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Sunday, 16 December 2018

5D conversation with director, Megan Freels Johnston

5D are delighted to have the chance to talk with Megan Freels Johnston, granddaughter of author Elmore Leonard and one of the leading female filmmakers working in Hollywood right now.

Megan is part of a growing breed of filmmakers, her first two horror films ‘Rebound’ and ‘The Ice Cream Truck’ featuring stories about women in a film system dominated by males.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

5D Podcast Special: An interview with actor, musician and stuntman Brans...

5D Podcast Special: An interview with actor, musician and stuntman Branscombe Richmond

This week I was delighted to talk by phone to the highly recognizable actor, stuntman and singer. Branscombe has forged a wonderful career portraying cold-hearted villains on the one hand and warm-hearted, open "good guys" on the other.

Branscombe has appeared in films such as Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, Commando, Batman Returns (1992), Licence to Kill as well as a wealth of TV - perhaps most notably in the world wide success, Renegade in the 1990’s. Most recently he appeared in the wonderful series, Roadies.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

5D conversation with....Director, Harry Locke IV

In the latest 5D Conversation Harry talks to us about the release of his first feature film, the excellent action-adventure flick ‘City of Gold’ which features movie icons Vernon Wells & Branscombe Richmond.

Harry also talks about his stunning proof of concept short film ‘Hellblazer’ as well as sharing some love for all things geeky!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

5D podcast: Ep 43 - Star Trek Discovery , James Gunn, Iron Fist & The Wa...

In this episode of the 5D Podcast Stuart and Zack discuss the latest trailer to drop for Star Trek Discovery season 2, the hiring of James Gunn for the next Suicide Squad movie, the cancellation of Iron Fist and the first episode of season 9 of The Walking Dead.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

5D Podcast Special: A Conversation with film director Neil Johnson.

In this special edition of the 5D Podcast Stuart talks to Neil Johnson. Neil has made over 500 videos & perhaps best known by his long association with Metal bands Manowar & Rhapsody of Fire. Neil’s Scifi movies have gained ever increasing acclaim, particularly the recent Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.

Over the past few weeks Neil has been travelling through Europe collecting footage for his upcoming projects The Time War & Evolution War......somehow we managed to get him to visit 5D HQ for some coffee & Sci-fi chat.

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5D Podcast: Ep 42 - The walking Dead returns!

In the latest episode Stuart and Zack briefly talk about the release of Venom before moving on to the main event - namely the return of The Walking Dead. They chat about predictions for season 9 and have a go at a couple of Walking Dead quizzes to test their, ahem, expert knowledge!

Monday, 1 October 2018

5D Podcast: Ep 41 - Daredevil S3, Captain Marvel & Overlord. Plus Iron F...

In the latest episode Stuart & Zack talk about the glut of tasty trailers this week, notably Daredevil Season 3, Captain Marvel & Overlord. There’s also some chat about Zack’s visit to see Mile 22 & a brief take on the new Netflix series, Maniac.

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