrude in HAMLET and Judith Bliss in HAY FEVER IN LISBON.

Celia's work in Portuguese includes various roles in TV soaps and series, for example EQUADOR and UMA FAMÍLIA AÇOREANA, O ÚLTIMO DOS MARIALVAS, APANHADOS NO DIVÃ and AUTO DA BARCA DO INFERNO for the stage, and the films PASSAGEM POR LISBOA and A MORTE DE CARLOS GARDEL. Her first venture into horror was ten years ago when she played the protagonist in MRS. DEVENPORT'S THROAT, a short film, part of a series written and produced by horror icon David McGillivray. She is now excited, and a little afraid, to take on the role of Helen in INNER GHOSTS.

The woman's head in the picture to the right is a realistic replica of actress Celia Williams. Now I may not be the brightest spark on the planet but judging from the state of the replica I'm pretty sure that poor old Celia's character who will be quite possibly enduring some serious violence.

This seems to tie in nicely of the premise of the story that I'm allowed to share with you. This battle between mother and a Demon, essentially two longtime enemies who are about to meet for the last time.

Celia plays Helen - a woman who is conducting psychological tests on ghosts in an attempt to develop a revolutionary therapy for patients in the  terminal stage of Alzheimers . What Helen does not know is that a Demon who has been looking for her has now found a way to reach her. And it wants something only she can give him.

The story will get deliciously violent as the Helen and the Demon play cat and mouse in an old apartment. This picture seems to suggest very very violent!

Also included is a photo of Teresa Sousa (Wardrobe) doing wardrobe tests on actress Celia Williams.

Celia is looking slightly worried in this photo, methinks.  It may have something to do with the replica of her head that we've just seen.

Don't worry Celia, its only a demon you're facing. What could possibly go wrong?


PHIL TOWN was born in Windsor, in the South-East of England, and has been living in Lisbon since 1990. He began acting in the mid-1980s in amateur reviews, and since being in Lisbon he has appeared in a number of plays produced by the theatre group The Lisbon Players, notably as Lennie Small in Steinbeck's OF MICE AND MEN, Dr Rank in Ibsen's A DOLL'S HOUSE, Tubal and Old Gobbo in Shakespeare's THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, and Luka in Chekhov's THE BEAR. He is also a voiceover artist and provided the English voiceover for the 1989 Brazilian short ILHA DAS FLORES, which won a Silver Bear at Berlin.

Asked about why he acts, he says: "For the buzz of interpreting words on the page and making them into a believable character, and to push the limits of my experience – both technically as an actor and psychologically/ emotionally as a person. And to enjoy the response from the audience – when it's a positive one, naturally." As for his beliefs, he says he is neither religious nor spiritual. So what comes after life? "Probably oblivion, but we'll see..."

On INNER GHOSTS, Phil will play Steinman, a man who thinks he is destined for greatness...

The final picture sent to me is of a man's head which is a realistic replica of actor Phil Town. Now I have it on good authority that Phil's character will also be the victim of lots of bad and rather nasty violent happenings.

While I'm sure that Phil is a very nice man, I must admit that I'm rather looking forward to seeing what particular violent delights the film has in store for him and the rest of the cast. Sorry Phil!

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