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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Patrick McPheron's Kickstarter campaign: Invasion! A Scifi photo series that will melt your brain!

People often ask me here at the Fifth Dimension: A sci-fi, fantasy and horror blog, which of the three genres it deals with are my personal favourite - actually, no-one has ever asked me that, but for the sake of leading into this article, let's just for a laugh say that they have. My answer would be that if.........if, I was held at gunpoint and forced to cough up a reply then it would probably be science fiction. A close call certainly, but sci-fi by a nose. However, if I was to be asked for a particular favourite area within the genre well that would be a far more easier decision to make, it wouldn't be even up for debate. Nope, Nada, Nyet, Nein, no sir. 

For those of you who might suggest Star Wars or a certain new Generations universe where no man has gone trekking before, they wouldn't be at the top of my personal science fiction list. I appreciate that this may come a rather upsetting and alienating (see what I did there?) to the fanatics of the Star Wars brigade who, let's face it, can be a tad vociferous and unyielding to those who don't quite share their level of, how can I put it? -  Psychotic obsession, I think might be a reasonable place for a start. Now don't get me wrong, I love Vader, Solo et al. I just don't want spend my life debating with some other guy the sociopathic tendencies of Boba Fett or the various debates about what your choice of colour lightsabre says about you (mines blue, by the way)....... And god help anyone who may inadvertently post a blog entry to one of their Facebook group pages that isn't explicitly related to the bloody force. 
One of the first loves of my life.

Hm mm, sorry about that, I well and truly digressed there for a moment........ And probably insulted a few pseudo Jedi knights in the process.

No, when it comes to Sci-fi, particularly movies and television, then it's the 1950's, 1960's and early 1970's that generally tend to hit this bloggers sweet spot. The day the Earth stood still, When Worlds collide, Quatermass, The forbidden Planet, The Twilight Zone & yes, the original Star Trek series are my particular Sci-fi desert island selections of choice. They were my first loves, along with Asimov, Phillip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke - and they'll be my last. 

I've been very lucky to have had a fair number of requests from some good people out there in Internetland to help promote their particular ventures. Believe me, I don't just help publicise any old piece of tosh for my blog, I always have to have at least something from their work that appeals to me. After all, it's my blog so why should I waste my precious time in putting articles together on things that don't interest me in the slightest.

However, occasionally, just occasionally a request that not only spikes my interest, it sets up a veritable cacophony of whoops and alarms of excitement.
Looking smooth, mate

So when I received a message from Los Angeles based artist and photographer, Patrick McPheron, it seemed that something of a kindred spirit had sent me some details of his kickstarter campaign. Why a kindred spirit? I hear you ask. Well read on and find out. 

Patrick’s work has been seen in art shows hosted by various groups and galleries, including World of Wonder Gallery, Cactus Gallery, Bagavagabonds, Spiva Gallery, Heart On, and Magic Garage. His work has appeared in magazines such as ELLE, Sessions & Experience. Recently, his photo “home” was chosen as a finalist for Canon’s “Project Imaginat10n.”

He is currently running a kickstarter project for a photo series called 'Invasion', which Patrick describes as "a vintage photo series inspired by the campy sci-fi shows of the 60's and 70s. It's a little "Twilight Zone" mixed with a little "Star Trek" topped with a little influence from the horror genre." This retro sci-fi photo project, which will eventually result in a book and full scale gallery show in Los Angeles, caught my eye straight away, and for obvious reasons.

I want this and I want this NOW!
It seems that for most of the time Patrick seems to spend most of his existence in some sort of retrofuture universe made up of intriguing architecture, beautiful humans, and exquisite aliens - and quite frankly that sounds like a rather bloody fine place to hang out to me! 

For the previous 3 years he has been spending a huge amount of time ( and no little money) on creating a highly thematic photo series, the aforementioned "Invasion," and he's within sight at long last of the finishing line. The wealth of material he has created so far has been funded with his own resources.  For example as part of the incentives for people to help his campaign, he created a truly stunning lobby card/movie poster (see above) which features the lovely, comedian, performer, and musician - in fact all  around talented lady, Deven Green as "The Queen." Unfortunately there is no movie to accompany this poster - but looking at it, there bloody well should be! I just love it. 

Er, Patrick, I would sincerely love a copy of this lobby card/movie poster - hint hint :-)

Stunning, just stunning.
There are about 10 photos needed to complete the Invasion series - and Patrick wants these final few shots to be well and truly off the scale - and this is where he needs our help.

His Kickstarter campaign has just a few days to go to reach his monetary target that will ensure that he will utilise high quality vintage costumes, props, masks, vintage cars, wigs, makeup, locations, extra lights and fans, makeup artists, models and also help with the cost associated with the gallery show!

Patrick is naturally reticent about divulging too much about what he has planned for the final images. However he has said the they will include for example; 

• Gorgeous women frozen in time as they are enveloped by mysterious lights from above

• A stylish mad scientist and his older female assistant overlooking a wicked creation in his laboratory

• A diner where the patrons have all been poisoned by a green ooze

Patrick's ultimate aim is, once the shoot (that's technical speak for photographers, you know) is complete he will be publishing a book of the photos, offering prints for sale, and having a full scale gallery show in Los Angeles, CA.  It's tentatively slated for summer 2014, and you're all invited! woo-hoo!!!! The only downside to that offer is that seeing as I currently reside in the beautiful North East of Scotland, I might not be able to make it to the gallery show. So if anyone of you do get there then I want full description and stories - plus the odd signed memento too :-). 

Like the nice guy he obviously is, Patrick has gone on record on his Kickstarter page as promising that our help won't go unnoticed as he's devised some rather excellent  incentives. A high quality book of the entire series, magnets, prints of all shapes and sizes, 1-on-1 photo shop time and more! All incentives include free shipping within the US. If you don't believe me then I suggest that you pop over to his Kickstarter page BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE and Check out the pictures below and detailed descriptions of the offers available.
The Lovely Deven Green again - 
and not a bad photo either...

It really is a beautiful and emotive collection of images that perfectly encapsulate the feelings and atmosphere of classic science fiction and horror. 

This is no false claim - I for one will be genuinely taking ownership of a book of the entire series as soon as it is completed.

So what more is there to say? Except for me to leave you with the words of Patrick McPherson himself....."Support the arts and get rad Scifi stuff. Invasion truly is a Scifi photo series that will melt your brain! 
What more could you ask for!?"

Patrick has one more week for the campaign and about $3,000 to make up! It's hefty sum to raise but I think we can do it! 

Full details of Patrick's Kickstarter campaign can be found BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE!!

Patrick's photography Facebook page can also be found AT THIS LINK HERE

Further information can also be found in his Press Release at:

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