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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Fairy Flag (Am Bratach Sìth) - A new Scottish Fantasy Film.

The Fairy Flag - this is proper Scottish history Mr Gibson.
Only yesterday I was talking rather excitedly to an acquaintance of mine about the subject of this very blog article, namely the starting of production of a  brand new Scottish feature film, The Fairy Flag, that promises clans and battles and mucho mystical wonderfulness.

Now as soon as I said the words 'Scottish, clans and film' I practically saw straight away the cogs in her head turning as she processed that information. I knew beyond all reasonable doubt what her response was going to be, as it was certainly going to be one of two possibilities. The first of which would include the word 'Braveheart' and the second would include the word 'Highlander'.

Now before I go any further, I will readily admit that both films for me are something of a guilty pleasure, particularly the second one ( I do have guilty pleasures, but that is an ongoing matter for my legal team). The simple fact is, no matter how much I have tried, I have an unrelenting liking and and affection for Highlander (1886) and to a lesser extent, Braveheart (1995). I say 'no matter how much I have tried' because over the years I have tried desperately to discard them on the basis of the damage that they have done (particularly by Mr Gibson's film) in creating a skewed view towards Scotland's heritage and the portrayal of the Scots and the English. FYI, I'm half Scottish and half English, so old Mel has pissed me off on both counts.

This not the time and place to go into the plethora of issues that I have with both films and the consequent damage and mis-understanding of Scotland's history that they have caused, not just from the viewpoint of the rest of the world, but from some Scots too. I mean, I could mention the catastrophic number of historical inaccuracies and one dimensional Scottish and English stereotypes contained in Braveheart for a start. I don't know, but maybe I'm being picky when I was expecting the movie to show William Wallace's victory over the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge to actually include, well, a bridge. The list of historical bastardisations could go on and on and on.........and on.

As for my beloved Highlander - well I really do need one day to get past the little issue of a Scotsman playing an Egyptian, who is existing as a Spaniard, after spending many many years in Japan (with a crap accent), a Frenchman playing a Scotsman (with a crappier accent), an English woman playing his Scottish wife (with an equally crap accent) and an American playing a Russian (yes, still a crap accent).

What these two films have done almost single handedly is to provide a quaint and completely unrealistic view of the country, its rich history and its people. They may be entertaining movies in their way, but boy have they done their best to ruin our historical legacy.

Oh by the way, I was completely correct - the first sentence she muttered about Scottish films was bloody Braveheart.

So you can imaging my delight when a friend of mine -  the talented and gorgeous Jennifer Cooper, told me that she had been recently made a production assistant on a brand new Scottish Fantasy film, The Fairy Flag, (Am Bratach Sìth in Gaelic). Maybe now we can start to redress the damage created by Mr Gibson et al?  Well read on because judging by the information contained in the press release and other nuggets of information that Ive managed to get my eager little hands on, this could be one hell of a special movie!

“The Fairy Flag (Am Bratach Sìth in Gaelic) now resides with the Clan Macleod on the Isle of Skye, Scotland within the island stronghold of Dunvegan Castle. The flag came to them when a mysterious maiden discovered on a battlefield entered their lives. What resulted was the stuff of legend! 

Iain Breac Macleod is the young leader of the Clan Macleod. He has fought and won countless battles against rival clans, but nothing could prepare him for his greatest challenge. An onslaught from a band of mercenary English soldiers led by the vicious Rafe,hell-bent on claiming Dunvegan Castle and the Isle of Skye as their own.

But something else stirs amongst the heather. A strange woman called Titania has wondered into the lives of the Macleod Clan and there are whispers of the supernatural echoing around the castle walls.

Iain must muster up all his courage if he is to survive not only on the battlefield, but also within his heart."

The Fairy Flag is a new Scottish feature film that centres on the mystical “Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle”. A treasured heirloom of the Clan Macleod, that legend has it, was gifted to the infant child of the clan chief, by his departing fairy lover. The flag came to be thought of as a beacon, able to summon the fairies to the Macleod Clan during their time of need.  There have been at least two instances documented in which the flag was used to call the fairies to the aid of the clan during battle. The Fairy Flag has resided at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, home to the Macleod family for 800 years, making it the oldest castle in Scotland to have been inherited by the same family throughout the years! A point that is still true to this day.

Chris Capaldi. 
Apparently he is good-looking
Based on an original story by Rory Mhorr Nicoll and Peter Columbia, and directed by DavidIzatt, The Fairy Flag is a film that will embrace Scottish history, and the wonderful myths and legends that come with it.  Rory Mhorr Nicoll and David Izatt are producing the film throughDavid’s company Zoghogg Entertainment Ltd, based in Dunfermline. 

Filming is to commence June 1st, and will take place largely around the Fife area, as well as on the Isle of Skye, with Balgonie Castle doubling up as Dunvegan Castle for internal shooting. The Fairy Flag features a vast team of talented individuals from all corners of the Scottish film industry, as well as accessing the talents of the Historic Saltire group.

Chris Capaldi and Jade Yourell take the lead roles of Iain Breac Macleod and Titania respectively. Jade was recently to be seen becoming, er, acquainted as it were with Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful. Chris and Jade are joined by a colourful cast from various film/TV/sports and comedy backgrounds...many of whom are also experienced swordsmen.  

Jade Yourell.
I know for a fact she's good looking.

The cast includes singer Michelle McManus, Commitments actor, and singer Dave Finnegan, Craig McGinlay, Michael Daviot, Tam Hetherton, Samantha Hindman, Amanda Marment, Maggie Macleod, Jim Sweeney, Clare Ross, Marcus Macleod, Richard Wake, Martin Haddow, Jane Cochrane, J. Scott Murray, Jim Leishman, James Robson, Kerry Lynn Hamilton and David Winter amongst others.

So there you have it - A genuine Scottish production of a Fantasy film promising oodles of mystical forces, sex, death, battles, strong male AND female characters. It's enough to make Mr Gibson want to return to ransacking Scottish and English history. The rumours that his new movie Culloden Braveheart: When Charlie kicked the English arses, is currently in pre-production and ready to be filmed in the Transvaal are yet to be confirmed.

You can find out more information, as well as keep up to date with the project, and everyone involved at the Official Facebook Page - .

The movie can also be found on Twitter - @FairyFlagMovie #FairyFlagMovie.


  1. I am so looking forward to this film because on of my friends is in this.

    1. Me too, Robert. Judging by the movie stills I've seen so far it's going to look excellent if nothing else.