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Sunday, 9 June 2013


Original Line Art produced by Zack Anderson

This week (June 14th) sees the much anticipated release of the retelling, re-imagination or whatever re-ing that you want to call the new Superman movie.

On the face of it, when one considers the calibre of artists involved,  the film just cannot go wrong - can it?  

The movie is produced by Christopher Nolan  - responsible in many eyes in resurrecting the Batman franchise and forever soothing those tarnished memories that many of us have of a certain Mr Clooney & a certain Mr Freeze.

It is also directed by another darling of the Geek community (of which you know that I'm a proud member) - Zack Snyder; he of Watchmen (shush, I loved it), Dawn of the Dead and Sucker Punch. If you add to the mix, Laurence Fishburne, the delicious Amy Adams, Russell Crowe and the magnificent Michael Shannon as General Zod….. it all sounds rather promising after the rather lacklustre Superman Returns of a few years ago - I still haven't forgiven Kevin Spacey for THAT!

The story is set to take a slightly different approach to the familiar tale of an alien boy being sent by his parents from the dying planet Of Krypton to Earth, where he is adopted  by a kindly middle American couple to become the all-American apple pie eating man man of principle. In this version, we are promised angst upon angst as this particular Man of Steel is confronted with not only his own self-doubts but also the notion that the rest of his adopted planet would fear,distrust and possibly hate him if they knew the truth about his origin.  

So a Superman for the Radiohead & My Chemical Romance generation? I personally cannot wait!

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