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Sunday, 11 January 2015

DNA ONE - An Indiegogo project to send your DNA into Space.

This week I had quite possibly the most surreal requests yet for an article to appear in the Fifth Dimension blog. I must admit that when this little hobby endeavour of mine began to take off a couple of years ago I hoped that certain things would happen. Ambitions perhaps to be able to pass off my own views about films/TV etc, to deal with other like-minded individuals, to meet and talk to a whole range of creative individuals and possibly even get the chance to communicate with people I admire within the genres. Happily and rather surprisingly, all that as happened. I know, get me. Believe me, I still have to pinch myself.

I will freely admit that the request that I received this week has quite simply surpassed any expectations of what I might ever be asked in regard to this blog. Not only might those who know me be taken aback by the request, they may also be more than a little worried. They may be worried not only for the effect that I may have on the future of humanity on Earth, but also they may worry for the changes that I may inflict on the entire Universe.

Let me explain................

Earlier this week I received an email from a Taiwanese group asking me whether it was possible for me to feature in my blog their brand new Indiegogo Project “DNA ONE” which will be the first in history to send human DNA into outer space. If that wasn't enough, they would also in the process arrange for me to have my very own DNA sent into space too. That's right, my DNA could soon be winging and meandering on its happy way through the Universe with god knows the consequences for what (or who) may be in the way. I kid ye not.

Now I'm fully aware that there are many on this planet who would gladly testify in an open court of law  that having just the one version of me is probably one version too much. The possibility of my genetic make-up wandering around the Universe with the potential of landing on some far off planet or being discovered by some Alien race could just far too much to bear for some. The possibilities of my genetic imprint infesting otherworldly systems could potentially be remarkable in their outcome. After all, I've often thought that it was inevitable matter of time until I became the outright king of the work. Now it seems that even after I depart this mortal Earthly coil, domination and influence on a cosmic level may indeed be mine. 

But as usual I digress.............let me get back on track.

So what is the DNA ONE project?

"DNA ONE is both a genetics project and a space project. For the first time in all of human history, we will launch a capsule containing human DNA (in this case a strand of your hair), and let it travel into outer space."

When is this event going to take place?

"On May 20th, 2015, the rocket will launch into space, the location will be in the US. Since we are now negotiating with 4 private companies, the exact location of the launch pad is not yet known. It will be announced after we select the company."

Just how the hell are you going to get hold of a space rocket thing? They're big and expensive you know!

"We are now in touch with a private space company who specializes in the space cremation business. But instead of sending ashes to the moon, we will send our hair into space, and let it travel forever. Your hair will be placed inside a heavy duty capsule and it will be released from the rocket at an altitude of 200,000 km (after the rocket escapes Earth’s gravity)."

Er, why do you want my hair? It's not exactly in the same plentiful and bountiful supply that it once was!

"Space travel is humanity’s greatest adventure, but the greater the adventure, the more expensive is the price. Since you hair contain your DNA, it is the single light part of your body that we can afford to send to outer space. A single strand of hair that measures 4 inches long will weigh 0.45 grams on the average."

So in other words, my lifetime wish of cosmological immortality a la Emperor Ming is actually within my grasp?!

"Since this is the first project that will put human DNA into outer space, your name will be part of human history.

Secondly, you will be sure that a part of you will still be
in existence even after the Earth and all of the living things have disappeared.

Thirdly, can you imagine 23 years from now, you can say to someone that your hair is now reaching Planet Pluto? 

How cool is that?"

Damn Cool - count me in!!! So what happens now?

" STEP 1: You will be asked to send a strand of your hair to our HQ for processing.

STEP 2: Your DNA will be inserted inside DNA ONE.

STEP 3: DNA ONE will be sent to the private space company, where it will be installed inside the rocket.

STEP 4: Check the weather on launch, if its suitable, Launch will commence, if not,
reschedule the launch date.

STEP 5: Live feed of the launch will be available to all the contributors."

See below to watch the clip of the initial DNA ONE promotion

So I hereby go on record now as stating that I have my piece of hair and all prepared to be very soon to be winging its way to the DNA ONE people. The future of humanity may not exactly be in safe hands when my DNA starts travelling through the cosmos, but it sure is something to put on my blogging CV. And if nothing else, the chance that in countless years time when future races might stumble across my particular DNA and quite naturally want to recreate the individuals that once provided this genetic imprint, is simply too good to miss.

The fact that in an unknown future millennia there could be another me wandering around as only I do should be enough to put the chills into anyone!


If you are interested in contributing to this quite frankly wondrous venture, then please see the following link for more details:

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