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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Iron Cloud (2014) - The SciFi goodies have landed!

Earlier this month it was my pleasure to view an early preview, via an online screener, of a brand new Polish SciFi short movie by Nikodem Wojciechowski.  As I mentioned in the article of 6the July 2014 - which if you can't be bothered with the hassle of searching through the blog, the piece can be found HERE  - Iron Cloud is 42 minutes of intelligent and exciting science fiction. There are philosophical themes, visual feasts for the eyes and adrenaline fuelled scenes a plenty to make one wish that the film was far longer. Anyway, read the article if you haven't done so already.

Anyhoo, I was happy to find out that Niko isn't perfect, in fact his whole level of judgement was called into question when he decided that he very much liked my review - the doctors are on their way, Niko mate.....hold on. In fact he liked the review so much that he was kind enough to send me today a whole package of Iron Cloud goodies - pictures of which can be seen below.

The Package is received....

When the trust postman dropped the package through my letterbox I was more than a tad excited, then I noticed the return address on the reverse was a Polish one - and I was VERY excited!

The address of yours truly is blocked out in an effort to avoid the inevitable stalking that will come from fans of this blog. I'm a blogger, not a piece of meat, people!

Original artwork from Iron Cloud

The first thing that I took from the package was this A4 sized piece of stunning original artwork form one of the Icon Scenes of the movie as the two brothers first set eyes on the city that they believe will be their salvation. The picture here doesn't do it justice (possible due to the terrible photography from a fool who should stick to blogging methinks). It is beautiful. But what is the writing in the bottom right hand corner?.....

A lovely handwritten message of thanks from Niko.

Aww Shucks.

The complete collection of goodies

In addition to the A4 print is a booklet of movie stills, cast photographs., original artwork , background notes and a whole heap of information about the film's history and production. There are also two DVD'S which I'm itching to see - tonight I shall be mostly watching Iron Cloud on my DVD player.

A page of notes and early drawings - enough to please the geek & anorak in me

Iron Cloud DVD heaven.

The goodie collection - now with the framed poster 

The signed poster is now framed and proudly mounted on my wall, just below my Star Wars movie stills poster. I know, I'm such a geek.

I would likely to sincerely thank Niko for sending me the package of goodies, particularly as I know that he's been very busy as many many packages similar to this have been sent in the past few days. They've been sent to the generous and kind-hearted souls who contributed time and money to help him get the movie off the ground and produced.

Of course, if any other potential reviewer's think that they stand a far better chance of getting a feature in my blog and website if they provide me with goodie incentives - well it may not necessarily guarantee a good review.......but it will certainly guarantee some attention and promotion! ;-)

The Facebook page link for Iron Cloud can be found at

Iron Cloud's IMDB page can be found at

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