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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Granite City Comic-Con update - the Darkside Fundraiser, 30th November in Aberdeen.

Blimey, doesn't time fly? It's hard to believe we're now less than six months away from Aberdeen's inaugural Granite City Comic-Con, which takes place on 30th May 2015. In the last week or so I've been chatting to Morgan, one of the organisers of the event, to try and pester GCCC into arrange a little bit of further involvement of The Fifth Dimension in some small part. Now, some people may call my reactions to not getting my own way as amounting to a major sulky strop of gigantic proportions. However,  I'll have you know that I don't sulk, I merely take a few moments to think and ponder. The fact that I might have the sulkiest look in the history of sulky looks while I am 'thinking' about such matters is purely coincidental - just ask my friends (yes, I do have some........well, a few) and family. Actually, that might be a bad idea if you do, as they would probably disagree that I do indeed sulk. Which I don't......

"This is the Comic-Con that you're looking for"
(see what I did there?)
I'm not saying that I would have began stalking GCCC headquarters and indefinitely hanging around the electrocuted metal gates that surrounds their compound, until someone finally relented, and either called the police or just gave in to my pesterings. I also couldn't possibly comment that I was in the process of gathering supplies and warm camoflage clothing in anticipation for a considerable period of time of camping outside their barbed-wire fences. I had my bolt-cutters, my bag of raw meat for the GCCC guard dogs and my placards with "GCCC NEEDS 5D!!* were painted and almost dry. I was good to go in the the anticipated war of attrition until I finally ground them down into talking to me. It usually works,  The Fifth Dimension blog was going to help in publicising the Comic-Con event, whether they liked it or not.

As it turned out, it seems that not for the first time in my life, I had maybe misjudged the situation (which apparently as I found out once, is NOT an acceptable defence in a court of law) as my first email received a prompt and gracious acceptance of help. So after putting away my bolt cutters and giving the raw meat to my own dogs (minus the intended tranquilliser, of course), I began chatting with Morgan.

In the very near future I hope to be arranging an interview with the team responsible for organising the event next May and get them to talk about Granite City Comic-Con, in all its wonderfully nerdy glory. So far there have been some very exciting announcements of names of who will be appearing, a full round up of which I'll write about to accompany my interview with the team, next time.

I think that it needs to be reiterated that GCCC is a non-profit venture as all the proceeds are going towards the local Aberdeen charity, Clan cancer support. So at the moment Morgan and the boys are pushing the latest funding event - the Darkside Fundraiser at the Tunnels, In Aberdeen on 30th November.

The 'Ana-King' of Rock & Roll'
....sorry, I'll get my coat.
It not only promises to be a great night with loads of entertainment, cosplay and a raffle containing some great prizes, but the money raised on the evening will be split between the continuing costs of the Comic-Con event and the rest going to Clan cancer support. If that wasn't enough to entice you to go, the fact that I may not be able to make it to the evenings events due to prior commitments may be the final plus for many people, methinks.

So for those of you reading this in the North East of Scotland area, go along on the night of the 30th of November, it's going to be great. 

For example, one of Aberdeen's own, with their wonderful mixture of rock n roll, comedy & outlandish performances, DARTH ELVIS & THE IMPERIALS, will be performing there on the night. 
Joining the Sci-Fi king of Rock & Roll, the line-up will also include NYMPHERNO DA CARAVAGGIO, who wowed audiences at this year's May The Fourth Star Wars event with her Darth Talon burlesque performance. 

Nympherno is an apparently an amazing performer with a penchant for all things Sci-fi............I as yet haven't seen Nympherno in action, as it were, but I have just googled her, again, as it were..... well let's just say that after doing so I may have to rethink my decision not to be there on the 30th. All I will say

I'll admit it, the dark side has its merits......
DJ JIMSIN will also be spinning the best in nerdy tunes until late - and apparently there may yet be more acts to announce! There will be reduced admission for anybody turning up in fancy dress / cosplay with a Sci-fi / comic theme & a special prize for the best costume. 

And what would a fundraiser be without a raffle? Their first prize is a £140 (a 2-hour tattoo session) gift voucher from the evening's sponsors OWLCAT ARTIST COLLECTIVE, with many more fabulous prizes up for grabs. They also have stalls, Cosplay and more.

So that's THE TUNNELS, 30th NOVEMBER, 8PM-LATE, £5 DOOR (or £3 for those in fancy dress / cosplay) with the first performance at 9:30pm.

If you want to know more about the fundraising evening, or more about the acts appearing there on the night, then visit the Facebook page link at

The Granite City Comic-Con website can be found RIGHT HERE

The Facebook page for Granite City Comic-Con can be located HERE


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  1. I've really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing! I have recently discovered the amazing work that Listen Ltd fundraising do - they have helped raise over £150 million on behalf of charities!