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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Two Indiegogo movie campaigns; The Door & Demonsbane

Two Indiegogo campaigns contacted me this week to ask if a little bit of promotion for their respective projects could be sent their way - and if there's anything that this blog achieves in terms of promotion, it's probably little. However, I have always said that size doesn't matter so onwards and upwards, as it were.


Well what can I say.....
The first campaign is from a chap from Toronto, Canada - Patrick McBrearty - who has recently completed filming a low-budget horror film called The Door. Patrick has previously made two feature length movies, a no-budget horror Psycho Ward in 2006 and in 2010 he made an action film called Bounty Hunters

Now to be perfectly honest (as always am of course) I hadn't heard of, or seen either of those films, which is probably more a reflection of a lack of knowledge on my part rather than whether the films are actually any good. I also have something of an issue with action films (for which I blame without hesitation, a certain Mr Michael Bay) and therefore Bounty Hunters in all likelihood would never have been one to cross my path. However, when Patrick mentioned that the movie starred former WWE women's wrestling Diva Trish Stratus, well then I think I may make it my main aim in life to watch it. I'm not a fan of wrestling at all, but I decided to Google (as it were) Miss Stratus out of curiosity.... and lets just say that my interest was peaked....

Anyhoo - although I hate to say it, that's enough of Trish Stratus for now, let's get back to the subject at hand. The details I have about the plot of The Door are brief, so don't blink;

"At his new job as a security guard, Owen has only one task - "Make sure that door never opens". Unfortunately, when a buddy goes missing, Owen and his friends must search beyond the mysterious door..."

The Teaser trailer was released last week, initially to a select audience who had signed up for a subscription newsletter email thingy from Patrick's website, of which I was one of the few. As with the synopsis, the clip is very brief, with a running time of just 39 seconds. However, having watched it a couple of times now, I'm pretty certain that there is enough there to inspire further attention. Patrick contacted me yesterday to say that the response to the trailer has been, in his words "Amazing". Now I know what you're thinking - "well he would say that wouldn't he?" 

All I can say is that you should visit the link at and make up your own mind. 

The principle photography for the movie was completed in June and initially funded in full by Patrick and his wife. The aim of the Indiegogo campaign that Patrick has just started is to raise funds and/or awareness (guess which part I'm doing) for the all important post-audio work that entails bringing on board a professional post audio house and composer. 

The ultimate goal is to have all the post-production work completed by Halloween of this year where it is planned to premier in Toronto - which sadly means that unfortunately i won't be able to make it over from here in Scotland......oh well......cough.....signed DVD, Patrick......cough!

The various links to Patrick and his movie can be found below. I would recommend that if nothing else, you click the link to the Indiegogo page. On there you will find more information about his efforts as well as a very funny 2 and a half minute pitch video staring the man himself and I believe, his wife. Included is also the movie’s teaser trailer as a part of his pitch.

The Indiegogo page for The Door can be found RIGHT HERE

The website and blog for The Door can be found at

The twitter link thingamajig is

The Facebook link thingamajig is


I was only contacted today via my blog's Facebook page (you know the one that you could find RIGHT HERE) by Tony Lucas who very politely asked if I could do something to help and so decided to include this crowd funding project also in this piece. Tony advised me that he is currently working on a horror comedy short film and was looking for some help in promotion. 

I must admit, compared to The Door, I know very little about Demonsbane, partly due to the newness of the project with the campaign only being released this week -  but I know what you're thinking -  "Knowing little has never stopped you before from blathering and blithering, has is matey boy?" Well I'll ignore that comment for now and pass on to you the few pieces of information about the project that I know.

As I've mentioned, this is a brand spanking new project, Demonsbane is a short horror comedy which the makers suggest will have a similar theme to works such as 'John Dies At The End'. At the moment Demonsbane is being touted as a short film of approximately 16 to 20 minutes in length, with a possibility of the project developing into a series.

The synopsis that I have so far is similarly brief.......

"When lazy, useless Arnold finds a succubus draining his brothers blood, the unlikely hero discovers that he’s in fact Demonsbane; born to slay demons and rid the world of evil, a role he fumbles through."

The film is being produced and directed by Helen Serruya, who has a number of credits to her name . She is a producer and actor known for Kiss Kiss (2010), Prey (2011) and Guerrilla (2012), in addition to being the producer for the TV web series Demens.

In addition to that, the other information that I've gleaned from Tony is that Arnold the lead is played by Eddie Mann, Zak the Co Star role is played by Darius Ryan, Cassie the sexy succubus is played by Victoria Grove. 

I have to admit it here and now - he had me at the words 'sexy succubus'....

If the team raise their Indiegogo target of £6000 they state that their intention is to create something really special and if they raise even more then they will put it into the production so that they can go even further and make the film even better. There will be a strong supernatural element so much of the money will be spent on special effects, make and lots and lots of blood! - yum.

The Indiegogo page for Demonsbane can be found RIGHT HERE

The Facebook page thingamajig can be found at

The new twitter link is @demonsbanefilm

So do what you can for these two new ventures - either support them with financial contributions or by simply helping to raise publicity and awareness if you can.

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