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Friday, 4 July 2014

Granite City Comic Con - 2015

Due to the ongoing and frankly annoying commitments of my day job - you know, that's the one that I actually get paid for take care of those pesky annoying things in life such as bills and food, I've been unable until now to write a piece on perhaps the most exciting bit of news that this here blogger has heard in a long while. Well, that is apart from the last exciting thing yesterday when I found a long-forgotten fine Whiskey hiding away in a pantry cupboard......I know. I don't get out much.

Anyhoo, back to the news. It was announced early last month that the city where I live near, and in which my day job takes place, will host its inaugural Comic Con event - Granite City Comic Con on 30th May 2015 in the beautiful city of Aberdeen - Nice!

Seems legit
In the past year I've had the pleasure of of talking to a whole heap of people involved in various Comic Cons around the world - including and interview with Regina Carpinelli, the founder and CEO of Stan Lee's Comikaze! last year, the link for WHICH CAN BE FOUND HERE. When it comes to Comic Cons, San Diego has one, Los Angeles has one - London, Glasgow and even blooming Dundee manages to have one. It seems that nearly everywhere in the civilised world (though I appreciate regarding Dundee as civilised may be debatable.....) has their own Comic Con - that is, all except for Scotland's 3rd largest city and the place of work of this very blogger. But next year, that will change. 

I know what you're thinking  - " If you've been wondering for years why there hasn't been anything Comic Con related happening in Aberdeen, why didn't you get up off your arse and do something about it, matey boy?" - and that would be a very good question. My answer would be so say that I'm a lazy son of a gun who doesn't get out much. It's as simple as that.

Besides which, I knew one day that some like-minded individuals would eventually do something about the lack of attention this part of the world gets in regard to it's contribution to many aspects of pop culture. Not only do we have three excellent comic book shops in the city of Aberdeen, but as I've already made reference to in this very blog, there is a ever growing array of local film making talent......not to mention the odd amazing blogger :-).

I must admit to being a little concerned when I first heard about the plans for the event, for some reason I had visions of of some pseudo-American version that would end up pandering to the most general of Comic Con event denominators. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong (in fact there's very much right) with the Comikaze's of this world, but I firmly believe that there's a wealth of home-grown talent & culture that UK conventions should focus on. Thankfully, the organisers of this event seem to have the same philosophy. 

The aim of Granite City Comic Con is seemingly to promote the contribution that Scotland makes to what is now ever still a lucrative comic book industry. As far as I'm aware, the emphasis of the event will almost solely be on comics, in particular the Scottish talent that lies behind much of it.  Naturally, we can hopefully expect some big name guests for what the organisers hope will be a overtly family orientated convention with a variety of creative workshops, kids activities, retailers, publishers (mainstream AND mainstream, hopefully) ..........and yes, there will also be Cosplay.

Example of a mad bastard.
This inaugural convention will take place at Transition Extreme, in Aberdeen. Again I have something of a confession to make. I would love to be able to tell you what the place is like, but alas I've not yet been inside the building. You see, Transition Extreme is one of those physical activity type places that those of a physical type nature go and do lots of physical things. You know the type of things I'm talking about - indoor climbing, BMX riding, inline skating (whatever the hell that is) and a multitude of other adrenaline related physical activities that would puts the chills into anybody, whose idea of cardio-vascular exertion, is a bit of a stroll on the beach after an afternoon of, oh I don't know, blogging perhaps.

However, please don't regard my own skewed views with any importance (as if anyone ever does, I hear you say) - I have it on very good authority that the location is not only a thriving centre that attracts a huge number of local young (and not so young) urban sports enthusiasts, but also that it will serve as an amazing venue for such an event as this. For example, if the plan to use the climbing wall, transform it into a cityscape and the have Batman and Spiderman going up and down it,  for which people can join in doesn't have you foaming at the mouth with feverish anticipation - then I have no idea what the heck will. 

The organisers of Granite City Comic Con are looking for a wide variety of stall holders/vendors from across the UK. If you contact their website or Facebook page (the links for which are below) than there is apparently the opportunity to take advantage of various special deals and incentives.
This IS the Comic Con that you are looking for - 
(see what I did there?)

I would however make it snappy as the the interest in the first ever Comic Con in this part of the world is generating a huge amount of interest already, not just with social networking, but in the tradition media where the publicity and features have already begun.

If all that wasn't enough, there is the welcome news that the event will be a non-profit affair with all proceeds after running costs going to local cancer support charity CLAN.

There will hopefully be a whole host of announcements appearing on this blog in the weeks and months to come. All it leaves me to say for now to the organisers is... 
cough..............Press pass..........cough!

The link for Granite City Comic Con cane found RIGHT HERE

Granite City Comic Con's website link is RIGHT HERE

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