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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Oxage: Phoenix Of Hope - A Fantasy Play

Ever since starting this blog nearly two years ago I've had the pleasure to be sent a interesting and diverse range of formats to review. A variety of movies, web series, books, Graphic novels and albums of music have all been gratefully received and though each of them naturally have varied in degrees of quality, nevertheless I'm always still indebted to the people who have taken the time to produce and send them. Though of course I cannot discuss with any reasonable objectivity in regard to the quality of the reviews that I've produced within my blog. I quite naturally think the reviews are wonderful and will probably some day be discussed in hushed revered tones amongst like-minded individuals in the sanctums of SciFi, fantasy and horror, but I would say that wouldn't I? What I do know is that I thought I had exhausted all the various possible formats that I could possible be asked to talk about. That was until a couple of days ago.

This week I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email request to help promote, in what little way I could, another new production. I was pleased, not just because someone had bothered to contact me (though that is always nice), but also because the format that I was asked to promote was the very first of its kind for this reviewer - namely, a play. Excellent, I'm always up for something new!

The email was from Laura Boone, who advised me that she is the writer of a new fantasy play called Oxage.......... and Oxage needed my help to survive. Blimey, I thought, that's some pressure. After all, writing world class blogs is one thing, but actually saving someones life is another. I will admit, my very first thought was "Who the heck is this Oxage person that needs my assistance and why can't he/she do their own dirty work?" Well it turns out that my thought was a little on the stupid side (which believe it or not, wouldn't be the first time), because Oxage isn't a person, it's a place......

No, it turns out that Oxage is a mystical world connected through a portal to Earth. It was once a Utopia, a world that used to be of love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control - A little like Aberdeen when the sun shines, probably. However now,  Oxage has become a dystopia, a world of hatred, fear and mistrust, a world where vile humans are now animals. A little like Aberdeen when it's raining....

Now the people of Oxage are fighting to gain back their once Utopia. A Phoenix of Hope is the second of the Oxage trilogy and continues the quest of our heroine, the Princess Hope, as she struggles to regain her memory,  realise her importance and save her people from her own father.

Civil war has been declared; friendships are tested, true love questioned and the characters all realise their true potential as two worlds combine in a fight to save a Utopia from descending into destruction.

The first part of the trilogy was performed as a 'walking play' around the streets of Oxford in 2013, to positive response and reviews. The link to the street performance of the 1st part of the trilogy that the group did last year can be seen below.

Oxage 2013 

The company responsible, Fairy Dust Arts, are now wanting to take the next step and bring fantasy and SciFi to the stage and are looking for support in putting together the production. The play will hopefully be performed at St Columba's Church in Oxford on the 16th and 23rd of August 2014 - that's next month, people!!

Fairy Dust Arts is an Oxford based community arts group that aims to provide Arts and Opportunities for all. The group is made up of various people with different backgrounds
and local artists at different stages of their careers and have so far been an entirely self funded group. The cost of the production and activities that they have taken part in within the community have been largely funded by the creator of Fairy Dust Arts. They have also been working to fund their play by putting on local unplugged Gigs. The ticket sales from this are being put towards this year's production. 

The performers and production members of the group are unpaid volunteers. With the self funding budget cut and income from ticket sales not quite adding up to their target total fund, they are now looking for other ways to help fund the production this August, with the quality and justice it deserves. They have already raised enough to pay for performance space and some rehearsal space. Their next goal is to  be able to bring another dimension to the production with props, costumes and expenses offers for the performers.

For those of you who may not be aware about what crowd funding is, or how it works, it essentially connects us to people who have some idea or project that they are wanting to undertake. The problem is, these people lack the required funds. By connecting with someone who has an enterprise that excites us it means that we get to feel the satisfaction of participating in something special. Not only that, but there are perks that come with a financial contribution.....and sometimes theses perks can be absolutely fab. 

These perks don't come in the form of money, no they are often things that money couldn't often buy - offers from the campaigners, such as signed memorabilia, named credits in films and meeting the cast are just a few of the incentives that I have seen. 

The Fairy Dust campaign perks range from the lowest contribution providing you with the warm feeling of helping out, through various stages of contribution to the highest perk, which provides you with a whole bucket load of goodies such as T-shirts, programmes, signed scripts, a day out with the cast - to name but a few of the perks available.

The rumour that I am planning to launch a crowd funding campaign for my blog, with the ultimate perk being a big wet kiss from me, has yet to be confirmed.

The Indiegogo fundraiser page for more information on how to help this project see the light of day can be found RIGHT HERE

The Facebook page for Oxage can be located by clicking on THIS LINK

The Oxage website can be found at

You can also find the Fairy Dust Arts team on Twitter by  @FairyDustArts

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