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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Future Preston Tours presents TRON - 29th Nov

Future Preston Tours presents TRON – Saturday 29th November 2014 at 53 Degrees

Some people may say that receiving an email requesting help to promote a themed event for the very same film which I was at that very same moment watching on DVD at home was some sort of spookily cosmic happening. Maybe, but probably not. The fact is that the movie in question is in my all-time top 20 films (though that list does tend to change on an almost daily basis) and that I must by now have watched it far more times than should be regarded normal for any adult probably reduces the level of coincidence rather a lot, methinks.

I had originally put a blog piece together some weeks ago when Future Preston Tours was first explained to me, I was immediately intrigued, partly because of the innovative plans that the organisers had in mind, but also because in my mind Preston & innovative excitement had never gone together in the same thought. Obviously, no offence is meant to the people of Preston so please don't send people up here to Scotland to give me a good kicking as I'm still trying to avoid the last group that I offended.

So it was my pleasure to be asked again to help put the word out for the final act of Future Preston Tours. I can only imagine that the organisers had been so overwhelmed with the quality of my blog and the interest that my article had created on their behalf. Either that or they were desperate for any old hack and simply had run out of other alternatives after first asking the people who actually had some merit - I'll leave that up to you to decide.

They Eat Culture (TEC) is a direct creative intervention into the cultural life of Preston and Lancashire. They programme, commission, & produce quality arts & cultural work, and run culturally engaging, in-deep projects co-designed with communities. Throughout the past couple of months they have been responsible for delivering Future Preston Tours - the Preston content for the BFI's Sci-Fi: Days of Fear & Wonder season . The plans for innovative, immersive and non-traditional screenings of science fiction movie classics ( in the truest sense of the word) began with  E.T: The Extra Terrestrial, which took place at secret locations around the city. Now TEC's season finale is ready, and it's a Beauty.

I first saw Tron on its original release in 1982 and if I remember correctly, I was one of the few to fall in love with it from the very beginning. Lets face it, the film wasn't exactly welcomed with overflowing critical and commercial success when it first hit the cinema. This was a fact that which at the time somewhat perplexed me, I seem to remember watching it in a half full cinema in that first week of release and simply couldn't understand the lack of enthusiasm. After all, its stunning originality in terms of look and technological innovation should have meant instant adoration. Instead for some reason it was often ridiculed in its early life - and unfairly so. It took Tron, like others at the time such as Blade Runner, a number of years to reach the heady status that it attains now and as a consequence is quite rightly regarded as one on the major science fiction works of it's time. And do you know what? When I saw Tron again on DVD earlier this week on my rather fab brand spanking new high definition TV, it looked as visually stunning as ever, if not more so.

For the very few of you out there in Internetland who may have suffered the criminal misfortune of never having seen this gem of a film, here's a brief synopsis, courtesy of TEC......

"After having his arcade game ideas stolen by sinister company exec Dillinger (David Warner), a young genius called Flynn (Jeff Bridges) hacks into the company’s mainframe only to be literally sucked headlong into the system by the all-powerful ‘Master Control Program’. There he strikes up an alliance with heroic security programme Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) and together they fight their way through a series of deadly game scenarios involving fatal frisbees, lethal lacrosse, and impossibly fast ‘light cycles’, to depose the MCP and Dillinger’s game-world doppelgänger, Sark."
Fans of groundbreaking 80s sci-fi adventure Tron are all set for the night of their lives when Future Preston Tours offer up the chance to experience the classic film like never before on Saturday 29th November. Prepare to be immersed in a neon-lit, retro-fitted video game world, with live music, DJs, game tournaments, and exciting interactive performance, along with a licensed bar and after-party until late. 

This Tron Experience will act as the closing party for Future Preston Tours, a series of themed events across the city organised by cultural production team They Eat Culture, working alongside Film Hub North West as an official part of the British Film Institute’s nationwide Sci Fi: Days of Fear & Wonder season. Events in the run-up based around the films Dredd and E.T: The Extra Terrestrial have been roaring successes and the TEC team just can’t wait to see what the good people of Preston will make of this one. 

The Tron tour meets up at Preston’s Bus Station, where ticket holders will be guided through an immersive gaming experience where they are taken on a journey through future Preston. In teams they will “discover ever-changing environments, solve puzzles and most importantly, safely transport the disc of light”. The trail leads to Fylde Road’s 53 Degrees, venue of the screening, late night bar and after-party, where they’ll be further immersed in the computer world of Tron.

Future Preston Tours presents Tron takes place from 6pm on Saturday 29th November. Tickets are £12 and are available from Skiddle, SEE Tickets, Preston Visitor Information, The Continental and The Ferret. 

The Facebook event page for the event can be found at

For more information, They Eat Culture can be reached via their website at

Their Facebook page is RIGHT HERE

You can follow They Eat Culture on Twitter via their twitter type name of  @theyeatculture


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