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Monday, 13 May 2013

15-05-08 - How to make an excellent short movie

In my last blog entry I wrote how Nikki Chatwin from the Nottingham-based company Sick Bunny Pictures had asked me to promote their latest venture into movie making, their 16 minute short horror flick, 15-05-08. 

Well today I received a sneak early look at the now finished product. I'll do my best to reduce any spoilers as it doesn't go on full release to youtube until Wednesday of this week. You know me, discreet is my middle name….well it isn't, but you know…..

What I will say is that I was surprised when I watched this for the first time today. "Why were you surprised Stuart?" I hear you ask. Well as i mentioned in my previous entry, 'found footage /hand held camera POV' movies such as Blair Witch etc aren't really my horror bag. So I experienced a fair amount of trepidation when Nikki sent me the movie today and asked me to give it a review - after all, my intention was to be honest, and i wasn't looking forward to telling all and sundry that I didn't like it. Well, I had absolutely no need to worry. This movie is something of a treat. 

Considering that we are only witnessing just over 16 minutes of movie time, a huge amount of emotional experience is packed into it. At first, when the group of friends in a very normal suburban house on a very normal suburban road witness a light going on in what they thought was the empty house across the road, they treat it as a bit of fun. It's all giggles and bad taste jokes at first. 

However, before we the viewer have time to realise it, the tension is being raised as the mood subtly  changes, not only amongst the group of friends in the film, but also at the same time for the rest of us watching . We all begin experiencing the same rising unsettling feeling that something isn't right, until the suspense and tension has been raised to such a level before we witness the final few moments of, well, terror. The ending is simply excellent.

I wish I had more time to write about this movie. I love my independent low budget productions, often even though the filming may not always be great and the acting may not always be exactly top notch. But these guys at Sick Bunny pictures may give indie movies a bad rep - for the camera work is excellent, as is the acting. To say this is a debut feature belies the quality of work behind , and in front of the camera. The delivery of the dialogue is natural and convincing from this group of players, almost to the point that I was wondering just how much of the dialogue was scripted or improvised.

This is a fine movie experience. If you like your suspense built upon suspense until you're hit full in the face with the finest of brutal film climaxes - then this is nearly 17 minutes of just what you ( and I it seems) like.

I really can't wait to see what the future holds for this company.

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