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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Fifth Dimension becomes a partner of the Movie & Music Network

Big news!
It is my great pleasure to announce that The Fifth Dimension and the Movie & Music Network, who are an online subscription service, providing their members with access to motion pictures, television, music documentaries, music-related content and other audio visual entertainment ("movies & TV shows”) streaming over the Internet to certain Internet-connected TV's, computers and other devices.

The network has thousands of movies but of course it's the Sci-Fi, Pop Culture, Horror, and Retro film channels that specifically caught this bloggers greedy eyes! Be warned - some of the material is genuinly cutting-edge and in some cases, controversial stuff! - Of course, for many of us, that doesn't really consitute a warning, much rather a great big incentive!

From October 2014 The Fifth Dimension will be reviewing a couple of movies per month that feature on the Movie & Music Networks genre channels. The reviews will appear in both the usual places here and on my blog, as well as on the networks own review page.

If that wasn't enough, the really exciting part is as my articles appear on their review channel and anyone reading the review will be able to watch the movie for free (with commercials) or for $.99 (without commercials). A link to the film will also be available on this site and my blog! This means that you'll get a snapshot of the range of material available each month - you never know, you may then want to subscribe, who knows?

A little bit about the Movie & Music Network.........
So, I hear you ask, just what is available from this online network? Well as I said, some of the material on there is pretty much no holds barred in terms of some of the channels and material contained therein. Below is a selection of the channels available;

Terror Channel 

The Terror Channel has the most extreme, outrageous insanity, depravity, debauchery, skullduggery and evil ever captured on film, featuring all manner of lunatics, sadists, torturers, psychopaths, murderers, zombies, sexual deviants, flesh-eaters, cannibals, monsters, goths, witches, Satanists, vampires, and all others generally up to no good. 

You can go directly to the terror channel by clicking the following link at


Sci-Fi Station channel specializes in cult horror, science fiction, and exploitation films.

Halloween Horror

A collection of movies that encompasses all that is freaky, scary and disturbing.


Media Blasters contains various content including, Japanese animation, Tokyo Shock, and Shriek Show

Independent International Pictures

Specializing in Cult Horror & Exploitation Films.

If in the meantime you want to have a looksee at the plethora of eclectic channels and the thousands of movies within, then just click on the banner at the top right hand side of each blog page, it will take you directly to the Movie & Music Network website. You can also visit The Fifth Dimension Website  RIGHT HERE.

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