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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Starfall sci-fi webseries - support the Indiegogo campaign

At the beginning of January I published an interview with the legend that is actor Bill Oberst Jr. and specifically, his involvement with a brand new science fiction project - Starfall, an exciting new science fiction webseries due to air in 2015At the time of writing this (3.23pm on Sat 24th Jan 2014 if you really want to be precise) there have been nearly 2000 views of the blog article - and more keep being added each day. 

A couple of weeks ago I published another interview, this time with the very talented and ever so delicious actress, Ellen Dubin regarding her varied acting career and similar involvement with the Starfall project. At the time of writing (now 3.28........ so sue me, I'm a slow typist!) there have been going on 1000 views of the blog piece, and once again the number is steadily increasing each day.

So far I have identified and narrowed down the reasons for these pleasingly high numbers of visits in such a short period of time to my blog to three equally strong possibilities;

1) The lure of a brand new webseries that boasts a superlative cast backed by a production team full of genuine passion and intent to produce quality science fiction.

2) The substantial respective fan-bases of Mr Oberst Jr. & Miss Dubin.

3) The fabulous quality and dare I say it, perfection, of this blog.

Yes you've guessed it -  it's just any excuse for me to look at a picture 
of Ellen Dubin again.
Now of course I'm far too humble of a man to suggest that it must be the third of the above options. However let us just say that somewhere out there in the Universe on the distant Planet Stuey, the decision that all the success is quite simply all down to me has already been made. 

However my self delusion does seem to have some boundary it seems, as I will have to freely admit that the real reason for the popularity of my recent posts are due to a definite combination of the subject matter and the marvellous people I've already mentioned. I suppose for now I will just have to be satisfied with the knowledge that in one of my many alternate realities I am indeed the King Blogger of the world, and at this very moment am probably being refreshed by Lena Headey, Helena Bonham-Carter and Eva Green, who are all taking turns to serve me chilled drinks by a swimming pool while fighting with each other to decide which of them will fan me gently with an olive branch first......

So this week (back in reality) I had the opportunity to chat a little with Starfall creator and executive producer, John Ellis and so decided to pass on a little more information about the webseries and it's progress towards broadcast.

But before I go any further - let me send your way a quick reminder about what Starfall's story is..........

"Right chaps - I'd like your best hero pose......
but don't get in the way of Ellen..."
The 150 years since the galaxy first knocked on Humanity's door was marked by a Solar System-wide civil war and nearly a century of human enslavement. Then came “emancipation,” heralding in a new era where human beings would be accepted as equal members of the galactic community.

It hasn't quite worked out that way.

Aboard the frigate Ardri Jennet, Lieutenant-Captain Will Hunter and his flawed, secretive crew—working for the same people who once promised, but failed to protect Humanity—now struggle against prejudice and bigotry in a galaxy that views humans as backward and barbaric. Certainly not equal.
Some very nice concept artwork of the ship's bridge

And a new threat will rise, one that challenges ethics, skews allegiances, overturns priorities. Hunter and his Jennies will battle external foes and intimate betrayals in their determination to do the right thing in a galaxy gone morally grey. And suddenly lethal.

This is STARFALL."

So what is the status of the series at this point? Well I'm glad you asked.

As I've previously mentioned, the pilot episode has been completed and will hopefully be ready after its post-production work for a release later this year. The major focus for the team is the current Indiegogo campaign, which has two main aims. 

The cast have a good laugh at the 2 who fell for the annual 
'glue someones fist to their head' competition.
The first is to provide a more informal appeal to those supporters who didn't get a chance to contribute to the Starfall webseries previously elsewhere. The second aim of the current Indiegogo push is to ensure that the funds they raise will go toward post-production (CGI, sound design, music) and marketing, to keep the team on track for the show's premier and their delivery of Perks. The rewards have been scaled back and simplified, to further ensure they can meet their obligations to the interested parties. 

The link for the Indiegogo page can be found at the bottom of this article or RIGHT HERE.

This is the major focus of the team right now. Essentially, the nature of independent sci-fi productions mean that the more people who read and hear about Starfall who in turn can be converted into fans and contributors the better. The team want to make this the very best thing that they can - with nothing held back.

The perks for contributors are suitably mouth-watering. For example, the initial offer is a basic Digital Swag Bag that consists of a special thanks in the credits, a Kindle or PDF of the prequel novel, "The Essence of Humanity," by J.E. Ellis plus a HD download of the webisode. The perks then steadily increase in excellence until the final offer which is a whole range of digital and hardback goodies, credits and incentives plus The Whole Shebang!  - Which is essentially a lifetime, all-access VIP pass to any Starfall event: cons, premiers, anything Starfall, anywhere, anytime. Does not include travel, lodging or meals, or any third-party event fees. But once you're there, you have complete access!

For a taster of what went in to the making of the pilot episode, then have a look at the video clip below......

The simple fact is that that John and the team are not satisfied with making what they believe is already a quality TV show, they intend it it be the most talked about and successful science fiction programme around!

So please my dear reader, pass the word around so that we can not only make the Indiegogo campaign a success but in turn become part of an exciting, rewarding and successful slice of space opera heaven!

The Facebook page for Starfall can be found RIGHT HERE

The Twitter link for Starfall can be found by searching for @StarfallTV

The Indie Go-Go link is

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