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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Level 17 - A John deCaux Web series: Episode 2

This week's short blog entry sees the release of the second in the web series - Level 17.

My reader (you know who you are and thank you, but isn't it time that you got a life?) will remember the first piece that featured in this blog back in September 2013. The piece concerns Level 17, which is an Australian Action Adventure Sci-Fi web-series that saw its first episode released in late 2013. The enterprise consists of a number of professional, emerging, amateur and student independent South Australian filmmakers who have combined their talents to produce the digital web series. 

As John himself says; "Level 17 is an ambitious new web series that follows the story of Ethan; a college student who struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. With the conspiring IOB Corp putting Adelaide under martial law, Ethan forms a resistance to fight back and uncover the mystery behind the city’s lockdown. The only way to save his girlfriend, is to save the world. "

So to remind this who did read the post, or to let those who missed it know what the first episode was about, here is a brief re-cap. ........ any anyone who suggests that part of this are copied directly from my previous post about Level 17 on Saturday, 21 September 2013 are entirely mistaken and may well hear from my already overworked and underpaid legal team. You could also check out the blog piece itself - but don't read it too closely to check for similarities - SEE FOR YOURSELF.

"Smart, savvy and unpredictable, Ethan is a college student who struggles to understand his destiny when time begins folding in on itself. According to the mysterious arrival of Professor Anderson, the only way Ethan can save his gorgeous girlfriend Danielle is to save the world by any means necessary."

Let me say straight away that the seven-ish minutes of LEVEL 17 - Episode 1 was, barring a couple of minor gripes, very,very good. 

There is little time at the beginning of the episode for a namby pamby detailed exploration of the characters or plot here. Instead we are immediately faced with the sight of Gun toting Bio-suited soldiers rounding up civilians and chasing a rather excellent Alien down a city street (not an entirely unknown sight here in the North of Scotland….).

We then have essentially a few rip-roaring minutes of the main character Ethan (excellently played by Hjálmar Svenna) first being confronted by the sudden morphing of Professor Anderson into his kitchen (like that has never happened to me either), who proceeds to give our hero a cryptic message about saving his girl and the planet before morphing away once again. Ethan then spends the rest of the frantic episode being chased through the streets in an effort to evade the gun-wielding Bio-suits, whilst at the same time trying to locate the whereabouts of his girlfriend. A rather nice cliffhanger leaves us guessing as to who is hiding in the house he finds himself in at the end …..……..

The clip for episode 1 can be seen in the clip below.

So this brings up to date with the rather exciting news that the 2nd episode of Level 17 was released just this week on January 24th.........but is it any good?

The answer is a resounding YES - quite frankly, episode 2 is sensational. It would be grossly unfair for me to include any plot spoilers of the episode, and to be honest I truly hate reviews that include giveaways, even if they put a disclaimer first. After all, I can't be the only one that feels that an experience of not actually knowing what happens next is rather a good thing.

What I will divulge is that the efforts of the deeply suspicious IOB Corp. are still continuing to use the cover story of a deadly virus outbreak to hide their attempts at catching an alien on the loose on the streets of Adelaide . The action begins at the very moment episode 1 ended with our protagonist and hero, Ethan, in the house of his recently disappeared girlfriend. What takes place then is 10 minutes or so of genuinely rollicking entertainment as the chase hots up in and around the city.

As in the first episode the quality of the acting, filming and production of the material is exceptional - and that is not empty hyperbole, I sincerely mean it. Both visually and acoustically episode 2 of Level 17 is impressive. The cinematography and editing is excellent, as it the sound quality and musical accompaniment (an aspect of independent filming which often lets down the overall quality of film production). Not only is it exceptional in its craftsmanship - the music perfectly transforms and compliments the action, adding suspense and excitement to the scenes on screen.

I simply cannot praise the excellence of the whole production and genuinely cannot wait until episode 3!

Check out episode 2 for yourselves RIGHT HERE !

John and the team can be reached on the Level 17 Face book page at

John and his company have also recently have also launched their crowd funding campaign! Every dollar counts for them to continue creating this web-series! The link for the page is

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