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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Door (2014) - Now available on iTunes!

I've been mentioning on and off for some time now about an independent horror film undergoing production in Toronto, Canada called simply The Door. 

Well earlier this week I received a rather excitable email from an understandably excitable Patrick McBrearty who is the director of the movie in question. Patrick informed me that the film is now completed, is due for release soon and asked whether I would like to see an early screener and give a quick review.

Now its been something of a busy week once again at 5D headquarters to I told him that it would unfortunately be a very short review for now with a bigger (in other words, my usual extravagant waffling and self indulgent ramblings) blog article next week. To which he said 'no problem'. Whether Patrick meant that he was glad just to have any kind of review or was simply overjoyed not to have one of my more 'detailed' pieces, well he didn't say.

The synopsis, for those who cannot remember or simply never bothered to read my previous posts (stop that now and join me, you know it makes sense), here is the synopsis of The Door.

"Unemployed and broke, Owen (Sam Kantor) is having a terrible week. It's not until he saves a wealthy Japanese businessman from a couple of thugs that Owen's luck begins to change. He's promised an easy job with very good pay. $500 a night. 5 nights a week. All Owen has to do is wear a uniform, sit in a chair and make sure that an ominous door is never opened. Following an unexpected late night visit, Owen soon finds himself stepping into the darkness, unsure if he will survive the night or escape the fate that waits for him behind The Door".

As i've already mentioned, I don't have time for an in-depth review at this staged (whoever said 'hooray' there at the back-well I know who you are!) - so for now I will have to be uncharacteristically brief.

All I will say for now is that Patrick and his team have created something akin to simple excellence. The concept and plot is basic in itself, but what has been achieved is the utilisation of the small budget skill in showing the audience less so that we can imagine far more, which subsequently produces an experience that is claustrophobic, intense and chilling in equal measures. The acting, lighting and cinematography are all of the highest quality and all very neatly wrapped up in a plot that has the confidence to slowly increase the build up to a wonderfully horrific climax.

Unfortunately, due to the the iTunes store being the Canadian version and not my UK one, I can't leave my review there, but if I did I would have no hesitation in giving it 4 stars out of five.

Don't just take my word for it, check out the iTunes page for some other reviews so far at

To reach the Facebook page for The Door then go to their link at

The release details

So the movie is being officially released on iTunes on Tuesday, October 14 as well as on their Vimeo on Demand page, VHX and a few other platforms like Xbox and Sony.  It's going to be available on Shaw on Demand starting October 21st and on DVD through Black Fawn Distro October 28th.

Please check out the iTunes page and share it with your friends, if people actually pre-order the movie it helps them out tremendously!

They are also running the "Ultimate Indie Horror DVD Giveaway"  it's a free to enter giveaway and the prize is 7 Horror movies on DVD and a "Keep Calm and Don;t Open The Door" T-Shirt.

You can enter here!

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