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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Expedition - an Independent movie.

I must admit that I'm something of a social network tart - Facebook, Twitter, Google+…. I love them all, and I use them all (clear your dirty minds right now, I wasn't talking about using them for THAT purpose!). 

Rather, the advent of such sources of information helps me not only keep up to date (stalk) my friends and acquaintances throughout the world, they also let my keep my fingers on the pulse of the current independent film making scene that is going on. Without Social networking I simply would not be the blogging voice of a science fiction and horror movie generation….well OK, I may not be the voice of a generation right now, but it's only a matter of time before world domination is mine.

So for the past few weeks my Twitter feed has been regularly filled with Tweets ( that's how the hip kids refer to updates, Daddy-O) about a certain horror production that is soon to be off and running. At first I gave the updates nothing more than a cursory glance, after all I'm a busy blogger, intellectual and all-round caring humanitarian that is constantly striving not only for world peace but peace love and understanding for us all. It takes up a lot of my time you know.

However, the Tweets continued to come thick and fast, with bold proclamations such as;

" A contemporary twist on the monster movie filled with real characters , complex personal drama and heart thumping scares!"…….

" We're not interested in covering the screen with blood and guts"……

" the heart of this movie will contain a strong environmental message"…….

" The Fifth Dimension sci-fi/fantasy & horror blog is simply better than any other out there!!!"

Well ok, you saw through me, yes I did make the last quote up…… probably.

The point is that my interest had been piqued. I saw that something seemed to be happening out there with a number of noteworthy and exceedingly reputable blog and website sources seemingly already attracted to this project. Part of me wanted to find out more about this great sounding project, and the other part of me simply didn't want to be left out and decided that if any credit was going to be be dished out for supporting this movie then I was going to get my share….. not that I'm vain, fickle or superficial at all.

So what is this movie about?

Putting the 'Big' into 'Bigfoot'.
Deep in the Amazon jungle a research team lead by a respected Professor embark on an Expedition to protect vulnerable and endangered species... but when their superstitious guides abandon them, the team, desperate to complete their study, begin to realise there is more to the jungle than they could have ever imagined.
As night falls the team realise they are in the hunting ground of a true apex predator... And before long, they will be the ones on the endangered list… 

Bloody hell - now THAT does sound good!

And who pray tell is going to be in this movie?

 Ben Loyd-Holmes perfecting his 'hero-pose'  

Well, from the information that I have gleaned through means mostly legal - performing  in “The Expedition” so far is Ben Loyd-Holmes, who I personally feel should be given the 'best name of the day today' award. 

Unusually for an independent feature he's also an actor who has been in a number of productions that I and many others will be aware of; Skyfall (Seen that, & best Bond film ever btw), Da Vinci's Demons (Seen that, enjoyed it even though it was historical inaccuracy at its most pants), Torchwood (seen that, fab), Band Of Brothers (Seen that, own that, love that beyond what is generally regarded as sane and reasonable behaviour).

Not only that but Ben Loyd-Holmes Is an ward-Winning film producer Ben Loyd-Holmes (The Hike, Art Of Darkness, Breaking Down.

The guy obviously has far more talent than any person has to right to have……It's not that I feel threatened or insignificant from someone being successful, oh no….but I don't think that I like him.

Not only that but the team itself boasts a veritable plethora of talent… with actors including;

"Kerry Lorenza- Bennett
Kerry, a graduate of East 15 Acting School, is predominantly experienced in theatre, playing Elaine in the UK tour of Calendar Girls; Messuah in The Jungle Book at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch and Hippolyta in A Midsummer’s Night Dream at the Lowry theatre, Manchester. 
Feature film credits include: Tanya in Breaking Down; Agent Rosell in Black Book and Alex in Last Man. 
Dan Caren
An experienced actor, Daniel has starred in ITV’s "Whitechapel" as well as several episodes of "The Bill". In 2011 Daniel starred in “The Hike” alongside Ben Loyd-Holmes. Dan also starred in the short film "The Girl Is Mime" with Martin Freeman
Simon Burbage
Cursed with a natural comedic talent and the ability to make even the geekiest geek likeable, Simon is an infectiously enthusiastic actor who steadfastly refuses to grow up.  A graduate of East 15 Acting School, Simons credits include “Pulp: The Movie”, “Survivors” and “Inherit The Wind” at the Old Vic Theatre in London where he starred alongside Kevin Spacey. 

There is also….

Ellie Harvie-August- Producer

Ellie is a graduate from the University of Central Lancashire where she studied Film & Television Screenwriting and gained a Bachelor of Arts there. Subsequently, Ellie has worked in marketing for film and media as well as a producer. She produced the 2012 Virgin Media Short "Breaking" & the 100% fan funded feature film "Survivors".  Ellie is currently in pre-production on her debut short film as a writer/producer "Yellow" due out in late 2013."

Honestly, I don't want to sound bitter and twisted….. but a having such a wealth of talented experience between them is really bloody annoying. It's almost as if they're saying " Look at us, we're passionate, dedicated and talented film-makers and we're going to rock your cinematic world!" Well that's OK for you guys, but what about the rest of us mere mortals? What are we supposed to do? Well I'll tell you about that in a little while.

"The Expedition” has already attracted international pledges to the production, with fans from as far as New Zealand and Australia joining a list of investors that continues to grow as each day passes. “The response from people out there to what we’re doing has been amazing. This kind of movie is normally left to big studios but, just like our movie’s tag line, we too have found a way... I’m really pleased to be making this movie and I cannot wait to bring the audience something that feels so real yet, is just so magical. It’s been a dream of mine to make a movie in this genre and together, we are making it happen”” says Producer, Ben Loyd-Holmes (@Benloydholmes) “It’s been great to connect with so many film fans across the globe so far and we hope to meet many more of you on our journey.”. 

I've said it before and i'll say it again, this new online digital and social networking world of independent filming is about exciting as anything with the opportunities out there in Internetland for enthusiastic filmmakers. And it's not just the filmmakers having all the fun, because we movie fans can also get into the action.

"As a way to involve movie fans in the production, “The Expedition” will be raising some of it’s budget via crowdfunding. The team have already set up an Indie-Go-Go page where fans can make pledges to the budget of the movie and get film related merchandise, experiences or various end credits in the movie. “For us it’s all about connecting with our audience and making this a real collaboration” says Producer Ellie Harvie-August (@Ellie_Squared) “ if we can all pull together, then we can accomplish remarkable things for independent and low budget cinema in the UK and worldwide”

Sounds great to me, anybody can be part of the magical process of filming - the contributions can start as little as £5 with the more you pay the better the perk gets. Though the rumour of a perk for a small donation will get you a manly heart hug and handshake from Mr Loyd-Holmes seems to be nothing more than rumour and innuendo that I dreamt up a few moments ago.

You still need convincing? Well I very much doubt that you do, but just in case……

“The Expedition” will be Directed by Adam Spinks (@Adspads), who’s feature film Survivors is due for release later this year. “I’m excited to get started on bringing a remarkable project to the big screen” says Adam “ when Ben first approached me about the film I was gripped by the concept... this is a real thrill ride of a movie that will have audiences on the edge of their seats” 

Adam is a graduate of the Royal Holloway University of London and is has sizeable experience over a number of years on various film and media projects, which include directing for film and television as well as writing and producing. Adam’s feature film debut SURVIVORS is currently in post-production and is due out this winter.
So that's another successful and talented individual who now I also don't like.

The latest teaser trailer for the movie can be found RIGHT HERE

Find out more about “The Expedition” and how you could get yourself involved by visiting theses various respectable online establishments. 

Visit for advice and assistance on being a financial part of the experience. The team have until July 29th to raise the crowdfunded portion of their shooting budget - so come on people, lets do this!

You can also like “The Expedition” on facebook at

And follow the the annoyingly talented team on Twitter at

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  1. very funny article and well written as always. Internet is very exciting for independent voices I totally agree. Glad your into world domination, but if there is world peace I fear I will have no more horror to write about?