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Friday, 31 October 2014

There's a bit of an Halloween offer going on at The Movie & Music Network.......

The good people at The Movie & Music Network have a rather dandy Happy Halloween offer on at the moment in regard to their online streaming library of goodies.

For the next 72 hours, if anybody uses the promo code HALLOWEEN-5THDIMENSION when subscribing then you will be getting their network for only $4.99/month, for three months….......

Now I know that my mental calculations can be rather pants at times - but essentially that means you have 3 days!

I am genuinely not just saying this, but the current library on offer is fabulous, if personal illness this week hadn't meant time off my day-time job and consequently, no blogging, I would have been writing about the classic Vincent Price dystopian movie, The Last Man on Earth. I watched this stunning film again only last week, after a break of some years, on The Movie & Music Network - believe me, it is as powerful as ever. That review is coming next week - whether you like it or not!! The point is that it took me an age to work my way through the plethora of great movie title choices before I decided on this take on the 'I am legend' story (and in the process, well and truly kicks the arse of Mr. Will Smith's version).

Quite simply, The Movie & Music Network is a veritable bloggers delight with 6000 titles (500+ horror and SciFi flicks) and 53 channels. If that wasn't enough, there are definite rumbles that the Network's content is tripling in the next few months and is available on Roku, online, iOS, Android, etc.

Lets face it, the deal is SPOOK-TACULAR and TERROR-IFIC right?........Thank you very much. I'm here all week.

So remember - don't forget to use the promo code HALLOWEEN-5THDIMENSION when subscribing then you will be getting their network for only $4.99/month, for three months…....... 

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