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Friday, 10 May 2013

Part 2 of the current Independent Sci-fi and Horror movie scene.

The second part of the feature on some current film productions is a short entry on a Nottingham-based low budget horror company, Sick Bunny pictures, founded by brother duo Nikki and Jason Chatwin..

Nikki is the writer/director/camera having a background in art and film education making many short films prior to the sick bunny banner.  Jason's roles include editor/camera with a background in music.

The brothers are extremely passionate about film of all sort but with SBP they are are focused on their true passion of horror and exploitation films. As Nikki told me; "we at SB also believe that the horror community is so loyal the indie horror film makers that we are almost like a "family" so for their loyalty we will listen to our fans and bring them exactly what they want to see".

The newest release from Sick Bunny pictures is a short film called 15-05-08

5-05-08" is a 'found footage' slasher film and is intended to be the first in a series of short films. The film is due for official release May 15th ( see what they've done there?) which will be free to watch online. This will be followed with a DVD release at a later date.

The plot as I know it goes something like this. The story takes place on the 15th of May 2008 when a group of 4 young adults witness a break in at a neighbour's house, which they believed to be empty for the weekend. Being the type of nosey teenagers that would make Scooby Doo proud, the group continue to watch the neighbour's house recording it which their video camera as evidence……...

So that's as much as I know at the moment. Nikki has been quite understandably restrained in how much he could divulge about the proceedings. I'll be interested to see how the well trodden sub-genre of 'found footage films' is treated here and whether is brings anything new or fresh in it's approach. For every 'Blair Witch' and 'Cloverfield' there are a plethora of others that seem just formulaic pale imitations and I will be honest in saying that it hasn't really been my favourite style of film. However, there are many film goers out there who disagree with me, plus, if Nikki's passion and enthusiasm is anything to go by, I am more than willing to be converted on the 15th of May!

So what of the future for these sick Bunnies?….. Well the next few days there is a huge amount of last minute work and publicising taking place, with new clips and information being added to their Facebook page literally as I write this piece. 

After the DVD release of 15-05-08 they have a number of other ideas that they want play with, including a sequel to 15-05-08 called "untitled tape". There has been a hint of a production of a more traditional slasher movie, some plans for zombie films and sand intriguing plan for a more extreme topic called  "Tools of the trade" (a progression of a short promo that they have previously made). 

In addition to that, Nikki tells me that the most exciting thing about their future though is working with an extremely talented local effects company N-FX who will help bring the "Sick" to Sick Bunny Pictures. They can be found HERE
So all it leaves me to say is that in just a few days time, we'll find out just what happened to those pesky kids!

Sick Bunny Pictures can be found on;
Twitter: @SickBunnyPics


  1. No doubt these indie film makes should email the horror channel. From what I gather Emily Booth of Horror Bites is more than willing to give much needed exposure to indie horror film makers such as the guys you highlighted in these last two blogposts.

    1. I do believe you are right Michael - there are definitely some good people out there willing to give genuine talent a break.