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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Werewolves in Siberia - Showing their softer SciFi music side....for now

When Chis Cavorreto and his alter ego band, Werewolves of Siberia released their second album, Beyond The City Of The Dead, earlier in 2014, it was received by a good number of people to the same positive vibes and appreciation which the bands first album, The Rising, had garnered. 

Beyond The City Of The dead contained 10 smouldering horror saturated themed pieces of music that took Cavoretto's journey of intent to produce good atmospheric electronic/horror-synth that would not only appeal to a new generation of horror aficionados but would also enthuse a generation of people such as myself. In other words, people who had progressed through the so-called golden age of 1970's horror which seem to be filled with a seemingly endless array of wonderfully evocative soundtracks. The album encompassed a variety of horror sub genres, moving the music on a little from the Zombie-themed first release, but still remained loyal to a familiar horror soundtrack atmosphere.

The current horror music landscape, I would argue, is as healthy and strong as it's ever been and awash with a plethora of Artists who are taking advantage of the current grand of 'Geeks being the new cool' -  horror and Scifi has never been more fashionable. I'm not saying the genres are IN fashion, and I'm certainly not saying that the productions currently being made are superior to those that have gone before, but nevertheless, it is all slightly more accepted than it once was to say "I love SciFi and horror"....At least a little.

For me the thing that sets apart Werewolves in Siberia from other artists in the field is Cavoretto's ability to add a whole heap of other ingredients to his musical mix and not just aim to produce another Carpenter-lite tribute synth album. By including elements such as rock guitar and drums and a dash of hip-hop, Beyond The City Of The dead and its collection of 10 songs, provided a very nice skew on the retro horror music soundtracks that many of us love.

However you know me, though I love horror (possibly in truth, more than any any sane person should), science fiction is my first truest dearest love. In fact, I couldn't help noticing that the final track on Beyond The City Of The dead ended with a distinct SciFi feel to it with the fabulous 'A Hole in the Space-Time Continuum'. I wanted more of this spacey stuff from The Werewolves.....It turns out that I didnt have too long to wait.

So you can imagine my delight when Chis Cavoretto contacted me a couple of days ago to advise that he had done that very thing and produced a futuristic/sci-fi style mini-album  -  Werewolves in Cyberia (See what he did there with the name?...). That's the good news. The not so good news us that there are just two songs on the said album. Now I know that you're an artist, not a production line Chris, mate - but throw us SciFi junkies a bigger bone would ya! 

Well OK, I think I know the genuine and somewhat understandable reason why the reason for so few songs - I'll come onto that in a minute after I've told you a little about them.

Track 1 Werewolves in Cyberia 

The first of the two tracks, Werewolves in Cyberia,  opens with the sound of a  flowing foreboding synth for the first minute until the drum track kicks in at a distinctly hypnotic pace. It's enough to give the listener a genuine feeling of being drawn headlong through a worm hole (not that I've experienced that, I wish to make that clear) and then dragged at warp speed (that's for you Trekkers out there) through the burning maelstrom of a planet's outer atmosphere. Things are progressing rather nicely at this brooding synth rate until at 4.04 in proceedings an electric guitar suddenly kicks in  - melodic and pure at times, at others with a fuzzy feedback which pierces the collective sound adding a Pink Floyd-esque interplanetary feel to the journey, until a hypnotic synth climax that leaves you floating in space at the end. Simply lovely and my personal favourite of the 2 songs on offer. 

Track 2 -  Cyberwolf

Cyberwolf opens with a distinctively SciFi jingle jangle of futuristic beeps and evocative sweeping keyboard until synth drums immediately transport us along with a break-neck electric accompaniment. This instilled in me images of Phillip K.Dick inspired landscapes, as a Blade Runner future-esque city of neon delight and nightmare unfolded with the unfolding electronic musical feast, transporting us ever faster to the pulsating closing moments. Another lovely piece of space infused musical experience.
So why only two tracks? Well Chris explains it like this. It seems that he wanted to complete the connection between the final track on Beyond the City of the DeadA Hole in the Space-Time Continuum and other songs containing a similar futuristic and space theme. This is a style that he's wanted to do for a while - however, and this is a big however - Chris doesn't want in any way to move away too far and for too long from his horror film and music obsessions and so didn't want to give the impression that Werewolves in Siberia had gone all soft and SciFi boy in direction on a permanent basis. Hence the reason of the album only being 2 songs. He still has his cold black horror heart you know.

Werewolves in Cyberia was initially sent free to the bands mailing list as a 'thank you' for the support that they had given. The songs will now be made generally available to everyone for just $1 digital download on the 19th August at their link at

I would advise anyone who likes either horror influenced, or in this case, SciFi infused music to check out not only the link for the two songs when they become available to download, but also the rest of the bands output. For a start you could worse than download and listen the simply stunning version of Phil Collins 'In the Air Tonight'  - I guarantee it will blow your socks off.

Oh and as for not wanting to give the impression that WIS were not permanently going in a future space boy direction - well, I for one have to say that if the two tracks from Werewolves in Cyberia are anything to go far, you would be pleasing at least one middle-aged SciFi fan boy very much. So c'mon, Chris - do as the rest of us, forget your principles and pander to what the public wants! :-)

A little about the man behind the Werewolves:

I wouldn't mind me one of these......cough.......Chris......cough
Chris Cavoretto is the man behind the project. After years of playing mostly metal and hardcore as well as running a small independent label, a break was needed. After a few years’ absence from music, it was time for a new project. With the dabbling in recording came the dabbling in synths. This is where Werewolves in Siberia started. In two weeks time, “The Rising” was recorded.

After the release of “The Rising”, “Halloween” popped up. This was a free EP covering John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme and The Misfits’ Halloween with The Misfits’ London Dungeon as a bonus. A split with fellow horror-synth lover Serengeti Yeti was briefly available featuring two unreleased tracks. In April 2014, Beyond the City of the Dead was released. Since this release, a few soundtracks projects are underway.

About the band......

Werewolves in Siberia sound like new wave, synth rock and horror soundtracks were thrown into a blender to create this electronic/horror-synth masterpiece.

Band interests

horror movies, horror music, horror soundtracks

Artists we also like

Zombi, John Carpenter, John Murphy, Goblin, Tears For Fears, Fabio Frizzi

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