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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Gemini Artifice - A Science Fiction web series.


I don't like offending people, I really don't. I'm a nice guy (I hope), I have friends (both real & virtual), family (mostly real) and many acquaintances, most of whom seem not to want to cause me any real hurt. However, I do seem to have a habit of occasionally upsetting some of the people who inhabit Internetland both within and outside the sci-fi & horror genres. 

For instance, only in the last couple of months I've upset people within the Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord of The Rings communities. Now I love Star Wars et al, of that there should be no doubt. I was there back in 1977 for the opening day of the film that became a cultural phenomenon, I've seen every Star Trek episode of every series to the point where I could (and often do) quote dialogue along to certain scenes from the original series and The Hobbit + LOTR books single-handedly changed my life when I was only just past being a twinkle in Gandalf's eye. 

All I did was mention on certain forums (yes I have no life, but I'm happy so I don't care) that I thought that The Phantom Menace was actually rather good, that I much preferred Star Trek TNG to the original series and asked whether it really mattered that certain literary characters in Tolkien's books did or didnt make it into the cinematic versions by Peter Jackson. Well, lets just say that apart from unleashing the Kraken, some of the responses that I received were, how shall I put it, rather energetic in regard to my knowledge and opinions and where and in what particular orifice I should place them.......most of which would bring more than a tear to this bloggers eyes. As for assertions regarding a correlation between my intelligence and a rather unseemly relationship between me and my mother - well those suggestions would make you blush.

So when Pat Lavigne, contacted me with news of a web-based science fiction series that he was involved in producing called The Gemini Artifice, the only part of the project that made me stop to consider the proposal for a moment was the small issue of the project's inspiration. It was another of those areas that seem to attract rather high levels of passion - namely online gaming. 

Eve Online - It looks bloody brilliant.
Now I know many people who play games online and many of them are very nice, I've even been known to dabble myself in the odd arena or two, but dabbling has been my limit. It's not that I have any aversion or contempt for online gaming, it simply has never been my particular bag, man. 

The fact is that some of the people who inhabit these virtual communities scare me, because man, do they take that stuff seriously?!..... and god help any poor sucker (or noob) who may not fully understand the rules or etiquette of a particular game. The abuse I've witnessed towards those who may not be as skilfully blessed or merely learning the game has to be seen to believed. I have absolutely no problem with passion for ones genre - For example I personally believe that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the finest example of horror movie making in the history of cinema and will never be surpassed. Many will disagree with me, they'll be wrong mind you, but it's their right to be wrong.

I would like to emphasise that I have not played Eve Online, so I may well doing the patrons (all half a million of them) a disservice, so profuse apologies if i am.....But, to all to the rest of you Pseudo Jedi's, Trekkers and gamers - stop being so precious about it all. We all love this stuff, it's just that some of us are a bit rubbish at the online game malarkey and some us don't think it's the end of the world if Tom Bombardil never appeared in in the movie version of LOTR.

So regardless I carried on reading Pat's synopsis of the project and watched the teaser trailer that has been produced - and do you know what? I think it's going to be great.

The Gemini Artifice is based on the MMORPG Eve Online ( For this who may not know, MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game combines two gaming genres; role-playing video games and massively multiplayer online games. Taking the form of web browser-based games, a huge number of people interact with with one another within a self contained virtual world, with perhaps the most well known being World of Warcraft. 

Eve Online is another virtual entity which sees on average 500,000 souls interacting, er, online, which in this case is a richly textured and highly complex interconnection of star systems in which users can travel the cosmos, buying equipment and working with, or fighting against other users. Since 2003 it has grown into an online science fiction phenomenon, so much so that January of this year witnessed the largest ever online space battle with over 4000 gamers taking part in a battle that led to the destruction of approximately 100 spaceships. The truly mind boggling fact is that the financial coast to users  - the in-game currency that is used in the game meant that the damage amounted to a staggering $300,000 in real world money. 

I think that it's safe to say that these gamers take their gaming very, very seriously. And why not?

You've something on your
Set 23,000 years into the future The Gemini Artifice follows the crew of the ship "The Gemini" in a universe full of greed, murder, deceit, intrigue, and the occasional hero. Follow the crew as they lie, cheat, steal, and fight to obtain their slice of the New Eden Dream....massive piles of Interstellar Kredits (ISK).

When an employee of the enormous Sukuuvestaa Corporation goes rogue, her masters enlist the mercenary crew of the Gemini to get her under control. Snatch, grab; putting her in the bag and bringing her home would put the Gemini on the road to riches. They soon find though that in New Eden, there's no such thing as easy money.

The Gemini Artifice is filmed in Tacoma, Washington by cast and crew from the Northwest and is produced by Loyalty Entertainment Productions, a Tacoma based film company.

I would recommend that you take a little look at the teaser trailer (below) which the team have produced. I would also recommend that there is more than enough here to suggest that a full-blown series would be well-worth watching. I certainly will be looking out for it and hopefully reviewing the episodes as they come online.

The Gemini Artifice Teaser (based on Eve Online by CCP Games)

The intention for the team is to see a full season produced so all involved are relying on the teaser trailer and articles like this to increase the word of virtual mouth, so that interest and enthusiasm for the project cannot be ignored.

I suppose that the people who may need the most convincing as to the quality of the project will be the Eve Online gamers - after all this is their baby and will quite rightly be rather protective of their online world. I've already seen some discussion forums where a few gamers have been debating the authenticity of terminology and logistics within the teaser trailer - so it goes without saying that the producers of The Gemini Artifice will need to make sure they both listen to constructive advice and argue their side of things when it comes to the dramatic adaptation. I also hope that the gamers are willing to allow a degree of flexibility that any venture like this has to employ. 

So what about the people who are going to be appearing in the web series - I mean, are they actually any good? Well below is a taster of four actors featuring in the production. These profiles are just 4 of the many that the team will be doing as a 'slow release' every week. I will try and make sure that I update the blog as soon as these releases are made - You can also check out the Gemini Artifice page at to see the release of more content. 

Monika Holm

Monika is an actor, dancer, singer, and stage combatant who loves to dream big. Monika started her love of the Performing Arts in Oakland, CA where she was born. She currently lives in Seattle, WA because of her love for rain. Monika has her BFA in Theater from Cornish College of the Arts. She has appeared in independent short films such as the Seattle Film Institute sci fi film, Chasing Wind and a feature film modern adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. She had a blast playing this Benny and can't wait to dive deeper into The Gemini Artifice. For more info about Monika go to

Monika will be playing Benny Caron. Benidette “Benny” Caron was a model Sukuuvestaa employee on a secluded space station. Diligent, quiet, and actually a bit nervous when she won a chance of a lifetime vacation away from the boredom of being a station maintenance tech. Benny Caron would never step out of line; would she?

Emily Fortuna 

Emily acts in film, on the stage, and silly on request. Her credits include playing Lucy Steele in the feature film Sense and Sensibility and Jenny Sunshine in Truth Like the Sun at Book-It Repertory Theatre. When not acting, she can be found programming computers, crafting, reading or gaming. She's a huge fan of scifi, fantasy, and the rich lore surrounding Eve Online.

Emily plays Lin Tetch; proof that even Hell has its angels. As bad as the crew of the Gemini has it sometimes, Lin always has a smile and some wit. She and Jordan are great friends, and as much as Davidson doesn’t want to admit it, Lin is pretty handy in negotiating those contracts for work. She gives the Gemini its soul.

Will Gilmore

Will was born and raised in Elk Grove, California. He moved to Seattle to pursue is acting/film career in 2009. Since then, Will has produced, written, and acted in a short webseries as well as numerous short films, including his current World War 2 narrative "Hinterhalt." Recently, Will was cast on Loyalty Production's series' "Legendary" and "The Gemini Artifice" and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the webseries!

Will plays Jordan Kint. Jordan lost his brother. Jordan doesn’t know why it happened, or even really what death means, but Derial just isn’t there anymore. Now Davidson Shin has Derial’s ship, the Gemini, and Jordan doesn’t always know if Davidson likes him. But the Gemini’s computer likes him; all computers like Jordan, and he likes all computers. That’s why they do anything he tells them to. Anything.

Angela DiMarco 

Angela is now a Facebook friend of mine, but please don't let that put you off her. 

She has been working in film and on stage in Los Angeles and Seattle for the past 20 years. In 2014 she is starring in the films The Device, Reliance, and The Rectory. She started Mighty Tripod Prods with her husband, creating an artistic platform in the Northwest.

Angela plays Miri Janus. Ms. Janus used to do a lot of dirty work for Sukuuvestaa. This earned her a special assignment, a special trust. She guards a Quantum Drive with information so sensitive even she doesn’t know what it is. It doesn’t matter. She does what SuVee says, and if they want the q-drive safeguarded, it will be done: By any means necessary.

Neither Emily, Will or Monika are Facebook friends of mine as yet. However, nobody can hide forever......

So there you have it. The people behind this project need our help to promote this project. So 'click' again on the youtube link for the teaser at

In addition to that share this blog and its Facebook page - the fact that you'll be promoting not only The Gemini Artifice but also my blog is purely coincidental.......

You want to join the Fray - well you can......... 

The Gemini Article team have a Tumblr now. There is some excellent background material on the characters here. I would suggest that you have a looksee, you just might find something special - the link is  RIGHT HERE

Find them on Twitter @GeminiArtifice!
Find them on Facebook

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