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Saturday, 20 December 2014

The 99 Cent Network - Get a pack of movies for $.99 ... Have them whenever, wherever!

There are some people that would say that I'm cheap and easy, well who am I to argue? When the cultural shopping frenzy phenomenon that is known as 'Black Friday' wound its inexorable way over here from the States to the shores of the UK, the rumour that I was one of the few to think that it may not be a completely bad thing (especially when I noticed some seriously outrageous price drops for Apple products) cannot be confirmed or denied. In addition, the rumour that I was prepared to queue at midnight, and thereby miss a day at work, to obtain a iPad Air for peanuts will be dealt with by my (overworked) legal department. 

I certainly am a sucker for a bargain, that is a fact that certainly cannot be denied, especially when it comes to the movies - and even more especially when it comes to movies that feature a certain three favourite genres of this here blogger. So when I was told of the plans that the fine people at The Movie and Movie Network were planning the launch of a brand new network to further showcase their plethora of movie titles, well I was more than a little interested.

You may think that I'm just saying this because I've been asked to do so, but nothing could be further from the truth. My regular reader will know very well by now that in this saturated online world of bloggers that I find myself in, there are three golden rules that I have;

1) Celebrate all that I find good and enjoyable in the wonderful genres of Science Fiction, horror and fantasy.

2) Be true to myself without ever taking myself too seriously.

3) Eventually get Eva Green's personal email address.

Now, while the 3rd of those targets has unfortunately yet to be achieved, the first two I am glad to say are going rather swimmingly well. So much so in fact that I can say without any form of guilt that I sincerely think of the The Movie and Movie Network
 as one of the best things currently out there when it comes to satisfying the never-ending nerdy needs of this blogger. If you want run of the mill and formulaic Sci-Fi, horror and fantasy (which of course there is a time and place for) then you can run off to Netfilx and the likes to satisfy ones need for corporate middle of the road productions. However, as recent reviews from The Fifth Dimension show - such as the remarkable, The Doomsday Machine, The equally remarkable The Last Man on Earth and the even more remarkable (in a very different sense of the word, remarkable) Billy the Kid Vs Dracula , all indicate that the network is far more designed for those many of us who desire a more classic variety of the genres we love - and the more obscure the better. 

The new network in question was launched just this week on the 17th December and goes by the name of the 99 Cent Network.  Once again, it's a pretty exciting concept.

So pray tell, Stuey I hear you ask - just what is this here 99 Cent Network, and just how the heck doest it benefit me? Well if you make yourself comfortable with a beverage of your choice (my particular poison of choice is a red wine, please), then I'll tell you.

It’s your one-stop streaming movie superstore! Get 3 movies for a one time fee of $0.99 or 10 movies for $1.99. From December 17th, the network has the horror, sci-fi, western, and holiday collections available… With every other genre (Pink Eiga, Cult, Something Weird, etc.) following thereafter.

Just a quick side note, in case any of you reading this article were wondering just what the heck Pink Eiga is.......well as you all know, I'm far too, ahem, pure and wholesome to know about such things. However the fact I know that it is short-form, independently produced, Japanese erotic movie subculture means absolutely nothing. Nor does the fact that I'm aware that the genre has great titles such as Twilight Dinner which features our protagonist, KAZUHIKO, who leads a normal life until two beautiful sisters move into the apartment next door. He falls for the younger sister, MAYAKO, but not before being seduced by the older sister, TSUKIKO… Soon Kazu has an insatiable hunger that he thinks is sexual, but might be something deeper, darker and more feral…

Nope, I've never seen any of them, your honour.

THE BEST PART of the 99 Cent Network.  is you can share those movies with your friends to watch too... with no limit… It’s perfect for the Christmas holiday period for a start. Apparently it's that magical time of year at the moment when we think absolutely nothing of letting our children sit on the knee of a strange fat man in a bright red suit and then let the same (I'm assuming of course that is is the same) strange fat man in a bright red suit come into our house in the middle of the night of the 24th of Dec where we make him and his smelly reindeer even fatter by offering them food and alcohol in exchange for presents. So why not this year, instead of letting this obvious lunatic into your house, go and buy your friends and family a whole package of film goodies?

Moreover, I'm rather confident that people will love this opportunity to purchase and stream cheap entertainment and even more so that there is the facility to be able to share the titles with your friends.. for life!! 

Take a quick look at the promotional video below to give you a further idea of the goodies that the store has for you.

The face book page for the Movie and Music Network can be found at

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