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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fifth Dimension becomes part of the team for new movie - The Criminal Audition.

Go on, be honest. Let's forget for a moment such piddling and minor considerations such as ones personal morals and doing what is right and decent - but If I was to ask you whether you had ever wanted to commit some serious crime - maybe even kill someone, but the prospect of getting caught was the sole overriding deterrent. Well, I would put money on that fact that there would be quite a few of you out there in Internetland who would own up and say that you had had such immoral thoughts.

Now before my legal department, having now been released from their period of detox, read this blog piece and have a collective heart attack envisioning months of expensive litigation action and potential visits from Her Majesties Police force - I feel that I must go on record now and say I definitely have never ever ever ever had such thoughts of criminal activity....nope never.....nah ah......Scouts honour and all that.

Of course crime is wrong and a bad thing in any society (well that's what it says in the Newspaper, today). However, what might you do if you were desperate enough to have to commit some crime, but the one thing, the only thing, stopping you was the possibility of getting caught? If there was someone else available to take the rap for your crime (that's some type of criminal speak out on the streets, you know), and what's more, they were even willing to take the said rap, would that then be enough for you to commit the crime? An even more interesting question might be - would you take the rap for someone else, spend some time in jail perhaps (bearing in mind the chance of sharing a jail with someone who may be intent on initiating his own particular conjugal relations) and receive financial reward for doing so?

What we are talking about i terms of the concept for this film is the fact that crime could really pay, both for those wishing to escape punishment for committing an illegal act and for others who would gain financially for accepting the blame of that other persons act. Interesting, very interesting. I couldn't possibly comment as to what I would do given the choice...........

So when I heard a few days ago about the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production of a new Independent British movie, The Criminal Audition, which deals with some of those somewhat difficult (or for some, maybe easy) questions, I was intrigued. In fact I was so intrigued, that after making a few twitter enquiries, I happily found myself in the role of Marketing Executive for the production - which was nice.

However, before a blog article once again (I said it before you thought it) all becomes about me, let me tell you a few things about the proposed film and the campaign behind it. However, if my role does crop up on occasion, well I can't be held accountable for that. I mean, it's not as If I actually concentrate on what I'm writing in these pieces.....

"The Criminal Audition follows a crime organisation who specialise in keeping their wealthy clients out of prison. The Organisation finds someone, usually down on their luck and desperate, who is willing to frame themselves for the perpetrator’s illegal activities in exchange for large sums of cash. For some, crime really does pay.

Having been willingly framed for someone else's crime, Ryan Gunning finds himself drawn back into the criminal underworld almost as soon as he is released. The organisation who put him in prison wants him back.... but this time, as one of them. "

I have to admit that I just love the concept of The Criminal Audition, it's what drew me to the production in the first place. I don't just throw myself and the services of my website and blog at everyone I'll have you know. I do have standards, no, seriously, shut up, I do have standards.

Not only is the concept exciting, there promises to be a veritable plethora of talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera. For example, it involves the man responsible for the marvellous Indie adventure film Extinction, that not only had it's world premier earlier this year at Fright Fest, but far more importantly was reviewed in advance by this very blogger. Adam J Spinks (I still don't know what the J stands for) was the director of the said project (which was excellent btw if you can't be bothered to search through this blog to read it....well who would really blame you? So no worries, no offence taken). Adam is involved with The Criminal Audition, this time in the role of producer/writer. 

The directors chair will be filled by Sam Gridley, who has gained experience in British comedy, such as Peep Show, Samuel has worked in script analysis and development for the script service Script Boutique and latterly Amber Entertainment. Whilst writing and developing short and feature films along with TV mini series under his Drugstore Candy Pictures banner Samuel directed his short film Take the Long Way Home which featured emerging star and EastEnders regular Maddy Hill.

As yet there isn't too much news about cast members, but apparently that will be the Marketing Executive's job (whoever the heck he is) to let you know about such updates regarding news in that area.

The Indiegogo campaign for making sure that this project is as effectively high-concept as it can be began only earlier this week and will close on December 20, 2014, and hopefully in the process achieving it's aim of raising the required £15,000 target.

But pray tell, Mr High-flying la de da Marketing Executive, just what will this money be raised for? I hear you ask. Well I'll tell you.

The money raised for this project, if I had my way, would be used for Luxury limousines for me to travel to and from the local shop in my village, a brand new fully stocked wine cellar, every single new Apple product I can get my hands on and a years supply of red roses to send to Helena Bonham-Carter.

Sadly for me, the producers are insisting that the money will instead be spent on the unavoidable costs associated with film production, these include: rental of production equipment, location fire fees, make-Up, effects and production design, production insurance and the always expensive post production costs.

As with any crowd funding campaign, there are a suitably enticing ranging of perks and goodies available for those fine people willing to part with their hard-earned cash in order to help the team reach their funding target. These perks start out with a shout out on Twitter, then range on through exclusive behind the scenes stills of the film production, to spending a day on set with the team, to gaining an IMDB credit as associative producer, or maybe even go further and gain a place on the credits as an executive producer. The choice is yours. Unfortunately, I've scrutinised the film's Indiegogo page (the link details are below) quite a few times now and as yet haven't been able to find the section that refers to the building and fully stocking of my new wine cellar. I'm sure that's just an oversight on the producers part.

Over the next weeks and months there will be regular updates via this blog, my website and my associated social networking connections regarding the production of The Criminal Audition, eventually culminating in full reviews and interviews from yours truly.

The Criminal Audition website can be found at

You can access The Criminal Audition Indiegogo page RIGHT HERE

The Facebook page can be located at HERE

You can even send The Criminal Audition team a tweet type thing, their handle is @crimaudition

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