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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Teeconomist - showcasing innovative design

Teeconomist clothing.
You know, this Internet thingamajig can be a wonderful thing at times, the opportunities for information, entertainment, innovation and communication are there in an abundance of forms and waiting in what seems like an endless supply to satisfy an infinite range of tastes. Anyway, enough about my nocturnal online habits. 

There are also a myriad of more acceptable online endeavours too. For example, the world of the Indie genre movie and book publishing have been transformed away from the confines and often suffocating control that often stifled rather than encouraged artistic creativity. The online world now offers opportunities for people to finance, create and promote their works in a way that simply never existed 10 years ago. It doesn't necessary always make for good work, some of the self-published works and web movies produced that I've seen in the role of blogger extraordinaire haven't always been of the highest quality shall we say. In fact a good deal of it has been dire, but some of it has been good, very good.

In all honesty, whether the work and ideas are good or bad isn't what is important to me at all in the slightest. It's the intention behind the process that counts in my eyes. What really matters is whether the creative intention is an authentic one, no matter what the medium.
So when William Ayers contacted me with news of the recent launch of his innovative new t-shirt design website, it seemed like the chance for me to prattle on in my usual self indulgent way  talk about something different from the usual fare of movies and books in this blog. If truth be told, I don't usually include much of the promotion of pure economic endeavours. However Teeconomist is a little different, as hopefully you will see.

Teeconomist features designs by gifted and innovative artists, and includes everything from sci-fi and film references to pop culture-inspired motifs (hence, the initial reason as to what interested me about this project).

I must admit that when I heard about this company, my first thought was to wonder just who creates their designs? Were they really trying to promote the work of the talented? Well, it genuinely seems like that is so, because judging from a look on the company website and its Facebook page, there is a range of work from artists from all around the world together with details and links from Teeconomist to the their websites and social media networks enabling the artists to gain global exposure. A selection of previous designs can be seen at the end of this article.

I must admit that I genuinely find ideas like this from William Ayres whose intention is to build a community of like-minded creative people, exciting and appealing. It contains the original ethos of the Internet where ideas and thoughts could be discussed and pursued in an innovative and passionate way by collections of like-minded individuals freely expressing themselves. And if that can be done whilst making money, then what's not to like?

William Ayers says that he "...wanted to set up an affordable t-shirt company with awesome designs, but the idea I like most is that each purchase on the site financially supports the featured artist and helps promote the artists’ great work, all over the world". I agree and like that philosophy, I like that a lot.
Dragon Ball Z design by Worldcollider
Was only available on May 3rd

So what is the low down on this innovative company?

The new t-shirt design website was launched only recently on April 15tth 2014. Each design will only be available for purchase for 24 hours (sometimes 48). T-shirts sell for as low as $10, (thats about £5.90 in proper British money) and long sleeve shirts and hoodies will also be available for purchase. For today's design go to the link here at

One of Teeconomist’s unique features is ‘OpportuniTee’ (from the economic term Opportunity Cost), which will normally run on weekends. OpportuniTee offers consumers an exciting experience: two t-shirt designs are available for purchase. Buy one design, and the price will increase for the next buyer, while the price of the other design will decrease. Both designs will start at the selling price of $10.

So if you have a moment - check out these marvellous people at Teeconomist. The links for how to contact them can be found at the bottom of this article - if nothing else, it means that every purchase on their site not only financially supports the group of fabulous artists but also helps promote their hard work!

While you're at it, have a quick look at small selection of some of the stunning previous designs that have appeared as a once only option from the company. For more information about the artists responsible, contact the team through the various links at the bottom of this page.

I have to admit to having more than a little love for the Alien and Hulk pics.(Yes, William. That WAS a hint) :-). 

By Samiel

By Dr.Monekers

By Chemabola8

By Djkopet

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